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29 May 2011

The Bistro is OPEN!

In April, James Munton launched The Magic Bistro.  According to James, most of the members are working professional and semi-professional magicians.  There is very little moderation.  For the most part, people are free to post whatever (and however) they like. Mark Lewis is the moderator of the Pitch section and Paul Pacific is the moderator of the Mentalism section.

There is even a permanent "Ask Mark" section should you have a burning question for Mark.  Have a read of his "Drawing a crowd" thread from the Pitch section.  There's lots of good stuff in there.

This online community has some Facebook-like features which will become more important as the site grows. James plans to expand the Articles & Routines section and he invites contributions.

What are you waiting for?  Have a look around.  Everyone is welcome at The Magic Bistro!

[h/t: John Pellatt, Paul Pacific]