31 December 2022

In memoriam 2022

Remembering those who have passed this year.  Through your passion and spirit you have helped shape the magic community in Canada and around the world.  Thank you.


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Top 5 posts in December 2022

There were 30 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Because the top two posts are about the same subject, this month we present the six most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

6. Congratulations to Colin Geddes, executive producer on Mad God! - We're rooting for you Colin!  *fingers crossed* we see Mad God in the list of finalists at the Oscars!
5. Rosemary Reid in episode 95 of Shezam with Kayla Drescher - Congratulations to Rosemary Reid and Lee Asher for their success with the Sisterhood deck Kickstarter!
4. Ring 17: Daily Bread Food Bank virtual fundraiser [Dec 19] - Well done Ring 17 for raising over $1200 for Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank.  You can still watch their virtual fundraiser show and donate at IBMRing17.com/show
3. Random thoughts about "Champions of Magic" 2022 - Catch them if you can!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. (and 2.) Vote now for the 2022 Readers' Choice Award (2022 Readers' Choice award results )  - Congratulations again to all of the fabulous nominees!  Keep up the great work!








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30 December 2022

Shazam! Graemazing on CHCH Morning Live

From the December 30th Instagram post by CHCH Morning Live:

To help us ring in the new year we welcomed our friend @graemazing to dazzle & amaze us with his Level 7 Wizardry.





Shawn Farquhar made New Westminster better in 2022

From the December 25th article "Presenting ... the 12 Good Folks of Christmas in New West" by Julie MacLellan in the New Westminster Record

Shawn Farquhar: The affable, fast-talking Shawn makes life in New West more magical – quite literally. A two-time world champion of magic, Shawn serves up his world-class sleight of hand at the unique Hidden Wonders Speakeasy Magic Experience, tucked away in a secret location in downtown New Westminster. It’s a gem that draws people from all around the region into our city. And Shawn himself? Well, he’s an all-around good guy – just ask the folks he saved from a devastating apartment fire once upon a time in New Westminster. He spoke to reporter Julie MacLellan in June.

Read more.

* From the June 8th article "There's magic hidden in the heart of New Westminster" by Julie MacLellan in the New Westminster Record

Farquhar, who lives in Maple Ridge, has a longstanding connection to New Westminster. He first lived in the community in the 1980s and built his career as a magician here, making the pages of the Royal City Record on numerous occasions. New Westminster’s own icon of magic, Leon Mandrake, a.k.a. Mandrake the Magician, is one of Farquhar’s heroes and mentors in magic.

Read more.

29 December 2022

2022 Readers' Choice award results

Reader's Choice logo 

Thank you to those who participated in the spirit in which the awards were intended:

a fun way to recognize and celebrate all of the wonderful things being done by the fabulous talent in our country!

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to nominate and to vote.  

A special thank you to those who left comments articulating how the nominees inspire others within the magic community.  Peer recognition is a tremendous gift.

This year brought out some of the best in the community.  We won't name names because we weren't organized enough to ask for permission, but here are some of the heart-warming and fabulous behaviours we saw:

  • Upon accepting their nomination, at least one nominee immediately made a nomination of their own.

  • At least one of the nominees, when spreading the word about the voting, focused on the fact that this event was set up with the intent of recognizing those who inspire others in the magic community.  And then they encouraged their followers to read about all of the nominees.

  • At least three of the nominees showed their support for nominees other than themselves on social media.


Bravo!  This type of behaviour is at the heart of what makes the Canadian magic community wonderful!

Paraphrasing one of our readers, 

The real award is the friends we made along the way.



Some general comments that were left included:

  • "Nice to see you supporting the Canadian scene."
      - Thank you very much for noticing!

  • "Everyone is a winner" and "So many truly deserving of recognition. Thanks for shining a light on all of them!"
      - Excellent observations!  We hope that our readers respond accordingly when the Allan Slaight Award nominations open in the New Year.

  • "Thank you, as always, for being a hub of the Canadian magic community!"
      - Awww.  Thank YOU for being such an awesome part of the the community! 

Congratulations again to all of the fabulous nominees! 
Keep up the great work! 


Here are the results of our seventh annual "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!


Beacons of Inspiration (in alphabetical order by surname)

2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Scott Baird

Scott Baird

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"For his success with The Hermit Magic Magazine."

Website:  HermitMagic.com


Comments from Scott's fans include:
His monthly magazine is wonderful! Quantity is easy, but quality is really difficult. He did great job.


2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Dave Curran

Dave Curran
Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"I hate voting against myself… but I’m going with Dave Curran! Jokers is an incredible new addition to the Canadian magic scene!"

Website:  Jokers.ca, DaveCurranLive.com


Comments from Dave's fans include:
Opening Jokers has done tons for magic.
His the best ever seen
- And we love JOKERS
- There are a lot of people who have had great PERSONAL years - but Dave creates a space that provides ALL OF US with a place to see and share magic. In January alone he has MULTIPLE magic shows happening with different artists. I can’t wait to see how our scene changes now that jokers exists!

And favourite gifts to give?
- Time
- Donation for the charity
- Hugs


2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Colin Geddes


Colin Geddes

Nominated by L7W who wrote:
"To have the ability to inspire others is an incredible gift. I nominate Colin Geddes as the inspirational magician of the year. Magic shows others that the impossible can be real; the challenge can be overcome.

"Magic is meant to be inspirational, unlock challenges and make the problematic disappear. It's rare to find a magician willing to zoom out, remove their ego and give themselves to others out of passion and dedication.

"Colin is a magician who embraces those in the spotlight, educates the willing and uplifts the magicians who might have lost their way. As an observer of the Canadian magic industry, you cannot find a more authentic and passionate magician than Colin."

Websites:  Ultra8.ca, learn more about Colin in his brief bio at Canada's Magic.

Comments from Colin's fans include:
I choose Colin because I think it's important to sometimes recognize those who contribute to the history and traditions of magic in areas other than the classical, i.e. the stage, or the club, or even the large auditoriums where the biggest stars perform.

And favourite gifts to give?
- For the magician in my life? A gift certificate to Browser’s Den!
- Books.
- the gift of astonishment


2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Chris Gowen

Chris Gowen

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"For his monthly public shows at the Rec Room."

Website:  ChrisGowen.ca



2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Ryan Michael

Ryan Michael

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"Because he kicked some major butt at PCAM - stage magician AND mentalist of the year!"

Websites:  RyanMichaelMagic.com


2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Kelvin Ng

Kelvin Ng
Nominated by Anonymous who wrote.
"For his incredible dedication and openness to learn, progress and drive himself every day. Great magician, even better friend."

Website:  KelModernMagic.com



2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Ryan Pilling

Ryan Pilling

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"For continuously creating quality magic and tricks. Giving out more golden magic tips and asking nothing in return."

Websites:  MagicTipsAndTricks.com, WowRyan.com, learn more about Ryan in his brief bio at Canada's Magic.

Comments from Ryan's fans include:
Ryan is so creative and very helpful to everybody regardless of whether they are a new magician or a long time Magician.
- Ryan is so willing to share ideas, and sometimes, just enough to get you thinking to make any such effect your own. 
- He tirelessly works to assist others with tech with shows and/or lectures.

And favourite gifts to give?
- My favorite gift to Magician is a book
- Knowledge
- an experience. memories over things i think
- Time


2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Jason Verners

Jason Verners
Nominated by by Anonymous who wrote:
"For his monthly appearances on local news and his sold out run of shows with Ecologist."

Website:  JasonVerners.com

Comments from Jason's fans include:
amazing young magician, best in the world even!
- Jason has unbelievable Charisma
- Amazing talent, so personable and respectful. Children and adults beam when they watch him perform.

And favourite gifts to give?
- Exotic Animals


2022 Beacon of Inspiration: Trevor and Lorena Watters


Trevor and Lorena Watters

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"For their sense of humour, but seriousness in the art and making the best of every situation. True performers."

Website:  TrevorAndLorenaShow.com


Comments from Trevor and Lorena's fans include:
Awesome people and amazing act!!


 Editor's Choice

2022 Editor's Choice: Shawn Farquhar

Shawn Farquhar
Nominated by by Anonymous who wrote:
"There is no finer example of Canada’s most inspirational magician than our very own Canadian legend Shawn Farquhar.

"This  two-time world champion continues to be one of North America’s most dedicated and generous magicians today, singlehandedly responsible for countless new magicians every year through his work as Past International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, "Shawn has been instrumental in creating entire new Rings and magic clubs around the world - inspired by his radiant love of magic and genuine desire to help others achieve greatness.

"Furthermore, through the Covid pandemic Shawn built his hit show “Hidden Wonders Speakeasy Magic Experience” creating employment opportunities and support for his young magician hosts, and bringing world class magic to the community when families were ready to remember what live entertainment could and should really be. Now in its 2nd year at its hidden speakeasy location, these sold out shows having generated a buzz throughout the Vancouver area, bringing it to the top 10% of TripAdvisor  experiences and among the most distinguished tourism activities in the province. When magic succeeds, so do we all.

"To all those who know him, Shawn is an ever-burning light of inspiration. Our magic communities, artistic achievements, and mental health are elevated by Shawn’s inspiring creativity and philanthropy. If you have ever had the joy of talking magic with Shawn, it is likely he already has your vote. It is impossible to miss his trademark energy and passion for the magical life that makes him one of the finest ambassadors of magic Canada could hope for."

Website:  MagiChampion.com, HiddenWonders.show


Comments from Shawn's fans include:
Shawn has touched so many lives with his magic. There are a number of great nominees here but no one here has done more for Canadians (both magicians and the general public) than Shawn Farquhar.
- True Canadian Legend, I'm honoured to know him.
- One of my favorite magicians of all time!
- Well-deserved!
- Shawn’s just the very best
- I have been a magician for 48 years. Shawn has been one of the most inspirational friends in magic. I met Shawn when I was a young magician in Las Vegas. I deeply admire his tenacity in the field of magic.
- An amazing contributor to the magic community!
- Farquhar should be an ambassador for Canada.

And favourite gifts to give?
- A balloon or a magic trick to a complete stranger.
- This year I am gifting custom decks of cards from Hidden Wonders along with a beginner (almost self working) card trick for the kids.
- Time
- chocolate!
- The gift of Magic
- A memorable experience
- Smiles
- Knowledge
- Hidden Wonders tickets





Readers' Choice


2022 Readers' Choice: Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"For changing the way people see mentalism in Canada. Putting on a variety of shows rather than one standard and really showcasing magic in a great light."

Website:  Mentalism.ca


Comments from Ryan's fans include:
- Not only is he an amazing performer but cares a great deal about others around him in business and connections who turn into dear life long friends!  His consistent genuine personality, professionalism, ambition, doing right by others, and follow through is a refreshing quality lost in many performers today. We couldn’t be more humbled to have him included in our business and personal lives as a forever friend.
- Ryan is really making strides in the magic/mentalism community - from creating new shows to consulting for other magicians he is always pushing what a mentalist can do!
- Ryan's podcast, shows and work are always exceptional.
- I've performed magic aside him, watched him perform on stage and have gotten to know him personally. I have to say, both a well rounded human being and a very entertaining performer.
10/10 in my books 🌟 
- Ryan has always been so generous, even when he was up and coming, he did shows for our church youth group Christmas banquet!

And favourite gifts to give?
- Thank You cards
- Experiences! Like a gift card to a fancy restaurant that your friend wouldn’t go to on their own or a spa day!
- A sense of wonder
- Time
- Encouraging vibes of love and happiness
- Ugly Christmas sweaters
- Love
- Starbucks gc’s… everyone loves coffee!
- Deck of matte Black Cards
- Scratch ticket.
- Happiness


28 December 2022

ICYMI: Chris Ramsay in Inked

From the June 8th article "Magician Chris Ramsay on finding magic, making it big on YouTube and appearing opposite Chris Rock in 'Spiral'" by Devon Preston in Inked:

But, one of his biggest puzzles to date took place in the 2021 film “Spiral,” where he portrayed a drug dealer caught in a Jigsaw copycat’s trap. “Darren Lynn Bousman, who was the director of this film and ‘Saw II,’ ‘Saw III’ and ‘Saw IV,’ is fan of magic and hit me up on email being like, ‘Hey man, I’m a big fan and I would love to kill you in one of my movies,’” Ramsay says. “In between takes, Darren would come up to me and be like, ‘Hey, I’m working on this, how do you think it looks?’ He’d just finished a scene with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, but he wouldn’t care and would ask me how a card trick looked. I would definitely do it again, and my character doesn’t die. I think he’s the only one who survived.”

Read more.





27 December 2022

ICYMI: Plaque rededication on the 100th anniversary of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

On June 6th, Dean Gunnarson participated in a rededication of a plaque at the building where it all started over 100 years ago.


From the June 5th article, "Winnipeg still a magic city 100 years after international organization’s founding" by Sam Thompson at Global News

Internationally-known illusionist and comedy magician Brian Glow says the brotherhood, which is the largest organization of magicians in the world, was founded in Winnipeg in 1922.

The city’s long history of magic — which includes a 1923 performance by the legendary Harry Houdini, who escaped from a straightjacket 30 feet above a downtown building — is largely due to its geographic location.


Although the brotherhood became so popular that it moved to the U.S. less than a decade after its founding, Gunnarson said the city has a long history of famed magicians to this day — from himself and Glow to the likes of Doug Henning, Darcy Oake, and Greg Wood.

“Sometimes we don’t appreciate things in our own backyard… and Winnipeg has such a vibrant, rich history of politicians, entertainers — and of course magic,” Gunnarson said.

Read more.


From the June 6th article "'The magic city': 100th anniversary of International Brotherhood of Magicians marked in Winnipeg, where it all started" by Devon McKendrick at CTV News Winnipeg:

IBM was started by three magicians, including Len Vintus, who is from Transcona, in 1922, and now the organization has around 15,000 members with local groups in more than 88 countries.

"He created the world's largest magic organization with no computer, no smartphone, no fax machine, all with a typewriter and a mimeograph machine," said Dean Gunnarson, who is a Winnipeg escape artist.

The IBM was created to connect magicians who lived outside major cities and were unable to attend magic club meetings.

"(Vintus) promoted magic, the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba. He was a real ambassador for this city and province and, of course, magic."

Read more.

From the June 29th article "World’s largest magic club celebrates 100th anniversary, Winnipeg roots" by Cody Sellar in the Free Press Community Review:

To celebrate the anniversary, local members held a ceremony at the original headquarters on June 6, recreating the unveiling of the 1986 historical building plaque by setting the veil ablaze.

Transconian Melvin McMullen, better known by the stage name Len Vintus, founded the organization in 1922 at the age of 19. He rented an office on the seventh floor of the building at Main Street and William Avenue and set to work.

“He was absolutely driven. Wore a suit and tie and vest every day of his life that I knew him, until he went to the hospital with a stroke,” said Dean Gunnarson, a Winnipeg escape artist who became friends with McMullen until his death in 1999.


The Winnipeg ring has now morphed into the Magic Club of Winnipeg, run in part by brotherhood member Carey Lauder. He’s helped teach a host of young magicians, including Darcy Oake. He said for some kids, magic provides a crucial confidence boost.

“It’s like kid Toastmasters,” he said, citing parents who told him their children gained the self-assurance to speak up in class and other such things.

Lauder, who also works at the magic counter at Toad Hall Toys, said McMullen’s legacy is a point of pride for the Winnipeg magic community.


Gunnarson said his tombstone is carved in the shape of the province and inscribed with the title: “Mr. Manitoba.”

Read more.

26 December 2022

IBM Teen Tuesday virtual jam with Shawn Farquhar hosted by Gabriella Lester [Jan 3]

From the December 22nd Instagram post by the IBM:

Calling all young magicians🙌

Come join the first ever IBM Teen Tuesday virtual jam. For those of you that love magic, or want a chance to connect with other young magicians ALL over the world, this is your chance!!

When ⏰
January 3rd 2023

Where 📍
Online via Zoom

Who 👤
Teens who love magic

Special guest✨
Shawn Farquhar

Hosted by🪄
Gabriella Lester




25 December 2022

ICYMI: David Acer hosts the Happy Pawlidays Virtual Show

Plus a little bonus fun from the December 20th Facebook post by David Acer:

Fun trick with a bulb you can pluck off a nearby tree OR A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE?!? You decide.

This is from my book "More Power to You," which I will soon re-release one page at a time on TikTok.




From the December 13th Facebook post by David Acer

I tried to kick off this digital holiday special for The Official SuperDogs with some decorum but no such luck... Writing it was a blast and a phenomenal team of trainers came together to make it one of the cutest, sweetest holiday celebrations you'll ever see. If you like dogs this is a no-brainer—grab some eggnog and watch the full 17-minute special here:

From the December 19, 2020 upload on the Official SuperDogs YouTube channel:

Join The President's Choice SuperDogs for their magical, musical holiday celebration, "Happy Pawlidays."



24 December 2022

Connie Boyd talks about Rosemary Reid

From the December 22nd upload "1st Female Magician EVER on Breakfast Television | Rosemary Reid" on the Magical Women with Connie Boyd YouTube channel:

1st Female Magician EVER to appear on Breakfast Television National Canadian News  - Citytv | Rosemary Reid  
In this clip, Toronto female magician Rosemary Reid appears on National Canadian news to promote the SISTERHOOD Deck of playing cards.  

Read more.





23 December 2022

Niagara Falls: Mega Magic [Dec 26 - Jan 7 (excl Dec. 31)]

From the December 22nd Instagram post by Mike D'Urzo:

BIG Announcement...
Been very excited to share this news. Mega Magic is returning to Niagara Falls from December 26- January 7 (Excluding Dec. 31). Shows run NIGHTLY at 8:00 pm at the @sheratonfallsview. Couldn't be happier to bring the show home for the holidays!



22 December 2022

Markham: Canine Circus [Jan 7]

From the December 19th Instagram post by the Canine Circus:

You’ve seen us on your TV but now it’s time to bring our furry four-legged friends to you LIVE in person for ONE DAY ONLY 🎪

Featuring World Champions, Stars from America’s Got Talent and Canada’s Got Talent, Multi-Guinness World Record Holders and most in demand family Illusionists ✨


January 7th





21 December 2022

Toronto: Lectures by Train & Babins [Jan 15], Lewis [Jan 28], Hinchliffe [Feb 18], and Hood [Feb 25]

At The Browser's Den of magic:

  • Ben & Jonah's Lecture  [Jan 15]
  • Mark Lewis  [Jan 28]
  • Jeff Hinchliffe [Feb 18]
  • Scott Hood [Feb 25]


From the December 18th Facebook post by The Browser's Den of Magic:

Buy Two Get Two Free, Upcoming Lectures!
Read details the newsletter and buy tickets.



20 December 2022

Corner Brook: Wes Barker [Jan 14]

From the December 16th Instagram post by the GCSU Backlot:

We are proud to announce that renowned Magician Wes Barker will be returning to The Backlot on Saturday January 14!

Stay tuned after the holiday break for information with tickets!




19 December 2022

Vancouver: The Parlour Magic Holiday Show [Dec 21]

Get your tickets at do 604:


From the Decmember 17th Instagram post by Parlour Magic Show:

Dec 21! Get tix to the late show, click the bio link. The early show already sold out! It's our FIRST EVER HOLIDAY SPECIAL! See you at @havanatheatre .



17 December 2022

Ring 17: Daily Bread Food Bank virtual fundraiser [Dec 19]

The link to donate is already up at the Ring 17 website.


From the December 14th Instagram post by Ring 17:

The broadcast of our virtual fundraiser is Monday, December 19 at 8:00 pm Eastern.

Thanks to all of our members who contributed videos. We can’t wait to share your performances with everyone. Remember the show is free to watch so feel free to share the show with family and friends. All of the information, and the embedded video will be available at ibmring17.com/show.

Donations are currently being accepted through the Daily Bread Food Bank’s website. Donations over $10 automatically receive a tax receipt.