30 September 2012

Rounding the Western rings in October

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.  

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- n/a
- Garden Variety Show is back!
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- n/a
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- n/a
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- n/a
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)   - n/a
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Rounding the Ontario rings in October

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)
(check out their great new blog!)
- Fantasio magic products
- Hallowe'en magic
- Bill Abbott lecture
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Bill Abbott lecture
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- n/a
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians) - Pub night, close-up magic
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- n/a
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club) Bill Abbott lecture     
Woodstock, ONCAM 1 (Friendly City Mystics)   - n/a
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Rounding the Eastern rings in October

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - Hallowe'en magic
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- n/a

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29 September 2012

LA Complex mentions Canadian magician

The Canadian show, The L.A. Complex, happened to mention a Canadian magician with whom you may be familiar!  Watch the clip below:

27 September 2012

26 September 2012

Calgary: Ryan Pilling's Suitcase of Wonders

From Show of Wonders:
Ryan Pilling is a comedy magician who has travelled across the continent, from Yellowknife to Cancun, entertaining audiences with laughter and amazement. Now, for the first time, he’s bringing his Suitcase of Wonders back home to Calgary presenting a brand new theatrical show.

Featuring a 2000 year old trick alongside never-before-seen magical innovations, Ryan will present a variety of entertainments to delight and bedazzle*. He’ll defy impossible odds, show you curious mysteries, and you’ll laugh a whole lot along the way.

Read more and buy tickets.
Check out Ryan's Totally Rad promo video, "Come To My Magic Show":

Maple Ridge: Secrets with Shawn Farquhar

From the Maple Ridge News:

"Most people think magic is all about the secrets," says Farquhar, who is from Maillardville, Coquitlam but now lives in Maple Ridge.

"The real secret is: magic is in believing. If I told you how it works, you probably wouldn't believe me anyway."

Read more.

Celebrate Canada Culture Day and The ACT's 10th Anniversary season launch on Saturday, Sept. 29.

At 4 p.m. the ACT's new season begins with Secrets, a show by Maple Ridge resident and world renowned magician Shawn Farquhar

25 September 2012

Alex Kazam's Braingasm podcast

From The Braingasm Podcast:
We began as we do every week by blaming art for all of the world’s problems.

This episode is an hour and a quarter conversation between Ben and Alex that covers topics as wild and varied as their views of show business, why magicians hate psychics, Alex’s history as a performer and a man, the importance of branding in the 21st century entertainment industry, and the Carson Couch. All the while the two were cracking jokes and keeping things fun and light while also being thought provoking and deep.

Read more and listen to the podcast.

24 September 2012

Bill Abbott: Pack smart, play anywhere

  • Sept 29th to add Hamilton
  • Sept 26th to add Buffalo appearance. 
  • Sept 25th to add London appearance.

In October, Bill Abbott will be presenting his lecture "Pack smart, play anywhere" in Buffalo (the 1st), Toronto (the 4th), London (the 10th), Montreal (the 15th), Ottawa (the 16th) and Hamilton (Oct 18th).

[h/t: magicinfo.ca]

19 September 2012

Lance Pierce November lectures

Lance Pierce will be lecturing in Canada this November.

The according to to the X-elent Lecture Series website Lance's lecture dates are:
He'll be wrapping up the lecture tour with dates in the US (Seattle, Eugene and Portland).

Please confirm details about dates, times and locations by contacting each club directly.

18 September 2012

Keith Hunter: One of Canada's eldest practicing magicians

From Orangeville.com:
After celebrating his 85th birthday, Orangeville’s Keith Hunter is being heralded as one of Canada’s eldest practicing magicians.

“I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not, but that’s the way it seems to be,” Hunter said.

Read more.

In the article, it says "At age 70, Hunter turned to magic.

I guess there's still time for me to jump into the game!

17 September 2012

Eric Leclerc at Dilli Haat Magic Festival

From the Deccan Herald:
"It is something you perfect after a series of failures, one must never fail to impress the viewer and the trade of magic is how well you can do that," says Eric Leclerc, a magician who flew down from Canada.

Leclerc who has been entertaining since he was a nine- year-old boy says, "My first audience was my mother, who gifted me a magic set during Christmas and I practiced with it until the day I stunned her with by a trick. That  was when I first became a magician."

However, he feels magic is a dying art.

Read more.

15 September 2012

Toronto: Mental magic and Hallowe'en spook show

From Facebook:
Tuesday, 23 October 2012

With a special mystery by guest The Secret-keeper Danny Proctor

ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Revue Theatre, a theatre show of mind magic that will leave you in thrills and chills- Guaranteed!!

Take a journey into the bizarre world of the supernatural and witness amazing feats such as Mysterion Daring to escape the gallows, Table levitations, a parlour seance, audience hypnotism and more mental marvels by Canada's leading Doctor of mentalism.

Read more.

14 September 2012

Photos from the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth's Pediatrics Ward

Back in July we posted an article about Joan Caesar and Scott Hood's visit to the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth's Pediatrics Ward.  Over at The Doug Henning Magic Wand club's website, they have posted photos from the August 2012 Linking Ring article about the visit (vol 92, #8, Aug 2012, pages 45 and 46).

It's lovely to see Joan and Scott bringing smiles to the faces of hospitalized kids.

13 September 2012

Eric Leclerc on Au Défi!

Eric Leclerc is in Au Défi, a children's show where children in the Sudbury area are given unusual challenges.  Watch the preview on YouTube:

12 September 2012

Pining for Camp White Pine?

Are you pining for your days at Sorcerers Safari?  Have a listen to last Saturday's edition of The Magic Broadcast where Lee Asher talks magic camp, among other things.

Or, have a look at Kito Chee's video summary of his camp experience:

And also this Magic Report by Holden L, which includes an interview of Shawn Farquhar and Soma:

11 September 2012

Ryan Pilling: Finding The Funny

From Mystified Live:
In what has been one of the most talked about episodes in the short history of this podcast, Magician and Improv Comedian Ryan Pilling joined us for one of our more hysterical episodes. While he was here Ryan talked about his career as an improv comedian / magician and how he was currently working on a new show, which debuted shortly after his appearance. We are happy to report that Ryan now has a brand new book out titled Finding The Funny: A Professional Entertainer's Guide To Improvisation, Ad-Libs And Audience Interaction. (How's that for a mouthful?) The book serves as a how-to for those looking to add a little humor to their act be it comedy, magic, juggling or anything in between. The book covers it all from when to improvise all the way to how to practice and work with your audience. This book is a must have if you are an entertainer.

Read more.
You can learn more about Finding The Funny at Playing Big Magic.

10 September 2012

Fort Erie: Seeing is believing

From Facebook:
Saturday, 22 September 2012

The "Seeing is Believing" show features the fast paced Magic, Comedy and Illusion's of Edward Stone. It's a Family Fun show running over 90 mins, with lots of surprises and audience interaction. The show recently toured Canada with great reviews. So come out and make some Magic happen at the Sanctuary!

Read more.