05 January 2021

Do you know who performed in Summerside, PEI in the late 1970s?

Can anyone help Shawn by identifying the mystery performer below?


From Shawn Farquhar's December 31st post on Facebook:

Magic friends, here's my trivia question to end out 2020.  A long time ago, probably 1977/78 a young magician from the US, came to Summerside, PEI to perform at my local mall.  Yes, Summerside had a mall.  I saw the show and obtained a flyer.  It didn't have his name, nor contact information. I have a darn good memory, I can tell you what he did and the order as well, BUT for the life of me, I  can't recall his name.

Who is this?







04 January 2021

Ring 17 hosts a panel on magic in the age of digital reproduction

From the Ring 17 website:

Thursday, January 7, 2021

On Zoom. 

Hosted by David Peck


  • Jonah Babins
  • Matt DiSero
  • Michael Feldman
  • Graemazing
  • Steffi Kay
  • Felice Ling
  • Aaron Matthews
  • Mysterion
  • Ben “Racoon Tamer” Train

In the past year we have been forced to make drastic and rapid changes if we wanted to continue performing. We have assembled a panel of performers, each of whom has made their own transition into the virtual space and found a way to perform from home. The panel will share their experiences, what works, what doesn’t, the challenges they have overcome and the gadgets and gizmos that make virtual performances possible.

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01 January 2021

Happy 2021!

Wishing you and yours a year filled with health, joy, and wonder.

Starting the New Year with some of our favourite faces!

From Brent and Sarah's YouTube channel:


31 December 2020

In memoriam 2020

Remembering those who have passed this year.  Through your passion and spirit you have helped shape the magic community in Canada and around the world.  Thank you.

Please email additions or corrections to "canadasmagic at gmail dot com"