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21 July 2012

Ryan Joyce's $12,000 question mark

Updated at 06:47 to add the link to the prediction.

Almost one year ago, Ryan Joyce sent out a press release stating he predicted the winner of Canada's Got Talent.  The series ended months ago.  What about his prediction?

From Ryan's blog:
Yes, there was a series of unfortunate events that led to a very sudden demise. Surprisingly it wasn’t the 18 or so page Canada’s Got Talent agreement, producers were aware of the stunt and raised no concern. The circumstances that ended it were much more disappointing.

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Want to see the actual prediction?  Visit Ryan's blog.  How many Ks do you see in the photo?

27 June 2012

How to audition for Canada's Got Talent 2012

You can't. 

From Canoe:
Canada’s Got Talent will not be back for a second season in 2012-13, Rogers Media and Citytv confirmed on Friday.

“After careful consideration of all factors, including the current economic climate, Citytv has refocused its programming strategy and will not be producing Canada’s Got Talent for the 2012-13 season,” said Rogers Media president of broadcast Scott Moore in a statement.

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[h/t: TV,eh?]

09 June 2012

Got Talent: second season

Because it's a FAQ:

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24 April 2012

Got talent: And then there were none

Despite Oslen's efforts in this week's Canada's Got Talent semifinal episode, he did not progress to the finals.

Once again, here's a big shout out to all of the magicians featured on the show: Vladimir the Great, Neil Croswell, Ryan Joyce, Mike D'Urzo, Warren Toaze, Jordan Murciano, Edward Stone, Lucas WilsonOslen and Benoit Fournier.  You all did a fabulous job of representing the magic community and raising the profile of magic in the mainstream media with your appearances on CGT!

22 April 2012

Got talent: Will you be watching Oslen tonight?

According to the Canada's Got Talent Facebook page, Oslen (the only magician in the semi-finals) will be peforming live tonight.

Will you be watching?

If not, why not?

14 April 2012

Send healing thoughts for Volodymyr Martyniuk

Updated April 16th to add: You can leave your well wishes for Volodymyr via comment at the Canada's Got Talent website page titled "Volodymyr Martyniuk announcement."

From 680 news:
After appearing on Citytv's Breakfast Television in Toronto, Friday, Canada’s Got Talent contestant Volodymyr Martyniuk (aka Vladimir the Great) suddenly collapsed while leaving the Citytv building.

He was rushed to St. Mike’s hospital, where is undergoing treatment for a brain aneurysm.
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We wish Volodymyr a speedy recovery.

[With thanks to @daringderek for letting us know.]

13 April 2012

Got Talent: And then there were two!

Volodymyr Martyniuk the magician will join the semifinals on Canada’s Got Talent, host Dina Pugliese announced on Citytv’s Breakfast Television on Friday.

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You may recall that Vladimir the Great was the first magician put through after the auditions.  As of March 26th, Oslen (Nelson Chang) from BC was the last magician standing when the semifinalists were announced.

Both Vladimir and Oslen will next appear on Canada's Got Talent on April 22nd.

Good luck fellas!

26 March 2012

Got Talent: Montréal and semifinalists

The Montréal Canada's Got Talent auditions featured a fun act by Benoit Fournier and David Gaudet.

The second episode of the night had the judges reviewing the 244 promoted acts and attempting to select only 36 acts go to the semifinals. 

Here's a big shout out to all of the magicians featured on the show: Vladimir the Great, Neil Croswell, Ryan Joyce, Mike D'Urzo, Warren Toaze, Jordan Murciano, Edward Stone, Lucas WilsonOslen and Benoit Fournier.  You all did a fabulous job of representing the magic community and raising the profile of magic in the mainstream media with your appearances on CGT!

Unfortunately, of the 36 acts, there was a glimpse of only one magician.  It went by fast and looked like it could have been Oslen from the Vancouver auditions.

Congratulations Oslen!  We're rooting for you!

Edited at 7:00am to add:
  • From Canada Newswire:

    With Canada's overwhelming number of talented performers to choose from, the judges could not contain the number of semifinalists to just 37. Subsequently, two additional acts from the You Tube 'Last Chance Auditions,' sponsored by Nissan, will also be included, bringing the total number of semifinalists to 39. These two acts - the highest vote-getter and one selected by the judges - will be revealed during the first live results show on April 3. 
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25 March 2012

Got Talent: Who will we see in Montréal?

There was a flash of what looked like a magic act in the trailer for Canada's Got Talent: Montréal auditions.  Any guesses as to who it will be?

Following the Montréal show tomorrow night, the semifinalists will be revealed.  How many magicians do you figure will perform in the live shows?

21 March 2012

Got Talent: Audition videos for Edward Stone and Jordan Murciano

I've updated Monday's "Got Talent: Toronto and Vancouver do!" post to include information about Edward Stone's appearance and to identify "the young man with fire in his hands" as Jordan Murciano.

With thanks to Edward for sending along information about Roger's Anyplace TV streaming video of both Edward's and Jordan's Toronto auditions! (You'll need to sign-up for an account to view these videos.)

Canada sure does have a lot of talented magicians!

19 March 2012

Got Talent: Toronto and Vancouver do!

Updated July 2017.  Audition video and other video links have been removed as they are no longer available to view.

Welcome iTricks readers. We hope you enjoy your stay! (And thanks iTricks, for the nice shout out!)


  • Mar 22 to add link of Lucas being interviewed on CGT Backstage.
  • Mar 21 to identify Jordan Murciano and to include links for Edward Stone's and Jordan's Toronto auditions and to embed video of Oslen's Vancouver audition.
  • Mar 19 at 7:40pm to identify Warren Toaze, embed YouTube clips and add CGT Backstage link.]
On Canada's Got Talent last night we saw a number of talented magicians!
From Toronto Auditions Part 2 (at about the 14 minute mark) we saw clips from, the Neil Croswell segment posted last week, Ryan Joyce, Mike D'Urzo, a gentleman with a cigarette in his ear Warren Toaze and Jordan Murciano a young man with fire in his hand.  It's too bad that they were all spliced together in what felt like under 30 seconds.  Somewhere in there there was also a glimpse of Edward Stone.  They were followed by Lucas Wilson doing a timed, suspended, world record breaking straitjacket escape!  Watch the video of Graeme O'Neil interviewing Lucas on CGT Backstage.
[Thanks to Ian Crawford and Graeme O'Neil for providing Warren Toaze's name!  Thanks also to Edward Stone for pointing me to the Roger's Video Anytime clips!]
Roger's Anyplace TV streamed video of auditions for Edward and Jordan. (These videos are no longer availabe.)

The following YouTube videos are no longer available:
Neil Croswell's audition:

Clips from Ryan Joyce's audition:

Lucas Wilson's audition:

From the Halifax and Vancouver Part 2 show (at about the 35 minute mark) we were treated to The Dance and Illusions of Oslen. From CGT Backstage, watch as Oslen celebrates his standing ovation backstage! 

They showed Neil, Ryan, Mike, Warren, Lucas, Edward and Oslen progressing to the next round!  Congratulations gentleman!  And thank you for doing such a wonderful job of representing magic!

Trivia:  Neil, Mike and Ryan are all Sorcerers Safari Alumni either as campers or counsellors!

14 March 2012

Got Talent: Toronto part 2

At the tail end of Canada's Got Talent (Episode 4, Winnipeg) at about the 44 minute mark they show a trailer for episode 5, Toronto Part 2.  It goes by super fast, but to these eyes it looks like this is a magic heavy episode!  I caught a glimpse of a shock of (Sorcerers Safari alumni?) hair doing a suspended straitjacket escape in addition to acts that looked very much like Ryan Joyce, Mike D'Urzo and Neil Croswell.

Can't wait to see how they represent!

12 March 2012

10 March 2012

Got Talent: Neil Croswell

 Updated July 2017 to remove links to video that is no longer available.

Neil Croswell peformed for the judges at Canada's Got Talent at the Toronto auditions. 

05 March 2012

Got Talent: Vladimir the Great!

Congratulations to Vladimir the Great from the Toronto auditions, for being the first magician to make it to the next level on Canada's Got Talent!  After the act, judge Martin Short said, "I think you are actually a wizard." 
You can watch the show streamed from CityTV here. Vladimir appears about 35 minutes in.

From the Toronto Star:
And then there was magician and illusionist Volodymyr Martyniuk, 52. At first it looked like Volodymyr might be a figure of fun, with his long grey ponytail, pirate-like jacket with garish gold embellishments and ruffled shirt. Measha complimented him on his “party in the back mullet.”

But Volodymyr astonished everyone by making candles appear from a handkerchief, and a rose and a small table float in mid-air.

Read more.
Will there be anyone we recognize from the Calgary auditions on tonight?

04 March 2012

Got Talent?

Who out there is going to be watching Canada's Got Talent which premieres tonight on CityTV? 

I have it on good authority that there will be footage from the Toronto auditions and will include a magician / illusionist.  I wonder who it will be?

Let the games begin!

18 October 2011

Marc Demontigny auditioned for Got Talent!

From the Standard Freeholder:
CORNWALL — A local magician is hoping for a place in the national spotlight through a new television show.

Marc Demontigny took his act to Toronto recently to audition for Canada's Got Talent, a live vote-based contest for $100,000.

"I've been a magician for 30 years," said Demontigny. "I did a few other contests throughout the years. I've done thousands of shows around the Cornwall area."

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29 September 2011

Canada’s Got Talent: Live Theatre Audition Tour Schedule

Canada’s Got Talent: Live Theatre Audition Tour Schedule*
  • Calgary, October 18 & 19, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
  • Vancouver, November 9 & 10, The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts
  • Toronto, December 3, 4 & 5, John W. H. Bassett Theatre (Metro Toronto Convention Centre)
  • Winnipeg, December 13 & 14, Pantages Playhouse Theatre
  • Halifax, January 5 & 6, Rebecca Cohn Auditorium (Dalhousie University Arts Centre)
  • Montreal, January 11 & 12, Théâtre Outremont
    *all venues are subject to change
Read more.
Keep an eye out for your favourite Canadian magician!  If you auditioned or know of someone who auditioned, please add them to the list on our Facebook page.

02 August 2011

Erik Stephany: busking his way to CGT auditions

From the BC Local News article: "Buskers to draw downtown crowds":
Stephany is trying to earn enough money through busking this summer to take him to the Canada’s Got Talent auditions in Vancouver on Sept. 19-20.

“It’s been really fun so far,” he explained.

Read more.

Best of luck Erik!  We'll keep an eye out for Smarticals when Canada's Got Talent airs!

25 July 2011

Ryan Joyce predicts winner of Canada’s Got Talent

From the press release on
"I know who is going to win Canada’s Got Talent." says Joyce on a website that’s already going viral among the social media sites. "By the time you view this video my prediction will be well hidden under heavy surveillance."
See what Ryan has to say on YouTube:

To read the full release, visit