05 June 2011

Morrissey Magic: 52 years wonderful!

A great time was had by all at Morrissey Magic's 52nd Anniversary Party yesterday!  At the open house we were treated to a close-up show featuring Bill McCourt (Ring 17 past president 73/74), Luiz Castro (doing a side-splitting impersonation of Juan Tamariz), Christyrious and Dan Morrissey! The afternoon stage show, emceed by Glen Ottaway, showcased the talent of Michael Collins, Danny Hammil, Alex Kazam, Bill Abbott and Paul Wildbaum (who conducted a beautiful impromptu bell choir).

The day was filled with laughter, amazement and friendship.  Thank you Dan and Phoebe for hosting this wonderful day!

04 June 2011

David Ben performs on Daily Planet Sunday June 5

Edited June 23rd to add the link to the show video.

From Sharing Wonder:
Magicana’s artistic director, David Ben, was invited to perform on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet to commemorate co-host, Jay Ingram’s Last Show. The one-hour special also features memorable moments from Ingram’s sixteen years as the show’s co-host.
Read the full post at Sharing Wonder.

Watch Jay help David with some conjuring on Video Part 3.

02 June 2011

Beta: Canada's Magic Facebook page!

There's now a Facebook page setup for the Canada's Magic website!  After 25 5 more (thanks Ariel, Doug, Owen, Ryan, both Deborahs, Gwyn, Bonnie, Arthur, Steve, Jeffrey, Paul, Rhonda, Brian Aaron, Eric, Mike, Dan, Willson and Ron!) of you go over and "like" it, then I can claim a proper name for the page.

As always, feedback appreciated!  Thanks for your continued support!

Win free tickets for Luminato at Morrissey Magic

From the Sharing Wonder website:
To add to the prizes (editor's note: to be given away at Morrissey's 52nd anniversary party), Magicana has donated FREE TICKETS to see Natural Magick June 11 at the Tarragon Theatre and  Vodavil June 17 at the Winter Garden Theatre.
Read the full post, which includes what you need to do to be eligible for the draw, at Sharing Wonder or visit Morrissey Magic's website.

Jeff Pinsky interviews Mark Lewis

Jeff Pinsky just posted his interview with Mark Lewis under the "Conversations" section of The Browser’s Den of Magic website.  Mark discusses “The Lives of a Showman” and more! 
To watch, visit BrowsersDen.ca or view the first part on YouTube below: