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22 March 2014

Sharing wonder with the help of Magicana

From Magicana:
Through our Tony Eng Youth Fund, Magicana sponsored two young people to attend the John Carney Lecture in Toronto on Feb 15, 2014.

The pair are actively part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto – an organization near and dear to Magicana as past partners in our My Magic Hands program. Through a happy coincidence, Big Brother, Mike Johns, happened to hear about the lecture and thought it would be the perfect outing with his Little, Wes.

Wes is a budding 12-year old magician with a huge interest in magic and his Big, Mike – equally interested in magic – thought it would be the perfect outing for the two of them. But, limited funds proposed a challenge. Resourcefully, Mike reached out to Magicana and through our Tony Eng Youth Fund, we were able to make their attendance possible. After all that’s what the fund is all about – to motivate and inspire young people who are passionate about magic.

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21 May 2013

Magical Mentorship: Tony Eng Youth Fund

From the Tony Eng Youth Fund:
The goal of the Tony Eng Youth Fund is to promote and support youths as they pursue the art of magic. We believe that mentorship is an essential part of being a magician and that it is vital to form relationships with people with whom you can learn, grow and exchange information with. Our Tony Eng Educational Bursary program is dedicated to matching up-and-coming magicians with rich resources and opportunities to help jumpstart their career.

On April 2013 Magicana’s Tony Eng Youth Fund sponsored a one-week mentorship program for Trevor and Lorena Watters to study and learn from legendary magician and consultant, Johnny Thompson (The Great Tomsoni & Company) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple received invaluable advise from Mr. Thompson, who graciously accepted them in his home and gave them the “experience of a lifetime”.

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Read Trevor's thoughts on the experience:

It certainly sounds like it was an amazing, life changing, opportunity!

08 February 2013

Magi-Fest 2013 round-up

Read all about the Magi-Fest 2013 experience!

From Sorcerers Safari:
When Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin heard that Magifest was to be discontinued last year, they decided that just couldn’t be, so they stepped up and Magifest 2013 was reborn. With the help of our very own Steven Kline as Production Manager and Steven Branham, the amazing Dealer Contact/Badge Checker/Bouncer the convention took off.

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From the Tony Eng Youth Fund:
Congratulations to Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin for staging and producing a successful 83rd MagicFest! From all accounts, it sounds like there was a full house filled with stellar speakers and performances, heaps of magic dealers and of course, magic day and night. What more could any magic enthusiast wish for?!

We also congratulate our  Tong Eng Youth Fund Bursary Recipients – part of the Magi-Fest Youth Scholarship program. Their verdict of the convention?

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16 December 2012

Tony Eng Youth Fund website

From Sharing Wonder:
In 2008, Magicana created the Tony Eng Youth Fund program in memory of Tony Eng (1946 – 2008). Its main goal is to promote and support youths as they pursue the art of magic.

Over the years, the fund has evolved to accomodate the needs of young magicians, from funding convention registrations, to covering lecture costs and mentorship programs. Like Tony, the fund strives to promote and encourage magic-mad youths by providing bursaries and scholarships in the pursuit of magic.

And so, without further ado, we are thrilled to present our new TEYF website: The new site includes:
  • A blog that focuses on TEYF news and events;
  • A page that honours past TEYF winners through the years; and
  • A programs page to keep you up to date to our current programming and challenges!
Feel free to explore and visit our new site and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Read more and leave your comments at the Sharing Wonder site.

This was cross-posted with permission from Julie Eng.