18 November 2022

Parkinson's fundraiser and book launch [Nov 18]

Buy your tickets for the virtual launch at Eventbrite.   Buy the book at Indiegogo.


From the November 16th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

We're launching a book and doing magic with @katbarrell
And @sydneymeyer48

It's going to be a fun-filled virtual party to raise money for Parkinson's Research for The Michael J. Fox Foundation @teamfoxmjff

🎟️Ticket link in bio - IT'S PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Donate generously!





17 November 2022

Laval: HangOut! Monthly Magic Jam [Nov 26]

Featuring Jimmy Cao, Cedrick Burcena, Tiendinh Truong & Sami Tazi, with special guest Marc Trudel!

From the November 1st Instagram post by HangOut!:

We are proud to announce our very first Close-Up Magic Show:

UP CLOSE! An Intimate Magic Show For Grownups
featuring Jimmy Cao, Cedrick Burcena, Tiendinh Truong & Sami Tazi

Saturday November 26th



From the November 6th Instagram post by HangOut!:

As promised, we are very grateful and excited to present to you our special guest for the Up Close show:

🏆2 times Canadian Champion of Magic, First recipient of the Michel Cailloux Grand Prix🏆



Two-time Canadian champion of magic and first recipient of the "Grand Prix de Magie Michel Cailloux", Marc Trudel is established not only as an experienced professional magician, but also as a creator, consultant and teacher respected by his peers. He has been presenting magic shows for over 15 years and was the official magician of the Just for Laughs Museum where he presented over 900 performances of the magic show at the Abracadabra! Exhibition.

In addition to his shows for his regular customers, he has worked for the Joyà show by Cirque du Soleil in Mexico, the Just For Laughs Festival , the Montreal Jazz Festival and the Montreal Festival in Light. He has also been seen on television on Salut Bonjour !, LCN, Pseudo-Radio, Libre-Service, Trucs & Cie and, on a few occasions, in the Just for Laughs Gags . He has been the headliner of the dinner show at Hotel 54 where he plays the character of Steranko, an irreverent scientist who reads minds.



16 November 2022

The 2022 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award

Reader's Choice logo 

Nominations are closed.

Updated November 26th to add:

  • Shawn Farquhar accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote:
    "There is no finer example of Canada’s most inspirational magician than our very own Canadian legend Shawn Farquhar.

    "This two-time world champion continues to be one of North America’s most dedicated and generous magicians today, singlehandedly responsible for countless new magicians every year through his work as Past International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, "Shawn has been instrumental in creating entire new Rings and magic clubs around the world - inspired by his radiant love of magic and genuine desire to help others achieve greatness.

    "Furthermore, through the Covid pandemic Shawn built his hit show “Hidden Wonders Speakeasy Magic Experience” creating employment opportunities and support for his young magician hosts, and bringing world class magic to the community when families were ready to remember what live entertainment could and should really be. Now in its 2nd year at its hidden speakeasy location, these sold out shows having generated a buss throughout the Vancouver area, bringing it to the top 10% of TripAdvisor experiences and among the most distinguished tourism activities in the province. When magic succeeds, so do we all.

    "To all those who know him, Shawn is an ever-burning light of inspiration. Our magic communities, artistic achievements, and mental health are elevated by Shawn’s inspiring creativity and philanthropy. If you have ever had the joy of talking magic with Shawn, it is likely he already has your vote. It is impossible to miss his trademark energy and passion for the magical life that makes him one of the finest ambassadors of magic Canada could hope for."

Updated November 22nd to add:

  • Jason Verners accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote: 
    "For his monthly appearances on local news and his sold out run of shows with Ecologist."
  • Ryan Michael accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote: 
    "Because he kicked some major butt at PCAM - stage magician AND mentalist of the year!"


Updated November 19th to add:

  • Trevor and Lorena Watters accepted their nomination by Anonymous who wrote: 
    "For their sense of humor, but seriousness in the art and making the best of every situation. True performers."

  • Kelvin Ng accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote: 
    "For his incredible dedication and openness to learn, progress and drive himself every day. Great magician, even better friend."

  • Ryan Edwards accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote:
    "For changing the way people see mentalism in Canada. Putting on a variety of shows rather than one standard and really showcasing magic in a great light."

  • Ryan Pilling accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote:
    "For continuously creating quality magic and tricks. Giving out more golden magic tips and asking nothing in return."


Updated November 18th to add:

  • Scott Baird has accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote:
    "For his success with The Hermit Magic Magazine."

  • Chris Gowen has accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote:
    "For his monthly public shows at the Rec Room."

Updated November 17th to add:

  • Colin Geddes has accepted his nomination by L7W who wrote:
    "To have the ability to inspire others is an incredible gift. I nominate Colin Geddes as the inspirational magician of the year. Magic shows others that the impossible can be real; the challenge can be overcome.

    "Magic is meant to be inspirational, unlock challenges and make the problematic disappear. It's rare to find a magician willing to zoom out, remove their ego and give themselves to others out of passion and dedication."

    Colin is a magician who embraces those in the spotlight, educates the willing and uplifts the magicians who might have lost their way. As an observer of the Canadian magic industry, you cannot find a more authentic and passionate magician than Colin.


Updated at 4:35pm to add:

  • Dave Curran has accepted his nomination by Anonymous who wrote:
    "I hate voting against myself… but I’m going with Dave Curran! Jokers is an incredible new addition to the Canadian magic scene!"

The seventh annual Canada's Magic "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award nominations are now open.

You may nominate living Canadian Magician(s) of your choosing by leaving their name along with a short note about how they inspired you in 2022, in the comments below.  (Comments are subject to moderation and will not appear immediately.  You may email your nomination if you prefer.)

Nominations will be accepted up until 11:59PM EST on Friday November the 25th.  We will contact the nominees via email and give them one week to accept or decline their nomination.  If we have not heard from them in that time, we will assume they have declined the nomination.  Submissions will not be published unless a nominee accepts their nomination.    The full list of nominations will be published and voting will commence in December.  (Canada's Magic is not eligible for the award, nor will it be participating in the nomination or voting process.) 

This is a "bragging rights" only contest.  There is no cash value for this award.

Individuals and groups can be nominated.

There is no shortage of Canadian magical inspiration in 2022. 

Some ideas to get you started:

(these are not official nominations,
but they can be if you submit their name(s) for nomination!)

We look forward to seeing your nominations!

In the spirit of celebrating all Canadian magicians, 2021's winners of the Readers' Choice award (Gwyn Auger, tied with Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed) or the Editor's Choice award (Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer) are not eligible for nomination in 2022.  The list of previous winners can be found here.




15 November 2022

David Peck interviews Joshua Jay

Listen to the podcast at David Peck Live:


From the November 12th Instagram post by Face 2 Face:

Please check out my latest Face2Face interview with magician, author, creator @joshuajaymagician

He recently appeared @jokers905club and alongside the @hatandrabbitclub to celebrate their 80th anniversary.

In this episode we talk about his wonderful new book How Magicians Think, mystery, philosophy & wonder, asking good questions, doing what you love, problem solving & why magic matters.

It's an intimate, engaging and delightful read.






14 November 2022

Toronto: Browser’s Den of Magic 47th Anniversary party! [Nov 20]

From The Browser's Den of Magic:

Sunday, November 20

Due to the virus this will be the first anniversary party in two years! Many of you have been customers of ours since the beginning back in 1975. We hope that you will be able to join us on November 20!
This is also the day that we remember our founders Len and Bernice Cooper.
Jeff Pinsky purchased Browser's Den from Len and Bernice in November 1995. Len Cooper passed away in 2003. Since then at each anniversary party we hand out in Len's memory a full set of eight Tarbell Course in Magic books to someone under 26 years of age who has shown a dedication to the art of magic. Jeff Hinchliffe was the first recipient of the award!
PLUS - In appreciation of your devotion to our shop this is the only day of the year where EVERYTHING in the shop is on sale all day long!
Everyone who comes to the shop gets to choose a playing card from a deck. On that card will be a number that represents the percentage discount on any non-auction items you buy during the day.

You may use the card as many times as you wish. Discount cards range from 10% to 20% off.
SPECIAL NOTE: Masks must be worn in the shop at all times except at the end of the day when we serve cake.
Yours very truly - The Jeff's & The Browser's Den Team 

Read more.