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01 April 2017

Fabulous first show with:
  • Buck MacLeod,
  • Adam Grace,
  • Atsushi Ono,
  • Aaron Fisher,
  • Eugene Burger, and
  • Michael Ammar!
(Dick mentioned Sorcerers Safari, for those of you playing Magic Convention Bingo (Bash Edition) at home.)

04 January 2017

More names announced for the 2017 Browser's Magic Bash

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From the Facebook group for the Browser's Den of Magic:

You're not alone! These artists will be with you at the 2017 Bash!
Announcing More Artists For the 2017 Browser's Magic Bash.

It's time to share even more artists with you that will spend the day with us at the 2017 Browser's Magic Bash.


Atsushi Ono
- Kyoto Konjurer -
Atsushi Ono-san's relaxed charm, sense of humor and creative approach to performing magic have made him a popular magician and entertainer in
Japan as well as Western Canada.

Aaron Fisher
- Card Conductor -
Specializing in card magic, Aaron Fisher travels the world sharing his original thoughts and energetic performances with other fellow magicians.

Rosemary Reid
- Ms. Magic -
From her humble beginnings at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp to becoming one of Canada's leading female magicians, Rosemary is going to answer the
one question she's been asked most often throughout her career. Can you guess what it is?

Adam Grace
- Renaissance Man -
Adam Grace, a profesional magician, musician, actor, speaker, writer and producer, tours the world sharing his love for all performing arts. He plans to
spend the entire day with us.

Also including:
- Michael Ammar
- Silly Billy
- Chris Mysterion & Steffi Kay
- Dick Joiner
- Buck Macleod
- Luiz Castro
- Keith Brown
- Scott Hammell

REGISTER NOW - Be A Part Of The 2017 Bash Experience

We hope you'll join us. It's unlike any other magic event around. You're going to love it! Book your ticket today by clicking the button above.

See you at the Bash on Saturday, April 1st, 2017!

Magical Hugs,
Jeff Pinsky, John Talbot, & Lee Asher
(Your faithful Browser's Magic Bash team)