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04 January 2019

Toronto: Michel Huot lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday, January 20, 2019

Dear Denizens,

We are so excited to start off the 2019 year with a lecture by Michel Huot.

It is not often that we have a lecturer who earns almost all of his living as a corporate magician.  Michel Huot is just that magician.  He has been a corporate magician for 24 years. Over the past 24 years he has given more then 4,000 performances!

Years and years of performing magic in the real world have fine tuned his performances to make sure that he gets repeat business...repeat business...from businesses.

He is also a top notch creator of magic including 'Priceless', 'Dirty Pool' and the soon to be released 'Socks'.  Many of his routines have also appeared in the magazines 'Genii', 'Magic', 'The Magic Menu'. Some of his creations have also appeared in the books of David Acer, John Lovick.

He has performed and lectured in Algeria, Mexico, Canada, France, Magic Circle in London, Penguin Magic.

In his lecture you will learn cool tricks with your shoe, your cellphone, plush toys, socks, cards, jacket and more. Everything Michel teaches you is magic and methods for the real world; magic, that can be done in non ideal surroundings.

Read more and buy tickets.

25 February 2014

Review: David Acer, John Carney, Michel Huot and Rafael DiCaprio at the Comedy Nest.

From Perfect Magic:
As I wrote on the Perfect Magic Facebook, too bad for you if you didn’t go to the Comedy Nest in Montreal last Sunday night. For us, Phil and I, it was like old home week and brought back warm and pleasant memories of Magie Montréal. We had tried to phone Mephisto, aka Wym Vermeys, who was our partner in that venture but couldn’t reach him. He called the day after the show and said he was in Florida. He was heartbroken that he missed it.

David was terrific as the MC. He did many funny bits, which I know all who were there will use, magicians or not! He didn’t do any magic but some good comic mind reading stuff.

Read more.

13 February 2014

David Acer in the Montreal Gazette

David Acer, John Carney, Michel Huot and Rafael DiCaprio will perform Sunday, Feb. 16 at the Comedy Nest.

From the Montreal Gazette:
MONTREAL — In keeping with the spirit of Sochi, David Acer, ace close-up magician/standup comic, is demonstrating his Olympic card trick. It entails no skates or snowboards or moguls. It does entail, however, mittens as well as a deck of cards.

“It’s a sleight-of-mitten trick,” says Acer, co-owner of the Comedy Nest, where this demonstration is taking place. “Just to make sure I can’t do any digital trickery.” Phew. No worries about impromptu prostate exams, let alone much card trickery — not with those clunky mitts

Read more and watch video.

29 August 2012

Festival de magie de Québec

Du 30 août au 3 septembre prochains, le Festival de magie de Québec promet encore d'enchanter dans le Nouvo St-Roch, avec une programmation réunissant une vingtaine d'artistes, dont dix nouveaux invités, tout en réservant bien des primeurs, dont un gala avec plusieurs magiciens sur scène et deux concours, l'un pour les jeunes apprentis-magiciens et l'autre pour le grand public, soit La grande prédiction. Ainsi, durant ces cinq jours, c'est tout le quartier qui s'animera avec plus d'une quarantaine de spectacles et d'ateliers de magie et de micro-magie, en plus de deux spectacles en salle. C'est un événement attendu qui générera des retombées importantes pour le Nouvo St-Roch et le secteur touristique de Québec.

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 Les magiciens:
  • Luc Langevin
  • Nicolas Gignac
  • Pierre Hamon
  • Carol Rondeau
  • Jack
  • Michel Huot
  • Ekaterina D
  • Jules Caron
  • Danys Hamel
  • Richard Tremblay
  • Jean Deshaies
  • Jean-Pierre du Sault
  • Three of Spades
  • Marc et Pierre Luc
  • Jacques Picard
  • Simon Bernard
  • Martin Tremblay
  • Billy and Manu
  • Piere-Alain B. et
  • Pierre-Antoine Drouin and Anthony Bernard who won the youth contenst on August 12th!

Do you remember last year's creative advertising billboard for the event?

Have a look at this year's!  Good fun!

21 October 2011

Montréal: Night of the Living Standups

From Perfect Magic:

David "Axe-Wielding" Acer headlines halloween weekend at THE COMEDY NEST with special guests Mike “Barely Undead” Paterson and DeAnne “Your Brain Looks Delicious” Smith.


• World-renowned mentalist Patrik "Don’t Mind Me I’m Just Sucking Your Blood" Kuffs (Oct. 27th)
• Interdimensionally acclaimed magician Michel "The Soft-Handed Strangler" Huot (Oct 28th)
• Sleight-of-hand superstar Richard "I Ate His Liver with Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti" Sanders (Oct 29th). 
Read more.

[h/t: Perfect Magic]