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04 December 2017

Gerard Dietrich in the Kitchener-Waterloo CBC News

We previously mentioned Gerard's injury.  It sounds like he's healing well.  We continue to wish Gerard a speedy recovery!

From the article "How a broken femur sidelined Santa for 1st time in 46 years" by Carmen Ponciano in the Kitchener-Waterloo CBC News:
Like his counterpart in Miracle on 34th Street, Dietrich has has taken the time to learn sign language and bits of other spoken languages so he can communicate with children from all backgrounds.

"My favourite part is the interaction between the children, the adults and myself," Dietrich said.

Though he's hung up his red suit this holiday season, Dietrich made sure to pack his Santa Claus beard and wig for his time in the hospital, just in case kids from the children's ward stop by.

This year, Dietrich's finances will take a hit as a result of his injury. His son, Scott Dietrich, has set up a GoFundMe campaign to relieve some of that financial burden.

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11 November 2017

A "Go Fund Me" for Gerard Dietrich

I remember Gerard from the Ring 17 club exchange days.  I think it was Gerard who first introduced me to the work of Bruce Posgate.  A a couple of years back, at the Browser's Bash I became acquainted with Gerard's son Scott, who set up this campaign to help out his parents.

Wishing Gerard a speedy recovery!

From the "Save Santa's Christmas (broken hip)" Go Fund Me page:
After 40+ years of delighting children with his holiday magic, and listening intently to their Christmas wishes, professional Santa Claus, Gerard Dietrich’s Christmas is in jeopardy.

On Sunday, November 5th Gerard accidentally fell and broke his hip, specifically his femur just below the ball joint. On Tuesday, November 7th he had a successful operation to mend his broken hip which included inserting a metal rod into the bone and securing it with screws and wire.

All though Santa is on the road to recovery, it will take an estimated 6 weeks. He cannot drive a car, let alone a sleigh for this length of time either. This means he will miss his main season of employment, which he and Mrs. Claus (my Mom) rely on. Without their supplemental Christmas income, it could be a very long winter for Mr. and Mrs. Claus; two kind hearted people who have brought joy to thousands.

The money collected will go to supplementing their lost income to cover basic bills, rent, etc. and any additional medical expenses.  This time of year Santa should be focused on making children’s holiday wishes come true, not how he will pay rent.

Read more and donate.