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27 July 2017

ReginaCadabra in the CBC

From the CBC:
Doug Arden has been waiting nearly 20 years to be a part of a magic festival in Regina, and this weekend he'll lift the curtain on his long-awaited performance.

ReginaCadabra is Regina's first magic festival. Featuring 10 Canadian magicians, it runs Wednesday through Sunday at various locations around the city.

"I've always loved entertaining people so I look forward to making everyone laugh. That's what I live for," said Arden, a local ventriloquist, comedian and magician who has been working full-time as an entertainer for 20 years.

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30 May 2017

ReginaCadabra in the CBC

To learn more about ReginAcadabra (featuring: Chester McBain, Chris Funk, David Merry, Doug Arden, Jeff Richards, Keegan Duck, Paul Romhany, Richy Roy, Sean Watson, and Shawn Farquhar), visit

Watch Tracy Fahlman and Brent Kloeble talk about the upcoming ReginAcadabra event on CTV News.

From CBC News:
Brent Kloeble has high hopes for the new ReginaCadabra Magic Festival, which makes its debut July 26 in the city.

Kloeble, who is the chairman of the event, hopes the festival gains enough momentum to become an international attraction.

"It's an exciting event for Regina. There's nothing really like that around here," Kloeble said.

"We can make this a big tourism event," Kloeble said of the family-friendly festival, which will feature 10 performers throughout the week. "We know people will travel in to come see it."

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From the ReginaCadabra Twitter feed:

19 October 2016

Vote for your favourite ReginAcadabra logo

From the ReginAcadabra Twitter feed:
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08 June 2016

Congratulations to Brent Kloeble and the #ReginAcadabara team!

Here's the fabulous update to the previous call for support for Brent Kloeble and the #ReginAcadabara team.

From the CBC:
Regina hotel operators have reached into their hat and pulled out ... a magic festival.

ReginAcadabra was pronounced the winner Friday of the Regina Hotel Association's Event of Events competition.

The people behind the proposed festival receive a $20,000 sponsorship to start up the new event.

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From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page: