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14 January 2020

Toronto: Browser's Bash #6 in The Six update

A quick reminder that Andi Gladwin will be lecturing at The Den later in the month.

Browser's Bash logo  
From the Browser's Den newsletter:
We are thrilled that underground legend Erik Tait will be making a rare convention appearance for us! With killer Sleight of Hand chops he fooled Penn and Teller and on top of that he is damn funny! Not to be missed!
Other great talent locked in so far that includes Eric Bedard, Michel Huot, Aaron Patterson, Loran, Anthony Lindan, Bill McCourt, Chris Mayhew, Ben Train. With special free classes by Al Grose, Simon Rotstein & Greg Hobor. And of course everybody’s favourite MC, the one and only Dick Joiner! More names will be announced soon including our headliner… stay tuned! 

To buy your tickets go to or call the shop, 416-783-7022.

05 June 2011

Morrissey Magic: 52 years wonderful!

A great time was had by all at Morrissey Magic's 52nd Anniversary Party yesterday!  At the open house we were treated to a close-up show featuring Bill McCourt (Ring 17 past president 73/74), Luiz Castro (doing a side-splitting impersonation of Juan Tamariz), Christyrious and Dan Morrissey! The afternoon stage show, emceed by Glen Ottaway, showcased the talent of Michael Collins, Danny Hammil, Alex Kazam, Bill Abbott and Paul Wildbaum (who conducted a beautiful impromptu bell choir).

The day was filled with laughter, amazement and friendship.  Thank you Dan and Phoebe for hosting this wonderful day!