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05 January 2013

Day 365 of Eric Leclerc's Project 365

In September of 2012, Eric Leclerc travelled to India for a magic festival. He video documented his experience and edited it together for his final video in his LeCleric Show Project 365.

Watch The Magic of India on YouTube.

20 October 2011

Eric Leclerc Day 292: Craig Ferguson Archery Stunt

Watch Eric Leclerc's nail biting stunt as he tries to catch the attention of Craig Ferguson, friend to magicians (and all things Doctor Who)!

08 September 2011

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02 September 2011

RBO: Sorcerers Safari magic camp

[Last edited Sept 4 to include Lecleric Show episode for Sept 4, The Magic Broadcast for Sept 3.]

Random bullets of my 24 hours at Sorcerers Safari magic camp:
  • fabulous location, beautiful scenery
  • newbies (campers and guests alike) are quickly brought into the fold and made to feel at home
  • the magic camp instructors and counsellors and organizers are all genuinely nice, helpful and down to earth
  • an environment is created that is super kid and family friendly
  • the campers are a bunch of great kids
  • magic, magic, magic, magic, magic, magic, magic
  • caught a fabulous stage show with Magic Mike, Eric Jones, Greg Frewin, Craig Douglas, closed by Trevor and Lorena
  • Greg Frewin had me select a card and then he pulled it out of Wayne Houchin's mouth!  Cool! 
       (And a little bit ewwww.)
  • special thanks to the girls' cabin and cabins 2 and 3 for letting me interrogate them during their meals
  • the food is yummy
  • Dick Joiner, Eric Leclerc, Jeff Hinchliffe, Steven Kline, Lee Asher, Janice Biehn, Marc Chalmers, Mike D’Urzo, Lori Farquhar, Shawn Farquhar, Fran Houchin, Chad Juros, Carey Lauder, Chris Pilsworth, Ben Train, Dan Wiebe, David Mitchell, Carey Lauder, Stephanie Botamer, Christina Galonska and especially Jennifer Segal (apologies in advance if I've omitted you!)
  • did I mention the magic?
  • Jennifer and Mike are wonderful hosts
  • I wish I didn't have to leave
  • I hope I will have an opportunity to return to Sorcerers Safari

Want to get your own taste of Sorcerers Safari but can't wait until next year?  Have a listen at

Or you could also watch Lecleric Show episodes filmed on location:

31 July 2011

Eric Leclerc in Metro Ottawa

"It’s the reactions of the kids‹and the other people he dazzles‹that Leclerc says helps him convince his YouTube audience around the world that his magic tricks are more than just magic video editing."

Read more.

25 July 2011

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01 July 2011

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31 May 2011

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14 May 2011

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