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08 August 2019

Toronto: Save the date for Browsers Bash VI

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From the Browser's Den Newsletter:

Because of your wonderful ongoing support we are very excited to announce that the 'Browser's Magic Bash 2020' will take place on SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 2020!

TICKETS will go on sale for the 'Bash' at 10am on Monday, September 23, 2019.

07 August 2019

Vancouver: 3 of Clubs 2019

Just announced, 2019 3 of Clubs convention will be held at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre!

From Eventbrite:
The 3 of Clubs Convention gets a new coat of paint in 2019 - restoring the original aim of the Vancouver Magic Circle’s long-standing “Weekend of Magic” to unite the magic community with education and excellence of internationally-renowned talent without breaking the bank!

The Vancouver Magic Circle is thrilled by the return of our very own Billy Hsueh and Alex Zander to spearhead this year’s convention once again. Ring 92’s last 3 of Clubs in 2016 at the “Pink Palace” in Surrey reinvigorated what a local convention could be, and they’re doing it again! But this time it’s even bigger, even better, and even cheaper!

We don’t know how.. but they’ve done it!
With an all-time low early-bird registration rate of only $75 for all 3 days (same early bird rate available to all 3 Clubs) our 2019 convention will be the most affordable in YEARS!
Read more and buy tickets.

From the 3 of Clubs Facebook page:

04 August 2019

Sleightly Sketchy: Magician trading cards [MTC190804]

Imagine if magicians had trading cards.

Did you need all three hints to guess whose trading card back this is?

Sleightly Sketchy: Magician trading cards [MTC190804]

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02 August 2019

Toronto: Golden Age of Magic

From Magicana:
In February 2020, the Golden Age of Magic will once again emerge—this time in Toronto—in the forthcoming exhibition, Illusions: The Art of Magic at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).
Originally curated by Christian Vachon of the McCord Museum in Montreal, and guest curated by Magicana’s artistic director and historian David Ben, the exhibition will showcase fifty-five gorgeous, vintage posters from the Allan Slaight Collection of the McCord Museum. The exhibition celebrates magic’s greatest luminaries, including the one and only Harry Houdini, highlighting photographs, films, documents, autographs and objects once belonging to Houdini.

Read more.

From the Sharing Wonder Twitter feed:

01 August 2019

Studio City: Mahdi Gilbert lecture

From The Magic Apple:
Mahdi Gilbert will be lecturing at The Magic Apple on August 8th!!

Mahdi Gilbert was forced to reinvent magic for himself, literally redefining how a deck of cards can be handled. He performs wonders without hands and walks the Earth without feet and is a walking miracle to everyone he meets. A rare gentleman and scoundrel who palms without palms, shuffles without fingers and is living proof that nothing is impossible.

What will he teach?

“This is my intimate close-up set with cards featuring some of my most powerful material.”
Two Card Transposition, Ambitious Card, Triumph, Card to Pocket, Oil and Water.

Read more.

From The Magic Apple Twitter feed: