31 May 2012

Jay Sankey: On the cover of MAGIC

Congratulations to Jay Sankey who is featured on the cover of the June edition of MUM magazine!

Click through to see the cover.

Read some of the teaser of the article written by Jamie D. Grant:
With over 1,800 published magic tricks, it's hard to believe Jay Sankey needs an introduction. Odds are you have one of his effects or DVDs in your home or office somewhere and, as a result, have heard or seen Jay as he teaches you something in his recognizably offbeat and impromptu manner. But when you actually stop and think about it, about him, questions can rise to the surface — none more curious than this: what do we really know about Jay Sankey?

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Murray Sawchuck at the Laugh Factory

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Murray's great idea is to ramp out the comedy club's regular stage to a circular extension surrounded by the audience. Murray doesn't stick to just close-up parlor tricks, but mixes in a couple of Vegas-style cabinet illusions. So squeezing the lovely Chloe Louise into the usual contraptions takes on a new interest from this "in the round" perspective.

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[h/t: iTricks]

30 May 2012

Morinville: Kip the Court Jester

From the St. Albert Gazette:
“It’s all Mom’s fault,” says the tongue-in-cheek court jester who is slated to be one of the major drawing cards at a carnival held this coming Saturday in Morinville.

Kip the Court Jester, as he’s known to a legion of fans big and small, will perform at the Morinville Public Elementary School (MPES) parent fundraising association carnival. It takes place at the Ray McDonald Sports Centre from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Oh, sure.  Blame it on mom!

The Vanishing Rabbit is moving!

From The Vanishing Rabbit:
We're moving June 30th to a new location.
1712 Edmonton Trail NE
But were not there yet!

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29 May 2012

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Sheldon Casavant: Sizzler

From Edmontonians (PDF):
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be amazed. Sheldon Casavant will delight and entertain you—like he has been doing for years.

Sheldon says that “most kids kind of go through that phase of being interested in magic... it was when I was 11 years old that I really got serious about it. So, from that point on, I would read about magic as much as I could, I’d practice as much as I could.”

Read more (PDF).

28 May 2012

Trevor Moore: Top 40 under 40

From page 4 of Southern Alberta Newspapers Top 40 Under 40:
Most people are not Trevor Moore.

Moore, who quite convincingly passes himself off as a hard-working family man and successful entrepreneur -- with not one but two growing businesses -- has been shamefully fooling people for years.  The truth is, the 38- year old Moore is retired and has been for some time.
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Jay Olson in the Vancouver Sun

From Canada.com:
Ever since he was five and someone pulled a coin out of his ear, Jay Olson has been fascinated by magic.

Five's an early age to begin independent research but by the time he was seven - after much reading and studying - this sorcerer's apprentice had become a professional magician.

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27 May 2012

Hot Docs Forum report: An Honest Liar

From Real Screen (about An Honest Liar):
Guy Lavie from Yes Doc, meanwhile, said, “I think it’s a wonderful project – do you think you’re going to have confrontations with those who he has confronted?” Measom replied that Randi “has ruined lives and made people question things they held most dearly.”

Also enthusiastic was DR TV’s Hoffmann Meyer, who said, “I love it – I’m very keen and I have a feature doc strand for films like this,” while PBS’s Vossen said, “We worked with Justin on Being Elmo [which Weinstein produced] – it’s a great team and we’re very keen on them.”

And in Canada, Catherine Olsen, exec producer of documentaries for Canada’s CBC Newsworld, was also interested. “I think it could be a perfect fit for ‘Passionate Eye,’” she said.

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26 May 2012

Sorcerers Safari 2012 registration underway

From Sorcerers Safari:
We are accepting Camper/CIT registration forms for Magic Camp 2012. Sorcerers Safari will run for a week from Tuesday August 28th – Sunday Sept 2nd, 2012.

Read more.
If only there was a Sorcerers Safari for adults!

25 May 2012

Harry Anderson in "Harry the Hat Tonight"

Anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows that I have a soft spot in my heart for Harry Anderson's three card monte routine, Monarch Monte.  Seeing his live show has been on my bucket list for quite some time.  (I even briefly considered finding my way to Regina in November of 2010 to see him perform there.)

Imagine my delight when I first learned that he was scheduled to perform and lecture in Whitby, ON.

And so, last weekend, I went to the Class Act Dinner Theatre for the very first time. The theatre itself is spacious.  It looked to me like there were no bad seats in the house.  The buffet was plentiful and delicious.  My dinner companions made more than one trip to the servery before their meal was done.  The roast beef and Yorkshire pudding were the highlights of my meal and the desserts were yummy!

There were quite a few familiar faces in the audience:  David Ben, Julie Eng, Suley Fattah, Mike Segal, Jen Segal, Lee Elliott, Michael Close, Lisa Close, Owen Anderson, Peter MennieMichael Fisher Deborah Fallick, Sammy Jakubowicz, Scott Hood, Ken McCreedyRichard Forget, David Sutherland, Phil, Bob Johnston, David Lax, Philip Groff and Gordon Precious.  There were other faces to which I've been unable to put a name and some I've just plain forgot.  (It was a busy weekend.)  Apologies if I've left you out.*

For entertainment, we had Glenn Ottaway, David Merry (who was non-stop with fantastic zingers, "I've been happily married for six years ...") and Richard Forget to warm us up.  Richard performed many of the effects he discussed at last September's Ring 17 lecture.  (I've never been so happy, to not see a skipping rope on stage.)  Then it was time for the headlining act!

Harry Anderson, complete with signature Borsalino and hand-painted tie, opened with Wise Guy Monte, followed with a discussion of card counting, some reminiscing about his performance with Skippy the guinea pig on SNL, and a straitjacket escape I'll not soon forget.  He also did some snazzy dancing while demonstrating card memorization and card counting in real time.  He finished with a larger than life magic square.   For an encore, we were treated to his very special chapeaugraphy routine.

As for the lecture, "Tipping the Hat," Harry took us through each of the routines in his show, discussed volunteer selection and regaled us with stories from his past.  (My favourite is how an expensive impulse buy started a chain of events which lead to his being cast in Night Court!)  Dave Merry was on the money when said (in April) that "the stories alone are worth the price of admission."  (And this weekend with Harry cost less than a round trip flight to Regina!)

Thank you Class Act Dinner Theatre and Harry Anderson for a wonderful weekend!

"There's just one f***ing rule!"

Poor Yvette.

* If I’ve missed listing anyone who was there please send me an e-mail or leave a comment below! Thank you to Owen, Deborah and Sammy for helping me put names to some of the faces.

The opinions expressed above are entirely my own.  I was not compensated in any way.

Kent Wong: Those magic moments

From the Canada.com:
Kent Wong and I talked about magic for three hours one day this week, and I noticed that for most of that time he looked me straight in the eye. It made me a bit uncomfortable, until it finally dawned on me that he’s spent a lifetime looking people in the eye, because when he does they tend to look back, and therefore aren’t watching his hands.

Which brings us to those deep, dark secrets Wong was kind enough to share with me.

Read more.

I have one question after reading the article:  who is Kevin?

[h/t: CAM magic]

24 May 2012

David Merry: Featured in MAGIC magazine

David Merry was featured in the April 2012 edition of MAGIC magazine.
 See the complete article, written by David Peck, at DavidMerry.com.

23 May 2012

Greg Frewin in conversation

From metroWNY (interview by Melanie Hulick):
HULICK: Which award surprised you the most?

FREWIN: Well, to be honest with you, there are several that are kind of important to me, but the one that surprised me the most was the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). They have a contest every year with magicians from all over the world. They give away a first, second and third prize but they also give away a gold medal, which isn’t given out every year. When I won, it was the fifth one ever in about 80 years. I think it’s now up to seven or eight. That was the surprise one I look at now and appreciate the most.
Read more.

[h/t: Johnny Ferrara]

21 May 2012

Tony Eng Youth Fund bursary winner and IMX competitor

From Sharing Wonder:
Sawyer reached out to us through the Tony Eng Youth Fund. At 16, his passion for magic appears to have no bounds and magic has enriched his life for the last four years. We provided Sawyer, a community-driven young man teeming with leadership qualities, a bursary to help him attend the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) 2012 convention. In his application, Sawyer expressed a heartfelt desire to meet Vancouver-based magician and President of CAM, Shawn Farquhar. We were pleased to provide  Sawyer with the grant to achieve this goal and to also compete in the magic competitions at CAM.

Read more.
From the CAM website:
This year there is a special addition to the convention where youth were invited from around the globe to compete in a contest that is endorsed by FISM.  This is the first contest of it’s kind and representing Canada is Sawyer Bullock of Ontario.

Read more.
Wishing Sawyer the best of luck at the 2012 International Youth Magic Championships!

20 May 2012

Toronto: Paul Wildbaum workshop at Clown Alley

Paul Wildbaum Workshop Meeting-  May 22, 2012
Doors open at 6:45pm
Meeting starts at 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Location: Herbert Carnegie Centennial Centre, 580 Finch Avenue West
(West of Bathurst on North Side) ... in the Skaters Lounge

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

One handed CUT- A-THON winner!

From Sharing Wonder:
Congratulations to Sebastian Dagenais, winner of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) 2012 One Handed CUT- A-THON contest.

The young and talented Sebastian hails from Montreal and performed 119 one-handed cuts for three rounds.

Read more to find out what Sebastian won!

19 May 2012

Victoria: Mirth and Magic

From Murray Hatfield's Facebook page:
Come on out May 27/12 for some family fun entertainment. Special acts, as well as the first half of the show is a competition for the best “Comedy Magician” which is voted on by the audience. Following intermission the audience will be treated to some of Victoria's finest entertainers.

Read more.

18 May 2012

When Magic Tom was king of English TV...

From The Suburban:
For kids my age (six in 1969) and for Montrealers in general, one of the kings - if not the king- of Montreal English TV was “Magic Tom” Auburn. Not only was he a skilled magician, but he had an appealing, gentle manner which put children and their parents at ease. Numerous local children appeared on his broadcast, performing a song or skit, and helping with his tricks.

(I have a vague memory of being on the show myself, but I seem to have blacked it out - apparently, I was a little clumsy.)
And Auburn was not only a TV institution (in French, as well, by the way). He made numerous live appearances throughout the community. I myself saw him in the late 1970s at the YM-YWHA in Chomedey, where he put on a wonderful show. And an issue of The Suburban on June 18, 1969 carried a Van Horne Shopping Centre ad promoting an appearance by him there “for the kiddies,” followed by a Hawaiian trio.

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17 May 2012

2012 FISM contestant update

From Shawn Farquhar's comment on the post Shin Lim: FISM contestant:
A note of correction. Canada has both Shin Lim and Hyun Joon Kim as representatives for the FISM championship in Blackpool, UK. Under the current regulations for FISM, the representatives had to be selected from the finalist of the NACM that was held in 2011. Shin Lim and Richard Forget were the only two magicians with Canadian citizenship to be finalists. Richard chose not to compete and the CAM selected an alternate to allow another deserving magician the opportunity to champion for Canada.
Thank you very much Shawn for making the time to share this information with us!

Best of luck to Shin Lim and Hyun Joon Kim!

16 May 2012

Christian Cagigal in Montreal

From The Charlebois Post:
Some shows, like Christian Cagigal’s Now and at the Hour, presented by Beyond the Mountain Productions and the Rialto Theatre in benefit of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, are best understood in terms of the magical, inimitable ambiance they create. In the spirit of that magic, forget that this is a review for a few lines, and do as Cagigal asks his audience: “Humour me.”

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15 May 2012

Toronto: Haim Goldenberg

From Facebook:
Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ready to play mind-games? 
Then you should see Haim Goldenberg’s show!
With his captivating personality, and sense of humor to boot, celebrity mentalist Haim Goldenberg transforms the predictability of everyday life into an enchanting fantasy which grips and entangles.

Let the star of GoldMind take you to a Voyage to your Mind and uncover phenomena like mind reading, suggestions, telekinesis and much more…
It is a high energy, interactive, utterly funny, inspiring and mind-blowing show you don’t want to miss - it is an experience that will leave you breathless

Read more.

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

14 May 2012

Shin Lim: FISM contestant

Shin Lim will be Canada's only entry at the FISM World Championships of Magic 2012 in Blackpool, UK.  He will be competing this July in the category of close-up card magic.

Good luck Shin!

[h/t: Magic Convention Guide]

13 May 2012

Women in magic week: wrapping up

In keeping with the schedule at The Magic Castle, this will be the last post this year on the topic of influential Canadian women in magic.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to write detailed posts for the rest of the notable women.  Here they are, in no particular order:

The "ands":
Each of the "ands" is a big part of the success of the team as a whole.  These are fabulous women, all of them!

The many, many, magic assistants, like Gwyn Auger, who make the magicians look like miracle workers!  (Let me tell you, box jumping is no easy task.)

The rising stars:
  • Rosemary Reid
  • Niki Runnalls
  • Janna S.
  • Hannah Farquhar
  • Katie D
  • Gabbie D
  • Brianna Carlson
Keep an eye out for these talented young ladies! 

Who have I forgotten?

12 May 2012

Women in magic: Julie Eng

Continuing the theme of influential Canadian women in magic, the next name that comes to my mind is  Julie Eng.

Sometime in the late 90s, during a chance encounter with David Ben, I learned that Julie would be moving from the west coast to Toronto.  David had great enthusiasm when he shared the news.  I now know why.

In addition to being a wonderful performer, Julie makes "giving back" (to the magic community and to the community at large) a part of her life mission.  Through Magicana, the creation of the Tony Eng Youth Fund, supports youths as they pursuing the art of magic.  Also, her Senior Sorcery program brings live theatre in the form of magic shows to isolated seniors. In addition, the My Magic Hands program touches the lives of children by using magic as a vehicle to build self confidence and skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.  This program is brought to children with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer by working with Camp Oochigeas as well as offering sessions at  Holland Bloorview (Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital) for more than six years. 

I have had the privilege of participating with children in the My Magic Hands at a local school.  I marvel at how consistently the program acts as a catalyst for personal growth in the participants.

Thank you Julie for your contributions to the community and to the Canadian magic scene!


Related post:  CBC: Joan Caesar and Julie Eng talk about women in magic

11 May 2012

New Westminster: Va”RIDE”ity show

From The Record:
Simon Jukes is up to his old tricks.

Jukes, a professional juggler and performer, and the B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer are presenting their second annual Va”RIDE”ity show featuring two-time world champion of magic Shawn Farqhuar (sic), comedy magicians Trevor Watters and Lorena (who will soon be seen on Canada’s Got talent), the eccentric juggler Simon English, international comedy performer The Checkerboard Guy, The Incredible Underground Circus, magician Brian Cooke, the ELEVATE dance crew, MC/comedian Donovan Dresher. The family-friendly fundraiser is taking place on Saturday, May 12 from 7 to 10 p.m. at The Columbia.

Read more.
Reading between the lines, does that mean that Trevor and Lorena will be guest performers on this week's Got Talent finale?

Women in magic: Joan Caesar

You can't talk about influential Canadian women in magic without talking about Joan Caesar!

Joan was probably the very first female magician I ever saw perform live.  (She was a guest performer at one of IBM Ring exchanges back in the mid 90s.)

Joan founded CAM on March 15, 1997 to allow Canada the opportunity to apply for membership to FISM.  In the year 2000, CAM was accepted as a FISM member and Canadian magicians could, for the first time, compete under the Canadian banner at FISM's World Championship of Magic.

Since 1997, Joan has lead the charge for more than 6 national conventions, been International President of IBM (2008-9) and kept a watchful eye on the publication of over 100 issues of Northern Peeks and Northern Sleights.

Thank you Joan for your contributions to the Canadian magic scene!

10 May 2012

Chris Mayhew: Scare tactics

Updated October 10, 2017 to update link to video.

This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I talked about honouring Canadian women in magic.

Watch as Ben Train sets up Chris Mayhew on Much Music's Scare Tactics.

From the Scare Tactics YouTube channel:

[h/t: @LeeAsherMagic]

Kitchener: Three ring auction!

From Ron Keller:
The Hamilton, Kitchener and London clubs decided that their ring auction while done every year could be better. Instead of the same old crowd being the same recycled magic every year, it was thought that a three ring auction would provide a better venue and give the auction some much needed freshness.

With that in mind we are having our first annual auction on Saturday, May 12th in Kitchener.  Magic to be auction will be accepted from anyone and with that in mind we are also extending an invitation for others to join this event to buy or sell magic.

We look forward to seeing you or your members for this event.

Auction sheets can be obtained by contacting me. 

Thanks, Ron

Women in magic week

This week at the Magic Castle is "women in magic" week!  What a fabulous idea!

Let's make this an international week to recognize the fantastic females out there!  Which Canadian women in magic deserve honourable recognition for their contributions to the magic community?

From NBC Los Angeles:
For women have long been master magicians in addition to playing the part of the able and quick-footed assistants. And while we're pretty sweet on vintage illusions like the box-disappearing trick, we're keen to see a magician directing the action from her place at centerstage. So when the Magic Castle hosts its first week fully devoted to women working in magic, it is time to take note.  

That week is happily upon us now. Dates? Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13. Stars of magic? Oh yes. The roster of top-notch prestidigitators includes Juliana Chen, who is a wizard with the cards, and the Duchess of Deception Joycee Beck. (We long for a cool title like that.) 

Read more.

[h/t: about.com]

09 May 2012

St. Catharines: Don't tell mom!!

From Alex Kazam's Facebook page:
Alex Kazam has been featured on MTV, he has consulted for major productions across Canada, and has performed comedy magic around the world. If you haven't seen his show live, now's your chance... 
Don't tell mom!! (A night of burlesque, comedy, music, and magic. BETA V.1.0) ‎ 
12 May at 19:00 at Mahtay Café & Lounge
Read more.

08 May 2012

Toronto: Luminato Discount Offer

From Sharing Wonder:
Magic enthusiasts: a special offer* just for you!
We are presenting Mind Over Matter with Luminato and we have just arranged a special  10% discount.

Use this link to BUY and SAVE NOW

Or, call 416-368-4849/4TIX (Password MAGICANA).

Read more.

* This is a limited time offer only. Offer is valid until 11:59PM Sunday May 20, 2012 for online sales only. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 11am – 7pm and Saturdays 11am to 3pm; the offer is only valid until 4pm on Saturday May 19, 2012.

Offer is subject to availability. Offer cannot be applied to previously purchased tickets or combined with any other offers or promotions.

07 May 2012

James Randi: The Unsinkable Rubber Duckies

From Wired:
It sometimes seems like there is a huge swath of the general public that will just believe anything — they are immune to skepticism and compelled to accept the most obvious scams. These delusions can be relatively harmless — believe in spoon-bending and perpetual motion if you must. But some fakers are very, very dangerous. At the worst end of the spectrum, in my estimation, are faith healers. They can cause real harm to the victims they parade before the rest of us — and even more to those, as I will show, whom they give false hope and ignore.

Johnny Carson and I shared several illuminating moments on The Tonight Show, the most satisfying one by far being a 1986 episode in which we revealed the blatant cheating and deception of TV evangelist Peter Popoff — the shrieking, frenetic, Bible-flaunting preacher who is still invoking invisible healing from divine sources on TV.

Read more.

[h/t: iTricks]

06 May 2012

Montréal: Ben Train and Chris Mayhew

From Grant McSorely:
Ben Train and Chris Mayhew lecture, Playing with your pack:
  • When: May 17, 2012, 7pm - 9pm
  • Where: Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Centre
                1088 Clark Street
                H2Z 1K2 
  • Price:  $20 before May 13
               $30 after
  • Payment: Paypal: Visit www.montrealmagicjam.com (coming soon!) or transfer your payment to gmcsorley@gmail.com
                   Cheque: Please make cheques payable to Grant McSorley and mail to
                                6362 Christophe Colomb
                                Montreal, Qc
                                H2S 2G7
The info will be up on our site shortly, and there is a FB event at http://on.fb.me/JwV3m8

05 May 2012

CAM Awards

With thanks to Doug Cuff from MagicInfo.ca for live tweeting the awards presentation at the convention!  (And for live tweeting the rest of the convetion too!)

Sherwood Park: Magic wands for local kids

From Sherwood Park News:

Salto Gymnastics Club is going to be using the wave of a magic wand to make people disappear with the hope of seeing some money appear in return.

The Sherwood Park gymnastics club, along with Ellerslie School, will be hosting two magic shows on Saturday to raise funds to support the organization and the school. AbracaDazzle! is performed by Richmond, B.C.-based magician John Kaplan, who has been helped community groups across Canada raise money for various projects through his magic shows for more than 25 years.

Read more.

Edmonton: Abra-Kid-Abra!

From Tix on the Square:
May 5, 2012 - 1 p.m.

Presented by Edmonton Magic Club

MAGICALLY CREATING A BETTER TOMORROW! This is what Abra-Kid-Abra is all about. From full time professionals to magic enthusiasts, the members of the Edmonton Magic Club come together each year to produce a magic extravaganza, specifically designed to raise thousands of dollars for local charities and family-based organizations.

This year, the Edmonton Magic Club is privileged to support the Youth Emergency Shelter Society. Since the 1980’s, YESS has worked with more than 20,000 kids and thousands of families. The shelter is a home where kids who have nowhere else to go can seek caring assistance in working through difficult times.

Read more and buy tickets.

Mike D’Urzo: Turning teen obsession into magical career

From York Region:
Sometimes, Mike D’Urzo wonders where he’d be if he hadn’t gone to Canada’s Wonderland that day back in 1998 as a 15-year-old kid looking for fun on a summer afternoon.
What if he hadn’t happened upon that booth where they sold magic kits?

Read more.

04 May 2012

Baltimore: Bill Abbott lecture and workshop

From Denny & Lee Magic Studio newsletter:
June 8:
The Pack Smart Play Anywhere Lecture - by Bill Abbott
"I am completely obsessive when it comes to the Pack Smart Play Anywhere lifestyle. The basic philosophy is rooted in the idea that it's better to fill a stage with personality and entertainment rather than large props and paraphernalia. I will show you, with practical examples, how to stretch and pull every ounce of entertainment out your props, your script and interaction to deliver a show that is high on impact and low on luggage. This lecture could change your opinions, your show and possibly your life."
June 9:
The Thing Workshop Intensive - by Bill Abbott
"The Thing is one of my favorite tricks of the past decade.
It's not a floating ball effect, it's a discovery of invisible life.
Well made, and a beautiful astonishing effect.”
David Regal
MAGIC Magazine
Read more.

03 May 2012

Toronto: Magic at The Annex Live

From Abracadabaret:
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012
Venue: The Annex Live | 296 Brunswick Ave

Our performers are:
  • James Alan – Magician, and generally curious character
  • Baldini – the resident magician at the Ontario Science Centre
  • Bobby Motta – star of the one mans shows Non Fiction and Headgames
  • and
  • James Harrison – Ontario’s foremost theatrical pickpocket. 
Read more and buy tickets.

02 May 2012

Vancouver: Magic and Music at the Rio Theatre

From the Langley Times:
“Until a few months ago, the only salmon I cared about was the one I put on my barbecue,” confesses magician Wes Barker.

“Does that make me a bad person?”

On Saturday, May 5, the Langley native is going to try to atone for his sins by performing in an evening of Magic and Music at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver in order to raise money for TENUK (www.tenuk.org) a non-profit organization dedicated to saving salmon in B.C. waters.

Read more.

Calgary: Ryan Pilling’s Suitcase of Wonders

From Wonder Show:
Next show: Friday May 18th, 2012
Featuring a 2000 year old trick alongside never-before-seen magical innovations, Ryan will present a variety of entertainments to delight and bedazzle*. He’ll defy impossible odds, show you curious mysteries, and you’ll laugh a whole lot along the way.

Read more and buy tickets.

Murray SawChuck's motivator

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
It was William Hung who convinced him.

"I had performed all my life at this point," says the magician billed singularly as Murray. "I'm sitting there watching this guy who can't sing," he recalls of Hung, whose 15 minutes of fame came in 2004, after an atrocious rendition of "She Bangs" on "American Idol."
"He's got 40 million people who know him now, and he's getting $30,000 for a corporate show. Here's a guy who came out of nowhere, with no talent, and he's more famous than I'll ever be at this moment."

And so was the start of Murray's realization that he needed to be a brand as well as a magician. And he needed reality TV to help him.

Read more.

[h/t: iTricks:]

01 May 2012

Rounding the Western rings in May

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- N/A
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- N/A
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- N/A
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- close-up magic with competitions for both adults and juniors
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)   - Mirth and Magic: Family oriented evening show featuring the Victoria Magic Circle’s most talented magicians.
Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Ontario rings in May

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) - joint Auction with other clubs at Kitchener
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- joint Auction with other clubs at Kitchener
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- joint Auction with other clubs at Kitchener
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians) - business meeting
- initiation shows
- open night of magic
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- lecture by Ben Train and Chris Mayhew
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club) - Will Houstoun lecture
Woodstock, ONCAM 1 (Friendly City Mystics)   - N/A
Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Eastern rings in May

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - N/A
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- N/A

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Oakville: Hey! Look Us Over!

From Inside Halton:
That’s the theme of the musical extravaganza that The Entertainers will put on stage on May 5 at the Holy Trinity School in Oakville. This annual Spring Show will feature guest performances by the 70-voice ‘Circle of Harmony’ championship ladies chorus and a rising young magician, Mark Baluk, who will also emcee the program.

Read more.