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02 June 2019

"Without him I wouldn't have married your mother"

Many magicians inspire others to start on their own magical journey.  Often, they are told about the spark they've lit in others.

Kurt Fuerniss has allowed me to share with you a story about his profound impact on the lives of three others!

From Kurt's May 27th post in the Facebook group of the Magic Circle of Saint John:
I was doing some balloon art yesterday at Rockwood Park for a cystic fibrosis walk. There was a little girl who was about three or four with her father. I was in the middle of making a mermaid balloon for her when her father told her and the crowd around us a story.
He pointed at me and told his daughter "You see that man right there? Without him I wouldn't have married your mother."
The little girl's eyes went huge and replied "whaaat???"
He then proceeded to tell everyone that about 7 years ago I was performing a magic show at the very park we were in. He was friends with the father and his future wife was friends with the mother of the birthday kid. I was doing my escape routine and I invited the two of them up to assist me. They didn't know each other at the time.
I made a passing joke when I gave them the ropes and asked the two of them to "Please tie the knot" for me. He said "I noticed your mother was blushing when the magician made that joke so when we sat down I asked her out on a date. Two years later we were married and the next year you were born." Then he turned around and shook my hand and said "Thank you."

It's amazing to think how what we do can impact someone's life so profoundly.