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14 December 2020

Darcy Oake: Virtual (Dec 19) and interview with Steve Spade

December 19:  Exclusive UK and North America showtimes.

Go to for tickets, more information, and easter eggs!

In addition, Darcy was recently interviewed by Steve Spade on the Deceive Reality podcast.  Have a listen to episode 19:

From Darcy's November 14th Instagram post:

26 November 2020

Wes Barker on Steve Spade's podcast, Deceive Reality

Listen to episode 16 of Deceive Reality at Google Podcasts


From Steve Spade's November 21st Facebook post:

Strong Magic, Strong Whiskey and also contains Strong Language.. 😂🥃 (You have been warned) , we had such fun chatting with Wes Barker Tonight on the Deceive Reality podcast, so good to hear the real story about fooling Penn & Teller on fool us, his new magic TV show that he is filming with three of his magic friends in 2021, and his Good the bad and the ugly story about even a guy with an oxygen tank isn't going to help you on a sinking ship... 😁 It's all in here plus big ANNOUNCEMENT.
Deceive Reality is now Ireland's only professional online Magic shop..
"Childhood dream coming true..."