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21 June 2020

FISM World Championship postponed until July 2022

From the June 12th post on the FISM Quebec Facebook page:
Important message about FISM in Québec postponed to July 2022! Please note that your registration will automatically be transferred if already bought.

Due to the various events that affected our lives in relation to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) including the fact that several of the continental qualifications could not take place in 2020, the organizers of the FISM WCM in Quebec along with FISM International, have made the decision to DELAY THE FISM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP UNTIL JULY 25 - 30, 2022.

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13 February 2020

Shawn Farquhar and Matt Johnson at FISM NACM 2020

A quick reminder that the deadline to register to compete is rapidly approaching!

Shawn Farquhar and Matt Johnson will be there.  Check out the bottom of the post to see more names!

Watch a message from Joan Caesar about the competition:

From the FISM NACM 2020 Facebook page:
We are so proud to announce that Shawn Farquhar will be with us from May 6 to 10, 2020! Nous sommes très fiers d'annoncer que le magicien Shawn Farquhar sera des nôtres du 6 au 10 mai prochain!

12 January 2020

Friendly FISM February deadline reminder

From the December 16, 2019 post "FISM NACM Quebec 2020 | Interview with Renee-Claude Auclair" on Ryan Joyce's blog:
In order to compete at the World Championship, magicians from Canada and USA must first qualify in the North America Championship of Magic (FISM NACA Quebec 2020) happening May 6 - 10, 2020.

From Pierre Hamon's Facebook post:

02 January 2020

FISM Quebec: December newsletter

From Clive Court's Facebook post:
The World Championships of Magic are coming to North America for the first time in 2021. You may be surprised to learn that they are organized much like any other international sports federation. The international federation is known as FISM (like FIFA or FINA) and The Federation of International Magic Societies have been promoting friendly competition among international magicians every three years since 1948 (which happens to be the last time visual and performing arts competition was included in the Olympic Games

26 June 2019

Register to compete at the FISM 2020 North American Championships of Magic!

The FISM 2020 website is up and running!  Register now to attend or compete at the FISM 2020 North American Championships of Magic!

From the FISM 2020 North American Championships of Magic website:
May 6 to 10, 2020.

Together with the 2020 Canadian Championships of Magie and the 8th Concours International de magie Michel Cailloux.

During the 2020 FISM-North American Convention (held in conjunction with the Club de Magie de Québec and the Canadian Association of Magicians) in Québec City, May 6-10, there will be a triple magic championship competition. The combination of the Canadian Championships of Magic and the 8th Concours International de magie Michel Cailloux  along with the 2020 FISM-North American Championships of Magic will offer the greatest magic competition ever held in Canada

A potential of fifteen competitors will have the opportunity to advance to the FISM 2021 World Championship of Magic also held in Québec City. Also, the North Americans with the highest marks will be crowned 2020 North American Champions in each of stage and close-up event.

In addition, contestants who are members of the host organizations will have the opportunity to compete for their respective awards and performing contracts.

Read more and register.

15 July 2018

News so big, it's worthy of a second post!

Congratulations again to Renee-Claude Auclair and the FISM Quebec team (Renee-Claude Auclair, Jocelyn Guertin, Pierre Hamon, Joan Caesar, and Shawn Farquhar) for securing the first North American FISM!!!

Be sure to visit the FISM Quebec 2021 website to take advantage of early bird pricing!

See the official announcement on Shawn Farquhar's Facebook post:

10 July 2018

Breaking news: FISM 2021 will be in Quebec City!

Updated July 11th to add:

Congratulations to Renee-Claude Auclair and the FISM Quebec team (Renee-Claude Auclair, Jocelyn Guertin, Pierre Hamon, Joan Caesar, and Shawn Farquhar) for securing the first North American FISM!!!

From the Facebook page of Renee-Claude Auclair:

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With thanks to Lee Asher and Joan Caesar for sharing the news with me as it happened!

18 June 2018

Show your support for FISM 2021 in North America

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:
Hey magicians of the world... the presidents of your clubs will vote in less than a month for the next FISM in 2021. Wouldn't it be great if it was in North America for he first time? It would be even more amazing if it were in Canada!

I am thrilled to see that North America is a possible candidate to host the 2021 FISM World Championship of Magic! I can't think of a more amazing location or time to be coming to Canada. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I believe these producers would create an amazing experience we expect from FISM. I truly hope the many Presidents of the world magic organizations will see this as an opportunity to bring North American magicians into the FISM Family.

This is their Facebook page and it could use a ton of new LIKES, so why not pop over and do that, please. (oh and SHARE it too, so more magicians will do the same...thanks.

03 March 2018

Interested in a pre-FISM tour of South Korea?

From Joan Caesar:
Pre-FISM tour of South Korea.
Cost each with 8 people is $1375.00 USD for 7 days.
If interested please contact Joan Caesar
jcaesar [at] sentex [dot] ca   by March 31st.

Day 1: Visit of Haeinsa temple
Saturday, 30 June 2018
  • The Gayasan park is well-known for its historical sites and landscapes, and especially for the Haiensa temple.
  • Visit the temple. After the visit, spend the night in the temple.

Day 2: End of the temple stay and road to Andong
Sunday, 1 July 2018
  • The temple stay experience ends around 12 noon
  • Then you will take the road to Andong and rest in the afternoon. 

Day 3: Visit of Andong
Monday, 2 July 2018
  • Andong is the ancestralspiritual and traditional capital of South Korea because of its Confucian traditions during the Joseon era. There, you will find many relics dating back to the Joseon dynasty, such as the magnificent Confucian school and a typical village of that time.
  • You will visit the Byeongsanseowon Confucian School
  • You will visit the Hahoe village, the Hahoedong Mask Museum and the Byeongsanseowon Confucian school.  

Day 4: Road to Gyeongju
Tuesday, 3 July 2018
  • Located in the Gyeongsangbuk Do region, Gyeongju was the capital city of the Silla Kingdom and one of the oldest historical cities in the world. It is a major spot for Korea’s culture and heritage today, as well as a UNESCO listed site.   
  • You will take the road in the morning to Gyeongju. 
  • Visit Tumuli Park which houses numerous royal tombs, visit the Cheonmachong tomb (the flying horse tomb), Cheongseongdae Observatory and the Anapji pond. 
  • Night in a hanok. (a traditional Korean house)

Day 5: Visit of cultural sites (UNESCO) in Gyeongju
Wednesday, 4 July 2018
  • Take a trip to some of Gyeongju's historical sites: the National Museum, Tumulus Park, and the Royal Tombs of Daereungwon. 
  • Enjoy a visit of the Bulguksa palace (built in 528) and the Buddhist cave in Seokguram, national treasures registered on the UNESCO world heritage. You can go there on foot or with bicycles. 
  • Night in a Hanok.   

Day 6: Day at the Namsan Mount and Gogulsa temple
Thursday, 5 July 2018
  • Considered as a Sacred site during the Silla Dynasty, the Namsan Mount is full of mysteries, temples and sanctuaries. It is a real open-air museum with 100 temples, 80 Buddha stoned-statues and 60 pagodas. You will enjoy quaint landscapes.
  • In the afternoon, visit of Gogulksa temple and a stop to the Yangdong village. 

Day 7: Busan
Friday, 6 July 2018
  • The second Korean city and the first harbour of the country. Busan is considered a dynamic city with big shops, luxurious restaurants, parks and beautiful beaches.
• Visit its beaches: Haeundae beach and Gwangalli beach.
• The city centre, the Yongdusan park and the Busan tower will give you a panoramic view of Busan. 
• The Yonggungsa temple (built on the side of a cliff: unique) 
• Busan and its impressive Jagalchi fish market which show the riches of its sea and harbour.  

13 July 2015

Congratulations Shin Lim!

Congratulations to Shin Lim, the 2015 World Champion of Card Magic!

Congratulations also to all of the competitors.  To be selected to participate is an amazing accomplishment.

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

... from Canada the new World Champion of Card Magic.. Shin Lim I could not be happier! #fism2015 #ibmprez #canadarules
Posted by Shawn Farquhar on Saturday, 11 July 2015

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

Canada has another World Champion of Magic to add to the list. For a country with a small magic community we sure have...
Posted by Shawn Farquhar on Sunday, 12 July 2015

From Clive Court's Facebook page:

19 October 2013

2014 Combined convention contests

From Ring 49:
For the first time at any magic convention there will be a triple magic championship competition. The combination of the I.B.M. and S.A.M. annual competitions with the 2014 FISM North America Championships of Magic will offer the greatest magic competition ever presented.  These three magic contests will offer a total of over $30,000 cash awards plus performing contracts. While you must be a North American resident to be eligible for the FISM Championships, all accepted contest participants, regardless of their home country, are eligible for the I.B.M. and S.A.M. cash awards.

The contest is limited to 30 stage and 30 close-up competitors. These competitors will be chosen from audition videos (see the website for details). A potential of fifteen residents of North America will have the opportunity to advance to the FISM 2015 World Championship of Magic in Rimini, Italy. Two of these winners will be crowned FISM 2014 North American Champions, one in stage and one in close-up.

Read more.

15 July 2012

Winners and awards of FISM 2012

The results of the FISM 2012 competitions are posted at the Magic Convention Guide.  Please note the following addendum by Shawn Farquhar:

17 May 2012

2012 FISM contestant update

From Shawn Farquhar's comment on the post Shin Lim: FISM contestant:
A note of correction. Canada has both Shin Lim and Hyun Joon Kim as representatives for the FISM championship in Blackpool, UK. Under the current regulations for FISM, the representatives had to be selected from the finalist of the NACM that was held in 2011. Shin Lim and Richard Forget were the only two magicians with Canadian citizenship to be finalists. Richard chose not to compete and the CAM selected an alternate to allow another deserving magician the opportunity to champion for Canada.
Thank you very much Shawn for making the time to share this information with us!

Best of luck to Shin Lim and Hyun Joon Kim!

14 May 2012

Shin Lim: FISM contestant

Shin Lim will be Canada's only entry at the FISM World Championships of Magic 2012 in Blackpool, UK.  He will be competing this July in the category of close-up card magic.

Good luck Shin!

[h/t: Magic Convention Guide]

19 April 2012

FISM 2012 Blackpool

The 25th FISM World championships of Magic will be held in Blackpool, England, this July 9th through 14th.

Canadians confirmed to be appearing at the 2012 FISM include: Matthew Johnson and Greg Frewin.

[h/t: Magic Convention Guide]