30 September 2011

Keith Brown: Magic Wednesday

From the Magic Wednesday Facebook page:
You’re invited to an evening of magic and mind reading with Keith Brown. This is not your typical series of tricks but rather the fusion of mystery, wonder and imagination in an intimate and interactive theatre setting.

Where: Communications building, Hj-Aulan
When: October 5th @ 5pm (17:00)

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29 September 2011

Canada’s Got Talent: Live Theatre Audition Tour Schedule

From TV-eh.com:
Canada’s Got Talent: Live Theatre Audition Tour Schedule*
  • Calgary, October 18 & 19, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
  • Vancouver, November 9 & 10, The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts
  • Toronto, December 3, 4 & 5, John W. H. Bassett Theatre (Metro Toronto Convention Centre)
  • Winnipeg, December 13 & 14, Pantages Playhouse Theatre
  • Halifax, January 5 & 6, Rebecca Cohn Auditorium (Dalhousie University Arts Centre)
  • Montreal, January 11 & 12, Théâtre Outremont
    *all venues are subject to change
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Keep an eye out for your favourite Canadian magician!  If you auditioned or know of someone who auditioned, please add them to the list on our Facebook page.

28 September 2011

Dai Vernon's quest for the "center deal"

From the Magic News Wire:
Dai Vernon, considered among the most influential magicians of the 20th century, could do just about any trick that called for sleight of hand. He was obsessed with learning the secrets of crooked card dealers. But there was one move he couldn't master.

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Vernon was on the cover of Genii in May 1989.

27 September 2011

Murray Hatfield and Teresa: Magic 'n' Miracles tour

The schedule is up for Murray Hatfield's Magic 'n Miracles tour!  Looks like they're starting in Etobicoke, Ontario in November.
Not only will you get to see some amazing magic, you'll be supporting some deserving charities.  Also on the Hatfield tour are Darcy Oake, Eric Buss and Mickey O'Connor.

Schedule and ticket information at the Magic 'n Miracles website.

26 September 2011

Review: Browser's Den auction

From ChasingDoveTails.com:
Yesterday (Sunday) was a hell of a day! Magicians poured into the new location of The Browser’s Den of Magic for an unexpected and unbelievable 5 hour long auction of magic props, DVDs, tricks, and my favorite, BOOKS!

When you put so many magicians or I suppose any group of people with a similar passion in the same room sparks are bound to fly. The most interesting thing about this whole ordeal was not the bidding wars, but the apparent abundance or lack of information about the items up for bids.

Read more of Shane's review.

25 September 2011

Review of the Nathan Kranzo lecture at Browser's Den

Go on over to Magic by Merlin to read about the Nathan Kranzo lecture at Browser's Den earlier this month.
Nathan Kranzo is arguably one of the finest young magicians around today.  His magic is high impact, his presentations are hilarious and entertaining, and his personality is both charming and engaging.  To see him perform is a real treat, and even when you know how he does it, you are still fooled and amazed.

Read more.
[h/t: @ErdnaseinTO]

24 September 2011

Niagara College Welland Campus: Alex Kazam

From the Facebook Page "ComicaZi" "DrinK, LaugH & PlaY!" *ALL AGES!*:
Hey guys, there is going to be an AMAZING show going on in the niagara college welland campus pub! Its called Comicazi and its going to feature some awesome local stand up talent, an amazing headliner and an improv show! The show is absolutely free and its going on from 7-9pm on Tuesday October 4th!

Headliner is ALEX KAZAM a hilariously refreshing modern comedic magician! His act is as mesmerizing as it is hilarious.

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For more information, visit "ComicaZi" "DrinK, LaugH & PlaY!" *ALL AGES!*

22 September 2011

Sheldon Casavant: Edmonton's sizzling 20 Under 30

Read about Sheldon Casavant in Edmontonians Fall 2011. He was selected as one of their 2011 Sizzling 20 Under 30!

Well done Sheldon!

20 September 2011

Alex Kazam on ThatChannel

From ThatChannel show listings:
Hugh Reilly and Stu Hay speak with: Jason Quitt from thecrystalsun.com on sacred geometry, biogeometry, the Egyptian Postures of Power - an ancient system of personal energy healing used by the Pharoahs; witty magician Alex Kazam tells us of his unicycle trip to NYC, Letterman, and performs several funny illusions; Amos Tayts, founder of ResumeTarget.ca discusses the new approaches everyone needs to find a job or find leverage in your current job.

Watch video below:

19 September 2011

Paul Wildbaum: Movement Comedy Workshop

From the Facebook Page:
This class focuses on developing physical comedy. You will discover the natural comedic impulses within you by working through commedia, mime and clown style improvisational exercises. (All the “Mime” you'll ever need to know.)

The workshop helps you explore spontaneity, timing and the basic fundamentals of physical comedy. Drawing from the traditions of LeCoq, Pochinko, Polivka, Carlos Climente and other masters, I have created a 1 day 8 hour developmental intensive. You will find that this workshop is beneficial to performers and teachers of all levels of experience.

Read more.

The workshop will be held at:
Studio G at the Centre of Gravity
133 Gerrard St E., Toronto
10am-6:30pm Sunday September 25th.

Visit the Facebook page to for prices, registration information or to confirm details.

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

17 September 2011

Toronto: Mind Kontrol with Mike D'Urzo

From the Facebook page "Z103.5 presents Mind Kontrol- Mike D'Urzo's Live Show!":
After last year’s sold out show, Mind Kontrol is returning with an exclusive 5 SHOWS from OCT 20-23! An evening of Magic and Mentalism with International Award Winning Magician Mike D'Urzo! Mike was nominated for 2011 "Entertainer of the Year" by the Canadian Event Industry Awards!

The shows will be held at the Al Green Theatre in Toronto at 750 Spadina Ave (Corner of Bloor & Spadina). Here are the dates & show times…

Thursday October 20 @ 8:00 pm (Mike's Birthday!)
Friday October 21 @ 8:00 pm
Saturday October 22 @ 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Sunday October 23 @ 2:00 pm
Visit the page to find out which night David Merry and Magic Mike Segal will be appearing as special guests!

For more information or to purchase tickets, go online at http://www.megamagic.ca/ or call TicketWeb at 1-888-222-6608.

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

15 September 2011

CAM convention photo

From the CAM website:
The photo from the CAM combined convention with the PCAM is now available for free download and printing!
That's right, you can have a wonderful souvenir of this event for FREE!

Go to the post "FREE convention photo" to download your copy of the photo.

Don't forget Shawn's membership challenge of increasing CAM membership by 100 members over the next three years. Visit CAMmagic.org to learn more about the association or for information about membership rates.

14 September 2011

Hull: Greg Frewin's Beyond Belief

Greg Frewin will be bringing his show "Beyond Belief Magic" to Hull, Québec on October 28th and 29th.

From Casinos du Québec:
World Class Magician and Illusionist Greg Frewin will be featured in his live Las Vegas Style Magic Revue at the Lac -Leamy. Greg invites his audience to experience the mystery and art of illusion in this live friendly show, which includes rare and majestic tigers, exotic birds, beautiful showgirls and incredible illusions that continue to amaze audiences.

Read more.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Casinos du Québec.

[h/t: @Johnferrara00]

13 September 2011

Vancouver: Houdini's Last Escape in the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Mounted this summer at the Calgary Fringe Festival and named “best of the fest” at the Winnipeg Fringe this year, "Housdini's Last Escape" can now be seen at the Vancouver Fringe Festival until September 18.

Read more about this year's Vancouver Fringe in The Province article "Vancouver Fringe Festival's affordable, original art".

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Vancouver Fringe website.

12 September 2011

Whitby: The Amazing Kreskin

The Amazing Kreskin will be appearing at Class Act Dinner Theatre on Sunday, October16, 2011.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the website of Class Act Dinner Theatre.

11 September 2011

Make Believe

Edited September 11 to add:
Canadians interested in purchasing the Make Believe DVD, cards or posters can contact Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp.  These items are currently available for purchase.

The magic documentary "Make Believe" wil be available on DVD September 20th.  This DVD includes  footage of campers and staff from Canada's very own Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp!

From the Make Believe website:

Make Believe follows six of the world's best young magicians as they pursue the title of Teen World Champion and lead us on their personal journeys of transformation through magic.
A coming of age journey set in the quirky subculture of magic,

For more information, or to purchase your DVD, visit MakeBeleiveFilm.com.

[h/t: iTricks.com]

10 September 2011

Congratulations Eric Simmatis!

Last month the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club (Toronto, IBM Ring 17) donated a free Ring 17 youth membership to an attendee at Sorcerers Safari magic camp.  Congratulations to camper Eric Simmatis, age 17, who was awarded the Ring 17 membership!  Eric, we look forward to seeing you at future Ring 17 meetings.

Shout out to Sorcerers Safari and Ring 17 for their efforts toward nurturing the next generation of magicians. 

09 September 2011

Whitby: David Merry at Class Act Dinner Theatre

David Merry is appearing as a special guest with Jimmie J.J Walker at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby tonight and tomorrow.

From David's website:
Dave has just announced he has purchased an interest in Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, Ontario.
The "David Merry Comedy Presents...." series has just been launched at Class Act having just booked sound effects guru Michael Winslow from the Police Academy movies Sept 7th,  Dave will be the opening act for him and friend "Kid Dynomite" Jimmie "JJ" Walker Sept 9,10 and the godfather of Canadian Stand Up Mike MacDonald takes the stage Sept 16. Headline comic Greg Morton visits Nov 3rd considered the "Best Closer in the Business".  
For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the website of Class Act Dinner Theatre.

Toronto: Doc Wutherglooms Haunted Medicine Show

According to this Facebook page, "Doc Wutherglooms Haunted Medicine Show" is back in Toronto in October.  Created by Eric Woolfe and directed  by Christine Brubaker, the show features a 142 year old travelling exorcist, his cabal of chilling puppets and a cavalcade of dark parlour magic!  Magical consultation for the show was provided by Magic Mike Segal.

A mini-review of an earlier run of the show can be found at Dark Lord Bunnykin's Blog.

08 September 2011

Links for 2011-Sep-08

06 September 2011

Penn and Teller respond

Here are Penn and Teller's twitter reactions upon seeing the Sorcerers Safari lip dub posted yesterday:

@canadasmagic This is so wonderful. It made me cry. But, that's the kind of guy I'm.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Things that are sweet and joyful often leave me choked up and teary-eyed. Penn sent me this magic camp lip dub: http://t.co/NixvAqgless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

05 September 2011

Sorcerer's Safari lip dub!

For the first time ever, the campers and crew at Sorcerers Safari did a lip dub at camp last week.  It was orchestrated by Trevor Watters and Mark Baluk, filmed by Mark Baluk.  Looks like they had a bunch of fun!

I spotted cameos by:  Chad Juros, Magic Mike, Mike D'Urzo, Lee Asher, Wayne Houchin, David Mitchell, Dan Wiebe, Dick Joiner, Ben Train, Eric Leclerc, Steven Kline, Jennifer Segal, Christina Galonska and  Carey Lauder.  The stars of the show are of course all of the enthusiastic and talented campers!

Did I miss anyone?

04 September 2011

Ridgeway: Magic for Autism!

Last month, Anthony Lindan organized an event called "Magic for Autism" in Ridgeway, Ontario in support of the Niagara Chapter of Autism Ontario.  Anthony, along with Shaun Fergus, Alex Kazam and Bill Abbott peformed table magic for the patrons at Ridgeway’s restaurant.

Watch Anthony talk about the event in this YouTube video:

View the TV Cogeco Ontario coverage of the event on YouTube:

Read about the initiative on Inside Magic.

To lend your support Anthony's cause, visit the Autism Ontario Niagara Region website and volunteer or donate.

[h/t: @wittymagic]

02 September 2011

RBO: Sorcerers Safari magic camp

[Last edited Sept 4 to include Lecleric Show episode for Sept 4, The Magic Broadcast for Sept 3.]

Random bullets of my 24 hours at Sorcerers Safari magic camp:
  • fabulous location, beautiful scenery
  • newbies (campers and guests alike) are quickly brought into the fold and made to feel at home
  • the magic camp instructors and counsellors and organizers are all genuinely nice, helpful and down to earth
  • an environment is created that is super kid and family friendly
  • the campers are a bunch of great kids
  • magic, magic, magic, magic, magic, magic, magic
  • caught a fabulous stage show with Magic Mike, Eric Jones, Greg Frewin, Craig Douglas, closed by Trevor and Lorena
  • Greg Frewin had me select a card and then he pulled it out of Wayne Houchin's mouth!  Cool! 
       (And a little bit ewwww.)
  • special thanks to the girls' cabin and cabins 2 and 3 for letting me interrogate them during their meals
  • the food is yummy
  • Dick Joiner, Eric Leclerc, Jeff Hinchliffe, Steven Kline, Lee Asher, Janice Biehn, Marc Chalmers, Mike D’Urzo, Lori Farquhar, Shawn Farquhar, Fran Houchin, Chad Juros, Carey Lauder, Chris Pilsworth, Ben Train, Dan Wiebe, David Mitchell, Carey Lauder, Stephanie Botamer, Christina Galonska and especially Jennifer Segal (apologies in advance if I've omitted you!)
  • did I mention the magic?
  • Jennifer and Mike are wonderful hosts
  • I wish I didn't have to leave
  • I hope I will have an opportunity to return to Sorcerers Safari

Want to get your own taste of Sorcerers Safari but can't wait until next year?  Have a listen at TheMagicBroadcast.com:

Or you could also watch Lecleric Show episodes filmed on location:

Magicians in moustaches

And now for something completely different ....

Have you ever wanted to see Greg Frewin, Shawn Farquhar or Juliana Chen in a moustache?  Get yourself over to MagiciansInMoustaches.com.

From the Magicians in moustaches website:
Welcome to Magicians In Moustaches, a collection of photographs featuring prestidigitators in facial furniture.

THE WHERE - These pictures were taken at the Blackpool Magic Convention (along with some from other magical gatherings) by erstwhile stage manager Russ Brown, with help from Tony Stevens, Juan Tirado and others too numerous to mention.

Read more.

If you want direct links to the Canadians with facial hair, here you go:  Greg, Shawn and Juliana.

01 September 2011

CAM membership challenge

Shawn Farquhar, current president of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM), has asked for the help of Canadian magicians everywhere.  He has a goal of increasing the membership by 100 members over the next three years.

For those of you uninitiated,  CAM was founded on March 15, 1997 by Joan Caesar.  The creation of CAM as our national magic representative allowed us to apply for membership to FISM.  In the year 2000, CAM was accepted as a FISM member and Canadian magicians could, for the first time compete under the Canadian banner at FISM's World Championship of Magic.

CAM also hosts CAMaraderie, a now yearly national magic convention.  The next convention will take place in Hamilton, Ontario in early May.

Visit CAMmagic.org to learn more about the association or for information about membership rates.