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21 August 2013

Nine years of My Magic Hands

Congratulations Julie, on the continued success of this fabulous project!

From Sharing Wonder:
It is hard to believe that My Magic Hands was originally launched nearly a decade ago.

Magicana applied for funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation(OTF) to develop a pilot program version of  ”Magic Hands”.  In 2004, the program was designed and tested during the year in four different at-risk communities around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Canada’s top children’s rehabilitation hospital, now known as Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. The response to the pilot program was excellent and Trillium agreed. Magicana was then awarded a multi-year grant to expand  My Magic Hands program (and, to simultaneously develop Senior Sorcery – a program designed specifically for the senior population). My Magic Hands continued to evolved and developed through funding from private foundations and donors. Today, this program is funded solely by the Slaight Family Foundation.

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13 August 2013

The Can-eh-diana deck

Have a look at the Facebook page for the Can-eh-diana deck!  It's a deck of cards "celebrating all things Canadian."  Naturally, it includes magicians!  So far, it's been revealed that Julie Eng, Jason Palter, Bill Abbott and Philip DaCosta are face cards.

Can't wait to get a look at the whole deck!

(If you haven't already, "like" their Facebook page. Tell them Canada's Magic sent you!)

24 June 2013

Dave Attwood interviews Julie Eng

On June 12th, Dave Attwood interviewed Julie Eng.  Julie "talks about growing up in magic and living the life in Toronto."

Listen to the interview at Dave Attwood's site.

18 June 2012

CBC: Magic world standoff over tricks of the trade

Should magic secrets be kept secret?

From the CBC:
Professional magicians dazzle audiences, but in the age of Google and instant answers, might tell-all books and video explainers forever expose what's up performers' sleeves?

According to Alex Stone, author of Fooling Houdini and a practising magician who has competed in The Magic Olympics, it's high time to reveal the magic world's secrets to the public.

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Watch the video (including comments by David Ben and Julie Eng):

[h/t: Sharing Wonder]

12 May 2012

Women in magic: Julie Eng

Continuing the theme of influential Canadian women in magic, the next name that comes to my mind is  Julie Eng.

Sometime in the late 90s, during a chance encounter with David Ben, I learned that Julie would be moving from the west coast to Toronto.  David had great enthusiasm when he shared the news.  I now know why.

In addition to being a wonderful performer, Julie makes "giving back" (to the magic community and to the community at large) a part of her life mission.  Through Magicana, the creation of the Tony Eng Youth Fund, supports youths as they pursuing the art of magic.  Also, her Senior Sorcery program brings live theatre in the form of magic shows to isolated seniors. In addition, the My Magic Hands program touches the lives of children by using magic as a vehicle to build self confidence and skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.  This program is brought to children with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer by working with Camp Oochigeas as well as offering sessions at  Holland Bloorview (Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital) for more than six years. 

I have had the privilege of participating with children in the My Magic Hands at a local school.  I marvel at how consistently the program acts as a catalyst for personal growth in the participants.

Thank you Julie for your contributions to the community and to the Canadian magic scene!


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01 February 2012

Making a Difference: My Magic Hands

[Edited Thursday, February 2nd to add the link to (and content from) Sharing Wonder.]

Tonight, on Global News Hour (5:30pm - 6:30pm) in Toronto, look for Susan Hay's segment, "Making a Difference."  In it, Susan will interview Julie Eng and James Alan and discuss the impact of Magicana's My Magic Hands program in a Toronto area school.

Watch the video at Global Toronto or in the player below:

From Sharing Wonder:
Since the program’s inception in 2004, we have run 94 sessions in different centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) engaging 1,670 participants584 volunteers and interacting with 5,695 community members. The program continues today thanks to the generous support of our title sponsor, Slaight Communications.
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05 December 2011

Everything Erdnase: Dodd Vickers interviews David Ben & Julie Eng

From the Magic Newswire:
Who was S.W. Erdnase? Most likely, anyone reading this knows this name as the pseudonym used by the author of "The Expert at the Card Table" which is arguably one of the most important books ever written on sleight of hand with cards. On this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast, I am joined by David Ben & Julie Eng of Magicana and the publishers of Magicol.
Read more and listen to Dodd Vickers interview David and Julie.

27 November 2011

Everything Erdnase

From Magicana:
The exhibition, created by Jason England and Julie Eng, showcases the legendary book, The Expert at the Card Table - by the mysterious, S.W. Erdnase – and the book’s perpetual appearance in print for over a century. While exploring the numerous variants, both here and abroad, the exhibition also highlights the slew of ancillary discourse, publications and products Erdnase has inspired.

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Visit the exhibition at

07 June 2011

Toronto: two FREE Luminato performances

From the Sharing Wonder website:
The first will be this Friday, June 10 where there will be a special, live performance by Eric Mead.
And, on June 11, Julie Eng will be presenting a segment our latest production, Piff Paff Poof, a magic show for kids and families.
Space is limited so you must RSVP to attend the special events

Visit Sharing Wonder for details on dates, times, locations and for information on how to RSVP.

03 April 2011

CBC: Joan Caesar and Julie Eng talk about women in magic

As a follow-up to the previous post "CBC: The Amazing and Astounding Invisible Women of Magic", John Pellatt pointed me to this Mary Ito interview of Joan Caesar and Julie Eng on the CBC program "Fresh Air" back on October 31st, 2009. 

Listen to Joan and Julie talk about magic, the Canadian Association of Magicians and Magicana.

CBC: The Amazing and Astounding Invisible Women of Magic

[Edited April 4 to add link to interview with Joan and Julie.]

Prompted in part by the recent death of Dorothy Young (Houdini’s Stage Assistant), today CBC Radio One reran "The Amazing and Astounding Invisible Women of Magic" a documentary by Frank Faulk.  You can listen to it from the The Sunday Edition website (it starts at about the 22 minute mark).

Listen to Mary Ito interview of Joan Caesar and Julie Eng on the CBC program "Fresh Air" back on October 31st, 2009.   Perfect Magic has a post on women magicians at Magie Montréal.

Recent articles on the subject of women in magic from:
[h/t: John Pellatt]

29 January 2011

Toronto: March magic for kids!

This March, Magicana presents Piff Paff Poof!

Poof the rabbit and his magician Julie Eng will be performing at The Lower Ossington Theatre (aka the LOT) in Toronto.  Audiences will see some amazing magic for the young at heart – colourful, visual, participatory, funny and, most of all, magical. 

In addition, Poof will also be joined by either Mark Lewis or Tricky Ricky (Richard Lyn), two of Canada's best children's entertainers.

Visit the Piff Paff Poof website for more information or to purchase your tickets!