30 April 2021

Welcoming a new Friend: Gordon Precious

Welcoming our newest Friend, Gordon Precious!

Bitten by the magic bug over 90 years ago, Gordon is an absolute gentleman in every sense of the word.  He is consistently positive, welcoming, and encouraging.  I first met Gordon through Ring 17 over 20 years ago.  He's younger at heart than many in my generation. 

You likely know Gordon's signature Vanishing Birdcage effect.  But did you know that he also holds the World Record for the oldest heliskier?

For a deeper dive into Gordon's extraordinary life, have a listen to episode 161 of Discourse in Magic

Thank you Gordon, for befriending Canada's Magic!  We look forward to celebrating your 97th birthday next month!


29 April 2021

Help Chris Ramsay set a Guinness World Record! #BigTrickTokChallenge

From the April 23rd Tweet by truTV:

Steve Valentine's offering free Magic On The Go content!

From the April 27th Facebook post by Steve Valentine:

Hi all, so proud to have hit this milestone, so I’m doing a freebie. If you love magic or know someone who does, this might be for you 🙂

Here’s the blurb!

LOVE MAGIC? Steve Valentine is giving it all away!

Actor and multi-award winning magician Steve Valentine is celebrating adding the  600th VIDEO to  his incredible online magic site, MAGIC ON THE GO, and Steve wants to share some of the videos WITH YOU, for FREE.  

Just go to this link stevevalentine.com/magic  and sign up for ACCESS to FREE Magic On The Go content. You’ll be happy you did 🙂






Discourse in Magic and Shezam podcast crossover (Jonah Babins and Kayla Drescher)



From the April 27th Instagram post by Discourse in Magic

In this episode, we are teaming up with Kayla Drescher (@magicinheels) for a crossover episode of Discourse in Magic and @shezampod! In it we talk about producing magic podcasts, hosting virtual conventions, and the challenges facing the magic community today.⁠


28 April 2021

[Guest post] Thirteen tips for supporting your closest brick and mortar magic shop

Support your brick and mortar magic shops! 


The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon.





Whether in person, by curbside pick up or via Canada Post, you can...

  1. Buy something for yourself. Do so as often as you can.

  2. Buy something for a friend.

  3. Buy something for someone you know who is struggling.

  4. Buy something for your favourite nephew, niece or cousin.
    Or somebody else's favourite nephew, niece or cousin.

  5. Get together with magic friends and make a group purchase which you can buy or pick up in one lot and then safely distribute yourself.

  6. Tell your family and friends to give you their gift certificate for your birthday.

  7. Buy gift certificates for yourself, and for friends and family on their birthdays.

  8. Go to their website every week or so and check on their latest stock to see what is new and you might like to buy.

  9. Go to their website often and check on all their stock to see what you've missed and might like to buy.

  10. Check out Murphy's Magic site and special order something from your local brick & mortar.

  11. If in doubt what to buy, buy a book! If buying a book, buy another one.

  12. Check out and buy any special downloads or lessons available on their website.

  13. When you buy something let them know how much you appreciate them.

Don't wait.

Start today!

Use them or lose them.
Canada would be a whole lot less magical without our remaining brick & mortar shops!


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!