15 November 2020

Broken wand: Isreal Manchild

Our sincere condolences to Isreal's family and friends.


From the November 13th Facebook post by John Kaplan:

It is with deep shock and sadness that I report the sudden, unexpected passing of one of my dearest friends.  A week ago, on Friday Nov 6th, Isreal Manchild slipped on his basement steps. The resulting fall caused a severe head injury, bleeding of the brain, and he spent much of the past week in hospital in a coma.  A four-hour operation to reduce the swelling yesterday was, unfortunately, not enough for him to survive and he passed away at around 3:00 this morning.











14 November 2020

Jason Palter interviewed on Wes Iseli’s Magiclife Podcast

From the November 4th Facebook post by Wes Iseli’s Magiclife:

Check out this week’s episode of Wes Iseli’s Magiclife Podcast #16 with Jason Palter 

13 November 2020

Eldritch Theatre presents The Deadly Doom of the Dungeons of Duodenum

Premiering ONLINE November 25th to December 5th, 2020 at 7:30 PM (EST) 

Tickets $50 for Adventurers
Tickets $10 for Spectators


From the Eldritch Theatre:

The Deadly Doom of the Dungeons of Duodenum is the newest ghoulish creation by Eric Woolfe (Space Opera Zero, The Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy) in which ticket buyers can choose to take part in the story using Dungeons and Dragons based role-playing, or merely witness the horrific adventure that will change each night! Adventurers will be given keys to The Forbidden Library, the entire Eldritch Theatre repertoire, as the online experience will take players on a quest through twenty years of Eldritch Theatre creations, meeting sword and sorcery versions of characters from past productions. The monsters and minions they meet will be performed by live actors, puppets, pre-recorded video segments and interactive maps.

Read more and buy tickets.

Winner of a Skype session with Michael Close

Roman numeral 10


The contest to win a 1 hour Skype session with Michael Close closed last night at midnight.  



There were some terrific answers to the request to:

Tell us your favourite move, effect, technique, or magic product attributed to a Canadian magician.  
  • Bammo Monte Monster (by Bob Farmer) 
  • Fiber Optics (by Richard Sanders)
  • Farquhar's deck switch 
  • Miraskill (by Stewart James)
  • Juggling to doves (by Greg Frewin)
  • Flushtration Count (by Norm Houghton)
  • Chico the Mind Reader (Bill Abbott)


And to the person who entered the contest and willfully ignored the intent of the qualifying question, while at the same time answering it with 100% accuracy, I applaud you.   Their answer:

  • The move of the Browser's Den from the previous location to the current location, a move attributed to Jeff Pinsky.

Wand and Ring 10

Be sure to take advantage of 10% (ten percent) off any Michael Close downloadable ebook products (up to a maximum of $200 per person).  Use "CANADASMAGIC" (without the quotes) at checkout over at MichaelClose.com


Random draw results from Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Doug H.! We'll be in touch to let you know how to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone for playing and a special thanks to Michael Close for making the prize available to you! 

12 November 2020

Eric Leclerc with custom soundtracks

A terrific idea, beautifully executed!


From Eric Leclerc's October 21st upload to his YouTube channel:

SO FUNNY! I hired a professional musician to write a soundtrack about my daily activities. HUGE thanks so TrumanSound Studios for pulling through and creating this gem! 


Here's the sequel which includes footage with David Copperfield!


From Eric Leclerc's November 3rd upload to his YouTube channel:

A professional musician wrote a HILARIOUSLY brilliant song about the old clips in my iPhone. Eric Vanier from Trumansound studios really hit it out of the park with this one! Let me know in the comments what we should get him to sing about next!