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16 September 2019

Calgary: Lance Burton Q&A

Friday September 20th, Gwyn Auger (The Magic Assistant) presents a Q&A with Lance Burton at The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop!

From The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop Facebook page:
Come see Lance Burton master magician & join in a quick friendly Q&A session at The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

Join the I.B.M. - International Brotherhood of Magicians on site and renew your Calgary Magic Club membership.

There is NO COST to this event, but please support the shop and respect the time as he’s staying open late for us.

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27 August 2019

Welcoming a new patron: The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

Welcome to our newest sponsor, The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop!


Brent Smith opened The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary on June 27, 2000.  The shop was originally in a residential neighborhood.  Its first inventory order was from Herb Morrissey in Toronto and his first hosted lecture was Tony Eng from Victoria.

Brent started the shop so that there would "be a place where IBM meetings could be held and have a permanent home, magicians could come and jam and magicians could meet magicians."*

Magicians who have honed their skills at Brent's shop?  Names like Chris Mayhew, Tyler Wilson, Gwyn Auger, and Donovan Deschner!

Visit The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop at on Facebook or on Instagram.

Thank you to The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop, for your sponsorship of Canada's Magic!

* Smith, Brent. "Bricks 'N Mortars." Canadian Association of Magicians Spring 2019 23(1):22

18 December 2016

Another five years for The Vanishing Rabbit!

From The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop Facebook page:
The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop just signed another 5 year lease soooo it looks like were staying OPEN serving all the Tricksters, Jokesters, and magicians in your life!!!!! We look forward to being your go to Brick and Mortar Magic shop in Alberta, Western Canada and Canada !!!. In January look for our Junior Magic Club starting for kids ages 9-17 and depending on your past purchases with us .....The Vanishing Rabbit preferred customer discounts cards.

16 July 2014

Calgary: Mega Magic Camp

From the Vanishing Rabbit's Facebook page:

12 May 2014

Calgary: Thomas Baxter lecture

From the Vanishing Rabbit:
Mentalist THOMAS BAXTER will be lecturing at the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop
MAY 23rd 
Would you like to be able to perform a full- evening show with just the contents of a briefcase, get paid MORE than someone per- forming a complete illusion show, and get standing ovations at every performance? Or perhaps you'd just like to completely astonish your friends and family with NO PROPS, but just your own understanding of human behavior? Thomas Baxter can show you how.

Tom is a professional mentalist from Canada and has been one of Canada's most successful mystery performers for well over 30 years. He’s performed his one-man show in 31 countries around the world, entertained on cruise ships, created and starred in television specials, in night clubs and has even presented hundred of theatrical seances.  
Read more and buy tickets.

09 March 2013

WowFest in photos

From Glen Co Photography:
I’m glad I went.  I got to feel like a little kid again.  I guess I only covered a small portion of the festival since looking at their website now ( the whole event ran for several more hours after I had left.  The portion that I had covered was the Family Fun Magic Show.  This was the part where families can spend a day together watching some neat magic!  Sounds like a good time, right?  Bring the kids, the grandparents, even the in-laws!  There was a face painting station, The Garden Variety Show booth was making balloon animals for their willing recipients, and The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop was performing slight of hand trickery for those who dared near it!

Read more and see the wonderful photos.

17 June 2012

Calgary: Magic day camps

From the Vanishing Rabbit:
8 - 10 Years old
July 16 - 20th 
Noon - 4 pm Each day

Course 2:  The Complete Course
11 - 99 years old
July 23- 27th 
Noon - 4 pm Each day

Read more to confirm price and details.


30 May 2012

The Vanishing Rabbit is moving!

From The Vanishing Rabbit:
We're moving June 30th to a new location.
1712 Edmonton Trail NE
But were not there yet!

Read more.

02 April 2011

April Fooled

I only saw one major Canadian magic prank yesterday.  The Vanishing Rabbit posted this on their website and Facebook page:
After very long negotiations, I would like to annouce that The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop has SOLD to a private Magic Shop Chain out of the United States. Although the shop will stay open and the Name will change, I will remain as a Manager and consultant, I would like to thank all who have supported my Magic Shop business the last 10 years and hope that you will remain customers of ours.

While not Canadian, this prank is certainly worth a mention!  From The Magic Newswire this post from The Magic Circle:
The Magic Circle To Mount Legal Challenge 

The Magic Circle is considering mounting a legal challenge to proposals which would see the composition of packs of playing cards dramatically altered from April 2012.
The proposals announced under European Union Directive 27745 / 3665 include the removal of the twelve Jacks, Queens and Kings from every pack of cards manufactured within the EU to reflect modern Republic Member States. A new suit of 'Stars' is to be introduced alongside the traditional Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades making the total number of cards exactly 50 in the new 'metric' packs.
Spokesman for The Magic Circle states "We are very concerned by these new rules. We very much value our Royal connections and cannot accept such a scandalous interference from the EU. The standard pack of 52 cards embodies a long legacy of cultural and magical history.”
A spokesman continues: “Frankly many of our Members are hoping to make these new rules disappear!"
Read the original post (complete with image of the new deck) here.
What April Fool's day pranks did I miss?

31 March 2011

Calgary: Card Magic Essentials with Brent Smith

From The Vanishing Rabbit:
When:  3 Saturday Nights - April 2, April 9th, April 16th
Time: 7-9pm
Where: The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

Join Award Winning Magician BRENT SMITH for 3 Nights of Essential Card Magic Sleights. Learning card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks. These won't we your Grampa's Card Tricks.

This 3 night course will start you at the beginning of card magic and take you to a working professional level.

Learn the core skills (the ones that get used over and over again in thousands of tricks) from a well trained Award winning Magician
For more information, contact The Vanishing Rabbit.

[h/t: Gwyn Auger]