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30 November 2020

Save the date: CAM JAM Dec 16

From the November 27th Tweet by the Canadian Association of Magicians:

Join us on December 16th for CAM JAM! Hosted by Greg Frewin.

08 November 2020

The Canadian Association of Magicians 2020 launch

On October 22nd, the new CAM President, Renée-Claude Auclair, and the new board of the Canadian Association of Magicians had their first official public meeting!



The board members were energetic and passionate about their goal to make "CAM 2.0" an engaging organization for magicians nationally and internationally.  The board consists of:

  • Renée-Claude Auclair (President)
  • Greg Frewin
  • Ryan Joyce
  • Luc Langevin
  • Mark Pallin (Treasurer)
  • Paul Romhany (Editor of Northern Peeks)
  • Mike Segal
  • Jason Verners
  • Kent Wong (Secretary)


They've completely redone their website (and created a spiffy new logo) over at


Also announced is a contest where CAM members as of November 30th, will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a registration for Quebec FISM 2022, spending money, and tickets to the Greg Frewin Theatre!


Register at today!  

(Existing members start the process here:

20 October 2020

CAM to present their vision for the future of magic

From the Canadian Association of Magicians website:

On October 22, 2020 the Canadian Association of Magicians will be sharing our vision for the future of magic and magicians in Canada!  All magicians are welcome! Join us!​

Join us for a one-hour event as we present our vision for the future of magic. We are excited to share new tools and resources for magicians in Canada and around the world.

for free and join us for this 1 hr event.



03 August 2020

New dates for FISM NACM in 2021

From the July 27th FISM NACM 2021 Facebook post:
We are pleased to announce the new dates for FISM NACM in 2021. The Canadian Championship of Magic 2021 and a 3rd contest for junior international and Canadian magicians will also take place. More information to come in September 2020!

18 May 2020

Jamie Allen interviews Paul Romhany

Congratulations to Paul Romhany who is featured on the cover of the April 2020 edition of Northern Peeks (vol 24, 2).

Paul is also taking on the role as producer/designer of Northern Peeks, the official publication of the Canadian Association of Magicians.  Thank you Paul for taking on this important role!

From the Jamie Allen's May 8th iMagician Live Show 6 featuring Marc Spelmann, John Archer, and Paul Romhany.

13 October 2019

CAM, Close, and Vanish

No, it's not the name of a new law firm.  It's all the reading there is to enjoy this weekend!

From Ryan Pilling's post in the Facebook group for the Canadian Association of Magicians:
September 2019 Northern Peeks published!
  • CAM members should have received the latest magazine download link in their email this past week.
  • Murray Hatfield remembers meeting the real Mandrake the Magician
  • Joan Caesar shares the news about the OWOW Magic Festival coming up this month in Ontario.
  • Renee-Claude Auclair tells us more about the FISM North America championship (and the Canadian Magic Championship) happening next year in Quebec.
  • Mike Fisher writes about the Great Wizard of the North including his tours in Canada and the United States.
  • Jason Verners shares some tips on productivity and how he has kept busy performing at music festivals all summer long.
  • I write about my experience at the Ottawa Fringe Festival and lessons learned from producing and performing my new show.
  • Gerry Frenette talks about the Too Perfect Theory and how the entertainment often comes out of the diversions from the straight path.

Michael Close's October 2019 newsletter
Just finished reading the August newsletter from Michael Close.  You may be interested in:

  • Great summary of his recent Toronto lecture, a complementary eBook, a look ahead to the Ontario Week  of  Wonder  Magic  Festival (talent includes Steve  Bargatze,  Rick  Merrill,  Jay  Sankey,  Greg  Frewin,  Carisa  Hendrix,  Nicholas  Wallace,  and  Paul  Rohmany), and Penn & Teller Fool Us season 7.
  • Michael Close has a podcast for subscribers, titled "Conversations with Close."   This month's guest is Ryan Joyce.  
  • Review of Paul Wilson's "Just Think.
  • A playing card patent article by Lee Asher.
  • The Magic of Science by Tina Hesman Saey
  • The Art of Conjuring by Mick Ayres.
  • Technically Speaking by by Bruce Kalver.
  • and many other newsworthy tidbits from the magic community!

Sign-up at to receive Michael's newsletters.  

 Vanish magazine, October 2019, Edition 63
  • Articles by Peter Mennie, Colin Underwood, Louie Foxx, Joe Ledoux, Ben Robinson, Tod Karr, Thomas Swieclack, Felicity Field, Nick Lewin, Hal Meyers, and Jeff Christensen.
  • Read and subscribe at

26 June 2019

Register to compete at the FISM 2020 North American Championships of Magic!

The FISM 2020 website is up and running!  Register now to attend or compete at the FISM 2020 North American Championships of Magic!

From the FISM 2020 North American Championships of Magic website:
May 6 to 10, 2020.

Together with the 2020 Canadian Championships of Magie and the 8th Concours International de magie Michel Cailloux.

During the 2020 FISM-North American Convention (held in conjunction with the Club de Magie de Québec and the Canadian Association of Magicians) in Québec City, May 6-10, there will be a triple magic championship competition. The combination of the Canadian Championships of Magic and the 8th Concours International de magie Michel Cailloux  along with the 2020 FISM-North American Championships of Magic will offer the greatest magic competition ever held in Canada

A potential of fifteen competitors will have the opportunity to advance to the FISM 2021 World Championship of Magic also held in Québec City. Also, the North Americans with the highest marks will be crowned 2020 North American Champions in each of stage and close-up event.

In addition, contestants who are members of the host organizations will have the opportunity to compete for their respective awards and performing contracts.

Read more and register.

05 May 2019

Northern Peeks; v23:1, Spring 2019

Have you read the recent issue of Northern Peeks?

With great content by:
  • Murray Hatfield
  • Joan Caesar (thanks for the nice Canada's Magic shout out Joan!) 
  • Renée-Claude Auclair (have you booked your tickets to FISM yet?)
  • Mike Fisher 
  • Tony Gibbs (reviewing Dueling Magicians)
  • Domenico Dante
  • Phil Matlin
  • Jason Verners
  • Gerry Frenette
  • Roger Boucher
  • Ryan Pilling and
  • Brent Smith with a fabulous idea for a column, visiting Canada's Brick and Mortar magic shops one at a time!  I'm really looking forward to theses features.

and nice tributes to magicians Lorne Overholt and Dicky Dean.

To become a member of the Canadian Association of Magicians, renew your membership, or learn more about CAM, visit their website at

22 August 2018

The summer 2018 edition of Northern Peeks is out!

This issue of the Northern Peeks (v22, #3, Summer 2018) contains columns by:

  • Joan Caesar
  • Murray Hatfield
  • Gerry Frenette
  • Renée-Claude Auclair
  • Ryan Pilling
  • Phil Matlin
  • John Rose
  • Jason Verners and
  • Mike Fisher

Lastly, a reminder that FISM 2021 will take place in Québec City, July 26 to 31, 2021!

14 June 2018

Reginacadabra 2018: Talent

The Reginacadabra Magic Festival will be held July 25-28, 2018.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the sign-up for more information about CAM 2019, July 24-27, 2019!

From Reginacadabra:
Matt Gore aka “The Ginger Ninja” from South Africa
  • After winning the title of FISM Africa Magic Champion in 2012, and competing in the World Championships of Magic twice, Matt has achieved international recognition for his performances. Matt is a talented entertainer with over 12 years’ experience performing all around the world; add to that his cheeky character and sharp sense of humour and you have the ultimate comedy magician. Matt interacts among your guests, standing or seated at tables, bringing his exceptional brand of interactive comedy magic right to them. Your guests may have seen magic on stage or TV, but never has the impossible happened so close to them, the magic will literally happen in their own hands!

Danny Kazam
  • Danny is a full time professional children’s entertainer, magician, and puppeteer. He is also a talented song writer, and has created magic for other magicians. He studied acting at Studio Sound Stage in Toronto, Ont. and has a background in both theatre arts and child development. Two of his biggest influences in becoming a children's entertainer was Shari Lewis and Ernie Coombs/Mr. Dressup.

Andrew Kinakin
  • Andrew Kinakin is a professional entertainer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Having travelled five continents around the world, he is happy to be back performing in the province he calls home. Being one of the youngest professional performers around this area Andrew brings a new, fun, high energy form of entertainment that you will find both captivating and refreshing. In the past few years Andrew has had the opportunity to make appearances on media outlets such as Global, CTV, C95 and CruzFm. Performing close-up magic gives everyone an opportunity really experience the entertainment right under their noses! Be prepared to experience entertainment with extra excitement!

Eric Leclerc - Canada's Two-Time Magic Champion from Ottawa
  • Eric Leclerc is a globetrotting speaker and magician that performs feel good magic for your brain. His popular YouTube videos have gathered over 10 million views worldwide. He currently co-hosts the game show AU DÉFI on TFO Networks and is a regular guest on National Geographic's top rated show Brain Games. His original magic and hilariously crazy attitude have made him a 2-time winner of the "Canadian Magic Championship" title. Whether it's in front of the camera, performing live on the world's stages or simply speaking to inspire, Eric uses his charismatic personality to delight and connect with any audience. His shows have been described as ''a unique journey through interactive experiments and calculated craziness''. Think you know what magicians do? Think again. See why Eric's performances guarantee a healthy dose of laughter for your soul, and magic for your brain.

Chris Lovely
  • For almost as long as I can remember I wanted to be an entertainer. Wasn’t sure just what at first, all I knew was that I loved to see people having a good time and laughing. When I was 11 years old I saw David Copperfield on TV for the first time, and I was hooked, I had found my calling in the entertainment world. Every year since I looked forward to his yearly T.V. specials and counted the days when his next special was airing. It was something my Mother and I watched together year after year. I started doing some research on how one becomes a magician. When I was 14 I met the local magician in Fredericton NB named Pearly Palmer. He became my mentor and is one of my main reasons I became the magician that I am. He gave me my first paying gig. My passion for magic and entertaining people has never changed. I am dedicated to providing not only a quality show but being sure you get the right show for your event.

Richy Roy
  • Saskatchewan's own Richy Roy has been performing magic across Canada, for over a decade, entertaining audiences with his amazing magic, incredible balloon twisting, energetic stage performances, and hilarious antics! Nobody entertains quite like Richy! Card manipulations, linking rings, unbelievable rope magic, and levitation are only some of the impressive routines Richy Roy will perform. Hilarious entertainment professionally crafted to keep you amazed and laughing all show long!

Kent Wong
  • Kent Wong is one of the most sought after entertainers in North America. With numerous appearances on national television, he is also a two-time, international Gold Medal Champion and a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle. Kent has astounded audiences with his unique brand of magic and humour for over 35 years. From strolling magic to banquet shows and grand scale illusions, Kent has done it all. Kent’s close-up magic is similar to the Street Performing festivals prevalent throughout many cities each and every summer, with much of the magic happening right in your hands. Kent Wong can bring the joy and excitement of this festival right to your doorstep!

Read more and register.

14 May 2018

Pictures from the 2018 Festival de Magie de Québec and CAM

From Loran Magie's Facebook page:

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30 April 2018

Publication round up - April 2018

Michael Close's April newsletter:
  • Interesting insights into all the behind the scenes work that goes into Penn and Teller's Fool Us, among other interesting articles and interviews.
  • Sign-up to receive Michael's newsletters at

Northern Peeks:
  • Articles both by and about Ryan Joyce 
  • CAMaraderie reminder
  • Feature on Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin as well as Houdini's Water Torture Cell
  • Articles by Murray Hatfield, Bill Abbott, Phil Matlin, Gerry Frenette, Jason Verners, and Ryan Pilling.
  • Renew your membership or become a member at

Vanish magazine:
  • Articles by Jeff Christensen, Paul Romhany, Hal Meyers (Anthony Street feature), Jeff Hobson (interviews Jonhathan Goodwin), Joshua Endress, Jim Sisti, Tim Ellis, Alex Zander, and Louie Foxx!
  • Product highlights: Bill Abbot's 5 card box, Victor Voitko's Snowstorming Fan
  • Read and subscribe at

09 March 2018

FISM - Québec 2021 February 24, 2018 Newsletter #6

Visit the CAM website to read "FISM - Québec 2021 February 24, 2018  Newsletter #6."  In it, is a reminder that registration is open for the 6th Edition of the Concours international de magie "Michel Cailloux" which will take place in Québec City on May 4, 2018. Four thousand dollars in prizes will be awarded to the winners.

CAMaraderie will take place from May 3 to 6, 2018 at the same time as the Festival de magie de Québec.

20 January 2018

Highlights from CAM / PCAM 2017

Watch the video put together by Leif David showing some of the highlights from CAM / PCAM 2017.

From Leif David's Facebook post:

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03 January 2018

A new year. A new CAM.

It's time for me to renew my membership with the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) and I encourage you to do the same.

I recently received an email from Joan Caesar, which said in part:
Our January magazine (Northern Peeks) will be larger than in the previous few years, and there’s a drive to become more modern in every way.

Our CAMaraderie convention will be held in conjunction with the Québec Festival of Magic in the historic Quebec City May 3-6. The performers they have booked are outstanding.

We’re always looking for people to help, especially with Northern Peeks. We’d love to receive articles, big or small, from all regions of Canada, and we’d be honoured to hear from you. We can’t survive without our members and their help.

To become a member, renew your membership, or learn more about CAM, visit their website at

17 November 2017

Quebec: Festival de magie de Québec May 3-6, 2018

From the Festival de magie de Québec newsletter:
We are really excited ton inform you that the Festival de magie de Québec will be back for the 8th Edition, in May, 2018. Please visit Web site:

In 2018,  many new concepts will be offered like the "Strange Gala" on Friday night, the "Kids Gala" Saturday afternoon and of course our "International Gala" Saturday night with 7 renowned artists.  You will have the chance to see during that gala: Bill Abbott, Juliana Chen, Éric Leclerc, Max Maven, Xavier Mortimer, Xavier Tapias and Daniel Coutu as Emcee.

Since the Festival also organises the CAMarederie in 2018, the magicians will have the chance to see 9 lectures from Bill Abbott, Stéphane Bourgoin, Juliana Chen, Max Maven, Xavier Mortimer, Xavier Tapias, Christopher Taylor, Marc Trudel and R.Paul Wilson.

You can already buy your magician's package at 300 $ + tx (value of $400 + tx) on our Web site. We also offer a show only package at 75 $ + tx. (Value of $95 + tx)

Prices will raise on January 1st, 2018.

You can also register for the Magic School that will offer different levels during the week-end.  You can also join the Club de Magie du Québec. Its mission is to support magicians who want to compete at high levels of competitions.  You can also register to our 6th Edition of the Concours International de magie "Michel Cailloux" with $4000 in prizes for the winners.

Read more and buy tickets.

22 April 2017

Welcoming Murray Hatfield as CAM President

On Thursday, at the PCAM / CAM 2017 convention, Joan Caesar swore in Murray Hatfield as President of the Canadian Association of Magicians!

Congratulations Murray, and thank you for taking on this important role!

Watch Brent Smith's video of the event on Facebook:

Here's a snapshot of Tweets from the convention:

17 March 2017

PCAM/CAM: Buster Balloon

At the bottom of the post, there's a list of the talent line-up.

From Mike Norden's Facebook post:
Space is limited to 20 people and we have 8 so far, We NEED the 20 people to make this happen or it won't. So do NOT delay - contact me to register today!!

From Mike Norden's Facebook photos:

05 January 2017

Murray Hatfield to become CAM President

Congratulations Murray!  Thanks for taking on this important role for the Canadian Association of Magcians!

From Brent Smith's Facebook page:

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