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28 July 2015

Review: Just for Laughs' Circus Awesomeus

From the Montreal Gazette:
Bill Brownstein — So they sent in the clowns, and if this wasn’t the Greatest Show on Earth, Circus Awesomeus sure beat the Oscars all to hell. After three weeks of standups, it was a blast to touch base with a clown channelling his inner Céline Dion, sword swallower, aerial acrobat, bawdy balladeering puppet, juggler and X-rated diva.

Denise Duguay — I went in to Monday night’s Circus Awesomeus gala expecting greatness and hoping for a nod to host Neil Patrick Harris’s evil woman-sawing turn in the TV series American Horror Story: Freak Show. I got all that plus a terrifying but endearing giant clown.

Monique Muise — Anyone purchasing tickets to a show dubbed “Circus Awesomeus” was likely hoping for a spectacle, and that’s exactly what we got from Neil Patrick Harris and company. From puppets to magicians to jugglers to singing clowns to (very funny) dwarves, this show had it all.

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22 July 2015