18 February 2021

Carisa Hendrix and Kayla Drescher talk Modern Wonder

Very exciting!  Carisa offered a teaser for this project about a year ago when she lectured for Ring 17!


From the February 8th Facebook post by The Society of American Magicians:

Kayla Drescher and Carisa Hendrix are no strangers to podcasting. They started Shezam back in 2018 and it has been going strong ever since. Now. Kayla and Carisa check in with The Books of Magic to talk about new project "Modern Wonder," a video project bringing the effects of Tommy Wonder's Books of Wonder to video.




16 February 2021

Spidey in The Suburban

From the February 10th post "Cohen in the City: Episode 46 – World renowned local mentalist and magician Spidey" by Mike Cohen in The Suburban:

Bedros Akkelian, better known as Spidey, is a proud resident of Laval who is gaining notice globally  for his profession as a mentalist and a magician.   He will be performing on a live Zoom broadcast for the Cummings Centre on Feb. 17 at 7:30 pm.   Barbara Zavalkoff, who chairs the committee that organizes these events, joins Spidey on this show. It includes a very emotional moment when Spidey learns about the passing of someone whom he held dear.

Read more and watch video.



From the February 9th Facebook post by The Society of American Magicians:

Spidey - Mentalist/Hypnotist is one of new stars in the magic world. He is part of the cast of Masters of Illusion, has performed on Penn and Teller: Fool Us and is part of Netflix's Brainchild. Like many entertainers, he has taken to the online world for shows during the pandemic. He took some time out to talk to The Suburban Newspaper about his work and upcoming shows.



15 February 2021

Masters of Illusions call for submissions

From the February 9th Tweet from the Magic Castle:


14 February 2021

Chris Westfall's free Family Day magic show

From the February 11th Facebook post by Chris Westfall:

Make family day magical with a FREE MAGIC SHOW