31 January 2023

Top 5 posts in January 2023

There were 38 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the five most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Ones to watch: Carisa Hendrix, Savio Joseph, and Michael Kras - We agree.  So much in store for these three!
4. Welcoming a new Friend, Ryan Edwards! - Thank you for being a personal sponsor of the blog Ryan!
3. Gwyn Auger on Episode 52 of All Access Magic - Look for Gwyn's lecture at Blackpool this year!

2. Ben and Jonah Mean Business [various: Jan 11 - Jan 20] - By all accounts, they delivered a mean lecture!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Happy 2023! - Wishing you and yours the very best that 2023 has to offer!








Rounding the Western rings in February 2023

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- N/A.
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- N/A.
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- N/A.
Fraser Valley, BCIBM Ring 387 (Fraser Valley Magic Circle, Celeste Evans Ring)- N/A.
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- N/A.
Vancouver, BCSAM 95  (Carl Hemeon Assembly)- Virtual.
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)  - N/A.

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Rounding the Central rings in February 2023

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- N/A.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- N/A.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- N/A.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (KW Magic Society)- N/A.
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- N/A.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- N/A
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)- Social meet-up.
- Members' Night and swap meet / flea market.
- Special Event - Alain Choquette Master Class.

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Rounding the Eastern rings in February 2023

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - Visit their Facebook page
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- Mentalism with balloons.

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30 January 2023

Toronto: Alan, Brown, and Mayhew at The Rec Room [Feb 3]

Tickets at Eventbrite.


From the January 28th Facebook post by Chris Mayhew:

I’ll be performing on this show at the Rec Room Toronto this upcoming Friday Feb 3rd! Come watch me and my friends tear up this awesome stage folks, I promise it will be a wild ride like usual with me 😎😈🔥 





Ontario: Nicholas Wallace presents A Work of Fiction (and Strange and Unusual) [Feb - May]

Skip to the bottom of the post to check out Nick's new web series, Strange and Unusual.


From the January 14th Instagram post by Nick Wallace:

NEW THEATRE DATES! I’m coming to a town near you!(assuming you live near one of the towns listed below).

Feb 18th - Hamilton ON
March 4th - Port Colborne ON
March 10th - Kitchener ON
May 27th - London ON

All ticket info is in the Bio. More dates coming soon. Spread the word. Hope to see you soon!






 From the January 28th Tweet by Nick Wallace:






29 January 2023

Kelvin Ng: Winner of the 2023 Fraser Valley Magic Circle - Steve Dickson memorial contest

Congratulations Kel!


From the January 14th Instagram post by Kelvin Ng:

Winning the 2023 Fraser Valley Magic Circle - Steve Dickson memorial contest feels like a million dollars! A huge thank you!🙌




28 January 2023

[Guest post] Johnny Giordmaine in the "Scattering of Seeds" documentary

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon.


Johnny Ould kindly reminds us of this link to the episode of the "Scattering of Seeds" documentary series on the life of the late, greatly beloved Canadian children's magician Johnny Giordmaine:

Watch the August 11, 2021 upload at Alfred French's YouTube channel:

Of course, should you wish to know even more about this wonderful magician, you can always check out the John Giordmaine tribute site at JohnGiordmaine.com

- The Magic Demon


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!






R. Paul Wilson on Martin Nash, "The Charming Cheat"

From the January 24th article "R. Paul Wilson On: The Charming Cheat" by R. Paul Wilson at Casino:

One thing was for sure: After a career performing thousands of live shows and countless television appearances, Martin Nash’s playing days – real or imagined – were long in the past but his performing life continued until his death in 2009.

Shortly after Martin passed, magician Bob Farmer learned – while researching another project – that Martin had helped the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to catch card cheats who had been working the lumber camps in British Columbia.

Read more.






27 January 2023

26 January 2023

Hamilton: Westfall's World Magic and Motion [Feb 17]

From the January 23rd Facebook post by IBM Ring 49:





Kitchener: Magic Comedy Juggling Variety Show - Midlife Crisis, Dead Moose Edition [Feb 8]

Tickets at Eventbrite.


From the January 6th Instagram post by JPMagic:

I'm happy to announce the lineup of the Mid Life Crisis, Dead Moose Edition. VOL 2
A Magic Comedy Juggling Variety Show.
@scottboydmagic @noah.nogueira @dynamicanick @jpmagic and also @jonthemagicguy
5 acts for $20. February 8th, 2023, at @crazy_canuck_restauranteh
Come out for a great time.





25 January 2023

Welcoming a new Friend: Aaron Matthews

Welcoming our newest Friend, Aaron Matthews!

Based in Thornhill, Aaron brings passion and high energy to all that he does.  You may remember seeing Aaron with the Canine Circus on Canada's Got Talent.  When not performing with the Canine Circus, you can find Aaron performing at Woodbine Mall, Canada's Wonderland, West Edmonton Mall, or touring with The Kill Show.  

Did you know that Aaron recently proposed to Caroline?  Congratulations to you both on your engagement!

Follow Aaron online at Facebook and Instagram or have a look at his website:  AaronMatthewsMagic.com

Thank you Aaron, for befriending Canada's Magic!   




24 January 2023

Keswick: Lawrence Larouche presents MIRACULUM Sleight of Mind [Feb 3]

Purchase tickets at the Stephen Leacock Theatre of Performing Arts.


From the January 22nd Instagram post by Majinx:

HEY GEORGINA! LET’S DO SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE TOGETHER! Join me on the 3rd of FEBRUARY at the Stephen Leacock Theatre at 7:30. MIRACULUM:Sleight Of Mind is a totally interactive performance that will have members of the audience doing strange and unexplainable things. When was the last time you did something impossible? What are you waiting for? 






23 January 2023

Montreal: Thomas Riboulet lecture [Jan 30]

From the Montreal Magic Jam (translation by Google): 

Jan 30

Thomas is a 28-year-old French magician. In 2021, he created with his two colleagues the company 3 Monkeys Publishing, a house of magic book publishing. Since then, they have published 6 magic books with artists from all over the world. They even got the invention prize magic of the year in 2021 at the French magic championships in Troyes. And since he is often afraid of getting bored, Thomas also creates tricks for magicians such as his world-renowned invisible dice forcing.

Read more and buy tickets.




22 January 2023

Renée-Claude Auclair and Pierre Hamon receive award for Event of 2022!

Félicitations Renée-Claude et Pierre!


From the January 10th Facebook post by Renée-Claude Auclair:

Pierre and I had an extraordinary evening yesterday receiving the award for the event of the year in 2022 by the Circle of Ambassadors of the City of Quebec. Thank you to all our partners and to our wonderful team of over 200 enthusiasts without whom this would not have been possible. (Description photo attached) The FISM World Magic Championship generated 5.6 million in 6 days in economic impact for our city.




ICYMI: Chris Ramsay helped Rick Smith Jr earn a Guinness World Record

From the October 18th Tweet by Bicycle Cards:

No @chrisramsay52’s were harmed in the making of @RickSmithJr1being the new unofficial Guinness World Record holder for most cards thrown within 60 seconds around the human body (56 cards within 30 cm) #CardCon2022






21 January 2023

Have you applied for the AFC Reactivation Program?

From Arts Reactivation:

The Reactivation Program provides direct financial assistance to independent and self-employed workers in the live performance sector who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and who need financial support to maintain or regain work in the sector.

This funding provides a one-time relief payment of up to $2,500 for live performance workers, including independent, self-employed and gig workers with a focus on the theatrical and technical disciplines in Canada outside of the province of Quebec. 

Read more and apply.



From the January 20th Facebook post by Keith Brown:

Do you work in live events in Canada in any capacity?

Do you know about the AFC reactivation program?

It's a grant up to $2500. It took me less than an hour to apply.

You have to prove you made 20k one year or 5k three years (not consecutively) since 2017.







20 January 2023

Toronto: Eric Woolfe in Buster Canfield Performs Eldritch Evocations [Jan 27 - 28]

From the January 17th Instagram post by Eldritch Theatre:

Buster Canfield Performs Eldritch Evocations with Cards January 27 + 28th at @redsandcastletheatre

🎟 eldritchtheatre.ca/bustercanfield (link in bio)

Step right up! A night of wry sorcery, thaumaturgy and old time marvelosity, inspired by the ghoulish wonder of the Eldritch Theatre Tarot Deck.

Miracle Monger, and mystical charlatan, Buster Canfield will astound and amaze you with a night of vintage black magic, performed entirely with playing cards and nefarious spirits drawn from the Goblin Universe for your entertainment and edification. Eleven incontrovertible miracles shall be performed before your astounded and unblinking eyes, while you giggle in gobsmacked wonder!

Bring your change purse, because you too can bring home the wonder of divination with the unique Eldritch Theatre Tarot Deck, on sale before and after the show!






19 January 2023

Thank you to our personal sponsors for January 2023!

A quick reminder of our earlier Mail as Medicine request for Katie Hunt.  If you have the time, Katie and Doug would both benefit from hearing from their friends!


Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, Ian Crawford, Matt DiSero, Doug Hunt, John Smithman, Robin Dawes, Eric Bedard, Loran, Peter Mennie, Graeme Reed, Gwyn Auger, Chris Gowen, Cam Dix, Jokers, George Blott, Noah Nogueira, and Ryan Edwards for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

You too can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

Donations of any size are always welcome.





17 January 2023

Welcoming a new Friend, Ryan Edwards! 

Welcoming our newest Friend, Ryan Edwards

Based in Brantford, Ryan performs magic, mentalism, and has consulted and/or performed for shows on NBC, the CW, Tru Tv, the Syfy Network, the Space Network, Yes TV and CHCH.

Follow Ryan online @mentalism.ca (Facebook and Instagram) or have a look at his website:  mentalism.ca

Thank you Ryan, for befriending Canada's Magic!  





16 January 2023

Magicana accepting nominations for the 2022 Allan Slaight awards

Still no sign of a category for "Best Blog Focused on Canadian Magicians Run by a Member of IBM Ring 17."  Dang.


From Magicana:

And, that means the Allan Slaight Awards are now open. These awards recognize outstanding contributions to the art of magic in five categories. The Slaight Family Foundation gives away an astonishing $50,000 per year to acknowledge shining stars, magic makers and wonder sharers, all in an effort to support and encourage this wonderful art of magic.

So, come on, magic friends…. Tell us about an exciting up-and-coming magician you know or have seen. Or, tell us about a fantastic magician who should be recognized for outstanding contributions either as a performer, or from a lifetime of contributions to magic. Maybe you saw an unbelievable performance last year? Or, did you read or learn or gain special insight from a book, podcast or streaming service? Tell us. We want to know.

To make your nomination, simply visit this Allan Slaight Awards page and fill in the blanks. 

Read more and make your nomination.






15 January 2023

Doug Henning and Transcendental Meditation

From the January 5th article "Real Magic" by Lauren Collee in The Baffler:

As a magician, Henning was loved and admired throughout his career for leading magic “away from the tuxedo approach” and reinjecting the craft with a sense of mischief and wonder. Having initially studied psychology (with an emphasis on hypnosis), he abandoned medical school to train with magic greats like Dai Vernon (“The Professor”) and Tony Slydini. By the late 1970s, Henning’s star was rising. His magic-musical theatre show Spellbound had been a Broadway hit. He performed Harry Houdini’s water-torture escape trick live on NBC for the first time since Houdini himself pulled it off, and made a live elephant disappear and then reappear onstage. He did magic for the Reagans, and designed illusions for Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire concerts.

But those who worked with Henning directly were growing frustrated with the magician’s increasingly obsessive interest in Transcendental Meditation. While preparations for his new stage show were underway, Henning would frequently pause all activity so that he could mediate for hours on end. Often he would instruct everyone else to pause and meditate too, so that the collective energy they generated together might allow him to successfully levitate in the air; a feat he hoped to perform as part of the show. Exasperated, his long-time technical director Glenn Priest walked out mid-rehearsal in 1983. Three years later, to the chagrin of his fans, Henning himself sold his illusions to David Copperfield and other magicians, and permanently quit the world of fake magic to devote himself, full-time, to the real magic of Transcendental Meditation.

Read more.