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07 January 2015

Spellbinding Science and Magic

While it's too late to see Rob Testa and Baldini at the Ontario Science Centre, you can still book them for your school!  Spellbinding Science and Magic offers a lunch and after school program as well as an anti-bully show.

Watch on Rob Testa's YouTube channel, Rob and Baldini on CP24:

Watch on YouTube how Rob says no to bullying... magically:

27 December 2014

'Baldini' on CP24 Breakfast

From Baldini's Facebook page:

From the archives via Baldini's Facebook page:

20 December 2014

Toronto: Magic - the science of perception

From the MAGIC: "The Science of Perception" - Holiday Magic Shows Facebook event:

25 March 2014

Wendy's missing seven

Earlier I mentioned that there were 7 missing videos from the “Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Magic Show.”

Here they are!

Watch Extra Trick 4, Ken Margoe, on YouTube:

Watch Extra Trick 5, Baldini, on YouTube:

Watch Extra Trick 6Rob Testa, on YouTube:

Watch Extra Trick 7, Baldini, on YouTube:

Watch Extra Trick 8, Baldini, on YouTube:

Watch Extra Trick 9, Mark Lewis, on YouTube:

Watch Extra Trick 10, Adam Swaye, on YouTube:

Wendy's makes magic

Last summer, a number of Canadian magicians were involved in an ad campaign for Wendy's.

From Strategy Online:
Working with agency MacLaren McCann, Wendy’s auditioned 10 different magicians and asked them to incorporate the burger into their routines. The stunt was filmed, with each of the 22 magic tricks shot in one take, and uploaded to Facebook and YouTube over several weeks as part of the “Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Magic Show.”

Read more.
[via Reality Based Magic]

Those of you who were paying close attention, remember the following acts:

Which means we're 7 tricks short of the 22 shot.  According to the post at Reality Based Magic, at least one of those involves Mark Lewis.

Off to search the internet we go!

26 July 2013

Wendy's: Act 7 - Baldini (again)

The seventh act in Wendy's advertising campaign featuring nine Canadian magicians performing real magic!

You can read about the promotion over at Reality Based Magic.

Watch Act 7, Baldini, on YouTube:

Previous acts:

13 July 2013

Wendy's: Act 2 - Baldini

The second act in Wendy's advertising campaign featuring nine Canadian magicians performing real magic!

Watch Act 2, Baldini, on Youtube:

Previous acts:

30 May 2013

Aurora: MindBender in "LETHAL"

From the "LETHAL" - MindBender's First Full Scale Theatre Show's Facebook page:
Rapidly rising Magician/Mentalist - MindBender - will be performing his first full scale theatre show, displaying extraordinary acts of super natural powers and death-defying feats!

At the ripe young age of 13, MindBender appeared on Canada's Got Talent and finished in the top 200 out of thousands of hopeful applicants.

Martin Short (one of the judges) was incredibly impressed with him and said that MindBender has, and I quote, "an absolute natural charm and performer within."

So come check out the future of Magic on July 6th and witness history being made... MindBender in "LETHAL"!

Read more.
[via: Deborah Fallick]

03 May 2012

Toronto: Magic at The Annex Live

From Abracadabaret:
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012
Venue: The Annex Live | 296 Brunswick Ave

Our performers are:
  • James Alan – Magician, and generally curious character
  • Baldini – the resident magician at the Ontario Science Centre
  • Bobby Motta – star of the one mans shows Non Fiction and Headgames
  • and
  • James Harrison – Ontario’s foremost theatrical pickpocket. 
Read more and buy tickets.

18 February 2012

Baldini: Seeing is believing

"Seeing is Believing!" - A Ryerson Graduate Film School short documentary project about Magic, featuring Baldini:

13 February 2012

Toronto: Baldini's Palpable Parlour Magic

From the Palpable Parlour Magic Facebook page:
Enjoy an intimate evening - up close & personal - of a powerful display of parlour prestidigitation put on by the Man of Magical Mystery himself, Baldini.

This will be Baldini's first live solo show outside of the Ontario Science Centre, and coupled with the fact that the room only holds a maximum of 50 people, tickets are sure to go very quickly.

Tickets can be purchase on line at or at the Comedy Bar Box Office. Tickets can also be purchased directly from either David Grosfield or Scott Baragar.

Read more and purchase tickets.

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]