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02 August 2019

Toronto: Golden Age of Magic

From Magicana:
In February 2020, the Golden Age of Magic will once again emerge—this time in Toronto—in the forthcoming exhibition, Illusions: The Art of Magic at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).
Originally curated by Christian Vachon of the McCord Museum in Montreal, and guest curated by Magicana’s artistic director and historian David Ben, the exhibition will showcase fifty-five gorgeous, vintage posters from the Allan Slaight Collection of the McCord Museum. The exhibition celebrates magic’s greatest luminaries, including the one and only Harry Houdini, highlighting photographs, films, documents, autographs and objects once belonging to Houdini.

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From the Sharing Wonder Twitter feed:

25 June 2019

Congratulations to the 2018 Canadian Rising Star

The winners of Magicana's Allan Slaight awards will be announced every day this week, starting yesterday. Special congratulations to Carisa Hendrix for winning the Canadian Rising Star award!

From the Magicana Twitter feed:

07 May 2019

Magicana recipient of AMA Literary and Media Fellowship

Congratulations to David Ben, Julie Eng, and everyone else who has poured their energy into Magicana, the 2018 recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts Literary and Media Fellowship!

From the Magicana Twitter feed:
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28 January 2019

Magicana accepting nominations for the 2018 Allan Slaight awards

Still no sign of a category for "Best Blog Focused on Canadian Magicians Run by a Member of IBM Ring 17."

From Magicana:
Nominations are currently being accepted for work completed in 2018. The deadline for nominations is March 29, 2019. Nominations received after the deadline will be kept on file and considered for the following year.

Thank you for considering nominating someone for the Allan Slaight Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in the pursuit of the impossible. The nomination process consists of four steps:
  1. Your information
  2. Information about your nominee
  3. Supporting documentation
  4. Reviewing your information and submitting

In addition to basic information about you and your nominee, you will also have the opportunity to provide:
  1. A biography (up to 750 words)
  2. A description of the work and why you are nominating this person (up to 300 words)

Read more and submit your nominations!

21 October 2018

McIlhany Film Archive acquired by Magicana

From the October 11th article "McIlhany Archive Moving to The Screening Room" by Julie Eng at Magicana:
Imagine it… Houdini, Alexander, Buckley, Buckingham, Blackstone, Dunninger, Kreskin, Charlie Miller in rare, stunning performances… and right on your computer screen.

Magicana is delighted to announce the acquisition of the McIlhany Film Archive of historical magic film and videos.

In September, it was confirmed that we were the successful bidder for the collection through a sealed-bid auction conducted by The Magic Auctioneer David Goodman in cooperation with Owen Magic Supreme.

And what a collection it is!       

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27 September 2018

Julie Eng talks Johnny Thompson

From the September 24th post "Johnny and Me" by Julie Eng at Magicana:
She squeals and The Great Tomsoni’s face says it all. He’s found the wad of bubble gum his beautiful assistant, “& Co.”, has just stashed—her improvised solution after being scolded—inside his top hat. My sister and I look at each other with total delight. We proceed to mimic The Great Tomsoni, move for move, stretching the sticky ball between his fingers. We collapse into hysterics in our backstage hiding spot when he reveals that this is hardly the first time he’s had to deal with his assistant’s antics. With an exasperated sigh and eyes rolling to the rafters, The Great Tomsoni peels back his tuxedo lapel and displays the other dozen pink, gooey masses already squashed on to his jacket. This visual punch line never fails to crack us up.

It’s the late Seventies. I am about six years old, and my little sister, Sandra, and I are tucked away in our “secret spot” backstage at a variety show in British Columbia. Our father, Tony Eng, had been hired to perform his act, Mysteries of the Orient, with our mother, Ann, on a program with several other acts. On the bill was a big headliner from LA, Johnny and Pam Thompson, a.k.a. The Great Tomsoni & Co.

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27 March 2018

Review of Michael Close's "The Paradigm Shift" Volumes One and Two

From the March 15th post "The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two" by Jamy Ian Swiss at Magicana:

Michael Close has in his lifetime in show business, worked extensively as both a professional magician and a professional musician (he plays piano). At one time a professional restaurant worker in his native Indiana, Michael was mentored by legendary sleight-of-hand maestro (and jazz radio program host) Harry Riser, whose own two closest mentors were no less than Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon. The late Mr. Riser has also long been named as mentor to Johnny Thompson; despite their closeness in age, it was Riser who helped guide Thompson toward the kind of magic that would eventually lead to his becoming the legendary master he is considered today.  In other words, Mr. Close is part of a lengthy and honored continuum of great magicians, a line he has done great justice to by continuing to contribute in creative and generous manner for future generations. He has not missed the true lessons of his mentors.

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From Michael Close's Facebook page:

19 January 2018

Magicana accepting nominations for the 2017 Allan Slaight awards

I'm still hoping they are going to create a category for "Best Blog Focused on Canadian Magicians Run by a Member of IBM Ring 17."

From Magicana:
Magicana is pleased to announce on behalf of the Slaight Family Foundation the creation of the Allan Slaight Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in the pursuit of the impossible.

Initiated by the Slaight Family Foundation to honour Canadian media mogul and philanthropist Allan Slaight, and his lifelong passion for and contribution to magic, Magicana will distribute, on behalf of the Slaight Family Foundation $250,000 over five years - $50,000 per year - to recognize excellence in magic.
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29 November 2017

Dai Vernon: The Spirit of Magic

From Magicana:
While the film was very well received, it was only available briefly for purchase as a VHS cassette, which was subsequently pirated. The film pops up regularly online, always low-quality copies of copies shared without any credit to those who made the project possible.
Now is our chance to fix that. We have provided Historica Canada with a clean copy, transferred from the broadcast master. It is now available to view on-line for free as part of their Canadian Biography series. A copy can also be viewed through the Screening Room.

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From Magicana's Facebook post:

18 June 2017

Magicana features Martin Nash, “The Charming Cheat”

From Magicana:
One of the wondrous resources here at Magicana is the video archive, which includes hundreds of videos from the 1970s Canadian television series, The Magic Palace. Recently in browsing the archives for the umpteenth time, I discovered that there are no less than sixteen videos of the late Martin Nash, one of the finest performing cardicians I’ve ever known, and I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing him well. (Still more clips appear there courtesy of Meir Yedid.)

Read more and watch videos.

02 June 2017

Winners of the 2017 Allan Slaight Awards

From Magicana:
Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Lifetime Achievement ($15,000)

Sharing Wonder ($15,000)

Sharing Secrets ($10,000)

International Rising Star ($5,000)

Canadian Rising Star ($5,000)
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20 March 2017

44th Magic Collectors Weekend Guests of Honour

From Magicana:
With the 44th Magic Collectors Weekend only two months away, we are pleased announce our Guests of Honor for the Weekend—William (Bill) Kalush and Michael (Micky) Hades.

It may be trite to say, but it is true. With accomplishments so rich, and spanning so many decades, our Guests of Honor need little introduction. Both, in many ways, have changed the course of magic history, particularly for magic collectors and historians.

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17 January 2017

Allan Slaight Award Nominations are open for work completed in 2016

From Magicana's Facebook page:

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23 October 2016

Magicana invites you to enter the Lyons Den

From Magicana:
Mr. Swiss will now be providing online content on a regular basis for Magicana which can be found here His first review will be released this Friday, October 21, featuring the new book The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Handsome Jack etc. by Handsome Jack and annotated by John Lovick.

Funding for this project is provided by an endowment to Magicana by the late Pat Lyons. Pat was an accomplished commercial artist, pulled into the world of magic by her husband, P. Howard Lyons. Together they created Ibidem, combining Pat’s individually silkscreened covers and interior illustrations with Howard’s curatorial eye for creative approaches to magic. The Lyons Den, named in honour of Pat and Howard, is just the first of a variety of initiatives being developed by Magicana thanks to the generosity and vision of Pat Lyons.

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09 September 2016

Montreal: 44th Magic Collectors Weekend

From Magicana:
Magicana is delighted to bring the MCW to Montreal in May 2017. We will be staging this conference to coincide with the opening of the major magic exhibition, drawn from the Allan Slaight Collection of magic posters and Houdiniana, at the McCord Museum.

In fact, a large part of the conference will take place at the McCord Museum (which is located in the heart of downtown Montreal) where delegates will enjoy private tours of the exhibition and behind-the-scenes tours by curators and staff of the museum. The museum has an exquisite exhibition in the works, and MCW delegates will be the first to experience it!

The balance of the conference will be held at our convention hotel, the Delta Montreal which is, literally, around the corner from the McCord. And, as we have had in the past, there will be a broad range of speakers.

But space is limited! This event is restricted by the meeting capacity at the McCord, so we only have 125 places available. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Read more and register.

02 July 2016

2016 Allan Slaight Award Recipients

Congratulations to this year's winners!

From Magicana:
Lifetime Achievement Award ($15,000) - TON ONOSAKA
Sharing Wonder Award ($15,000) - DARCY OAKE
Sharing Secrets Award ($10,000) - RICHARD KAUFMAN
International Rising Star ($5,000) - JORGE BLASS
Canadian Rising Star ($5,000) - LUC LANGEVIN

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Revisit "The Magic Palace"

From Magicana:
The Magic Palace was a Canadian television series, produced and hosted by Dale Harney, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which was an inspiration for a generation of magicians. In an age before YouTube and the Internet, the show gave viewers a broad sampling of magic acts from North America and Europe in an unprecedented scale. 
Almost lost to history, it is now one of the most important collections of magic performances. Magicana is delighted to share this material and, perhaps, inspire another generation of magicians all over again. 
Read more and enter exhibit.

Watch the teaser:


22 June 2016

Magicana teases next online exhibition

From the Magicana Facebook page:
We've got a secret!
Here is the first look at a new online exhibition we will be releasing in a few weeks. Who remembers watching this?

16 June 2016

Toronto: Jason England lecture and workshop

Magicana's website also states that Jason will be in Ottawa on June 22nd.

From Magicana:
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Magicana is pleased to present a lecture and workshop with renowned sleight-of-hand expert Jason England. He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on sleight-of-hand and advantage play with cards. He has over 25 years of experience both performing magic and consulting on casino game protection.

The three-hour lecture will cover tricks and routines with cards mixing magic and gambling material. The four-hour workshop is for a limited group for individual attention. Limited to 15 participants, Jason will focus on the mechanics of individual sleights like second deals, bottom deals and false shuffles. If there is a particular technique you are interested in, you can let us know.

Read more and buy tickets.