30 October 2012

Updated Breaking Magic update

Which has also been confirmed at iTricks.

Breaking Magic: Breaking news

Updated to add:
Which has also been published at iTricks.

27 October 2012

Brampton: Magic With the Sleight-est Hint of Cheese

From zvents:

Gord Cadabra is bringing his hit comedy/magic show Magic With the Sleight-est Hint of Cheese to Brampton's Cyril Clark theatre for one night only!

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Rounding the Western rings in November

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.  

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- Lance Pierce lecture
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- n/a
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- Lance Pierce lecture
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- Lance Pierce lecture
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)   - Tri - City 3 of Clubs Magic Convention
- Lance Pierce lecture
Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Ontario rings in November

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) - antique magic
- Owen Anderson lecture 
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- n/a
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- n/a
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians) - Gambling, Betchas, & Scams Magic
- CHEO Charity Show Children’s Show
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians-
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club) Shane Cobalt lecture
Woodstock, ONCAM 1 (Friendly City Mystics)  
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Rounding the Eastern rings in November

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - n/a
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- n/a

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

26 October 2012

Tony Eng Youth Fund Bursary

From Sharing Wonder:
Magicana’s Tony Eng Youth Fund and Magi-Fest in Columbus, Ohio are proud to announce a partnership for the Magi-Fest Youth Scholarship 2013.

The Columbus Magi-Fest is one of the oldest and most significant magic gatherings in the world. It is an 83-year old tradition that has fostered and helped develop the careers of young magicians. The festival includes youth-only events in which international headline performers work directly with young magicians on their acts. Additionally, lectures, shows and workshops are held where attendees can learn about the experiences and knowledge of  professional magicians.

We are thrilled to announce a scholarship for a young magician to attend Magi-Fest. 
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25 October 2012

Geneviève Bernier: Woman of Exception

Evelyn Matlin has a wonderful english summary of the article "Geneviève Bernier : femme de courage et de détermination" from Le Courrier Du Sud.

Go to Perfect Magic and read Evelyn's post "More About Women In Magic" to read about Geneviève, an exeptional woman indeed!

[h/t: Perfect Magic]

24 October 2012

CAM has a new webmaster!

Shout out to Jeph Stahl, who has kindly offer to volunteer his time to be CAM's official new webmaster!  Jeph hails from Hamilton Ring 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) and is doing a fabulous job with their newly revamped site!

Thank you Jeph for taking on that role!

22 October 2012

Chance vs Motta

From Post City:
What is Halloween without tricks to go with your treats? Our city is home to two masters of magic, who can easily contend with the likes of Criss Angel. This month, we pit the illusions that wowed Ray Chance’s MuchMusic audience against the in-your-head act of Annex Live’s mentalist Bobby Motta. Who has the best tricks up his sleeve?

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21 October 2012

A day at Niagara Falls

As part of last summer's school break plans, we saved up our pennies to see Greg Frewin's show "Imagine" at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls.

Kidlet and I made the trek to Niagara Falls through the pouring rain and arrived mid-afternoon during a light drizzle.  We made a quick check in to the theatre box office to make sure our tickets were there (they were!) and to get the parking pass for the car.  (Did you know that ticket price includes free parking anytime after 9am on the day of the show?)

From the theatre it's a short walk to Clifton Hill (the "Street of Fun" by the Falls) and a five to ten minute jaunt (depending leg length and ease of distractibility – SkyWheel! Fudge Factory! Ice cream! Wax museum!) to the Maid of the Mist at River Road and Clifton Hill.  Two silver linings to it being a rainy day: 1) we were already decked out in our finest rain gear and were suitably dressed for the iconic boat ride next to The Falls and 2) the line ups were super short!  (Sadly, we weren't able to see any rainbows in the mist itself, but we were warm and dry!)  Exit through the gift shop...

We wandered through the area, grabbed a bite to eat and explored a little more.  Then back to the car for a dash to the Butterfly Conservatory.
Note to Ontario families:  We used a coupon for a free child's admission (as long as we paid for an adult admission) from our "Ontario 2012 Fun Pass" booklet which was given to us at the end of the school year.  The conservatory was FABULOUS!  Highly recommended!

Back to the theatre.  We were seated with a wonderful young couple from New York.  We were later joined by wonderful company from Ohio and Vancouver Island.  The table next to us had plenty of children aged 4 and up – I had as much fun watching the reactions of all the children as I did watching the show!
Tip: Arrive as early as you can to ensure good seating (the box office will let you know what time is best). 
Note to parents: Bring along some distractions for little ones (such as crayons with paper, playing cards, books, quiet hand-held video games etc.) to help pass the time between arriving for the best seating and show time.  We were lucky that the delightful couple from the Rochester area, kindly joined us in a game of Crazy Eight Countdown  and the time flew by! 
If you think your child would be scared sitting right up close to the tigers at level one, level two offers an equally good view of the stage along with the sense of a physical barrier between you and the big cats.

The theatre also has some entertainment while you wait: tiger and magic trivia on the big screen!  In addition, there was a creative pre-show animated short from the Vancouver film school.
Note to parents:  Some of the kids 8 and under in our area found the short a little scary at times.

My favourite part was a fabulous video promoting Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp.  It put a big smile on my face!

As for the show itself, how could you not be entertained by helicopters, a bowling ball, an invisible deck, Oreos, tigers, talented ladies, fire, milk, tigers, a dog, doves, tigers, Chuck the Duck, and macaws?  Did I mention the tigers?  What's not to like?  (Throughout the show, one of our evening's companions could be heard muttering, "How did he do the thing with the duck?")
Note to parents of young children:  The last big illusion, which I'll refer to as the Assistants' Revenge, was a little tense for some of the younger children.  But it ended with happy faces!

After the show there's an opportunity to have your photo taken in the same cage with a tiger!  (Well worth it in my opinion.)  Technically, you're not really in the same confined space as the tiger, but it sure looks like that in the picture.  The tiger trainer is right there, which made this parent feel a whole lot more relaxed about the experience.  Part of the profit from the items in the magical gift shop, including the photo sales, are used to support a tiger sanctuary.  After the show, you can queue up for an autograph from Greg!

Needless to say, Kidlet and I had an absolutely wonderful time at the show!  A picture with a tiger, a souvenir from the gift shop, and the chance to chat with Mr. Frewin himself!

As impressed as I was with the show, I was equally impressed with all of the staff at the theatre.  Everyone was friendly, professional and customer focused.  Huge thanks to:  the very patient box office staff (Caitlin, Roxanne and Nina), the ushers, the fabulous assistants who we met while in line for having our photo taken, Johnny Ferrara the tiger trainer, the gift shop staff and all of the fabulous people who kept things orderly and moving for the post-show autographs. 

Thank you Greg et al, for a most magical ending to our wonderful day in Niagara Falls!

Spotted in the wild ...

If you receive the CAM publication, Northern Peeks, you'll notice that this edition (Vol 15, Number 3) features Sorcerers Safari!  Tucked inside, is the article "The secret to Sorcerers Safari's success" written by yours truly!

Shawn had the nicest thing published below the article:
"Originally published on August 11 at CanadasMagic.blogspot.ca, which is the finest location for up to date information on magic in Canada."

Gwyn took a nice photo of it ....

Thanks Gwyn!

And thanks to Shawn for his kind words about this site!

20 October 2012

Murray Hatfield and Teresa: Magic 'n' Miracles tour

The schedule is up for Murray Hatfield's Magic 'n Miracles tour!  They're starting in Etobicoke, Ontario in early December.

Not only will you get to see some amazing magic, you'll be supporting some deserving charities. 

Also on the Hatfield tour are Christopher Hart, Michael Goudeau, Miles Meechan and Magdalaina Tamasik.

Schedule and ticket information at the Magic 'n Miracles website.

19 October 2012

Anthony Lindan: Peace of Mind

Anthony Lindan is holding a two teleseminars, titled Public Speaking Peace of Mind.  Click through more more details about the events on Wednesday October the 24th and on Thursday October the 25th.

Shrine Fantasy Show

It's the time of year for the Shrine Fantasy Show!  From their website:
The Shrine Fantasy Show will amaze, surprise, and entertain the entire family when it comes to your town this autumn. This magical extravaganza which includes magic, illusions, juggling acts, comedy, and more, is filled with imagination and showmanship. 
For years the Shrine Fantasy has toured the country entertaining thousands with new acts.

What’s more, just by coming out to share in the fun and excitement, you will assist in creating true magic in your community through support of worthy causes. A portion of all proceeds from Shrine Fantasy will benefit the many Shrine activities.
Participating talent includes:  Dick Joiner, Patrice MeunierFantasy Circus, Neil Croswell, John Park, Johnny Toronto, Michael Bourada, Sheldon Casavant, Greg Tarlin, and Damien James (performers vary by province).

Schedule and ticket information at the Shrine Fantasy Show website.

18 October 2012

Windsor: Illusions live!

From the Chrysler Theatre website:
October 27, 2012

Canadian Illusionist Ryan Joyce is truly a man of many “top hats.”  Not only has he impressed audiences with his modern, mind-blowing feats of magic-- which include vanishing a firetruck and levitating a two ton SUV live on stage--  he has also devoted himself to humanitarian causes by raising over two million dollars for charities and making 100 politicians disappear (if only for a short time).

Read more and purchase tickets.

17 October 2012

Broken wand: Everett Andrews

Updated October 15th, to include link to Legacy.com listing and date of passing.

Earlier this week on October 15th, Calgary magician Everett Andrews passed away.  Born May 5th, 1935, Everett was 77.

More details will be posted when they become available.

Thank you to Gwyn and Ryan for sharing the news.

Our thoughts are with Everett's family and friends at this difficult time.

Photos from Eugene Burger's The Presence of Magic

See photos from The Presence of Magic show c/o SNAP North York.   

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

Mosquitoes Suck: David Peck and Matt DiSero

From the Brampton Guardian:
SoChange, in partnership with the Peel board and with funding for the Trillium Foundation, is organizing this Mosquitoes Suck Tour at Ontario high schools.

The event is organized to give students information about the effects of malaria and ways they can help stem the spread of the disease. Students were introduced to the Spread the Net Student Challenge, a global campaign raising funds to buy $10 insecticide-treated bed nets that could help reduce the transmission of Malaria in Africa by up to 50 per cent.

Read more.
David Peck and Matt DiSero created and perform in the MST touring show.  Visit DontBiteMe.ca for more information.

16 October 2012

Trevor Moore: Chamber's Award of Excellence

From Medicine Hat News:
It was a magical evening for Trevor Moore at the 2012 Chamber Business Awards.
Moore received the Chamber's Award of Excellence for Advantage Golf Academy and his magical comedy business Friday evening at the Chamber's annual awards.

 "The Award of Excellence is decided from all the finalists in other categories," said Jason Melhoff, chair of the Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce. "The adjudicators examine the information and decide the winner."

 In addition to the Award of Excellence, Moore also received the marketing excellence award.

Read more.

Congratulations Trevor!

15 October 2012

Montreal: Richard Sanders at The Comedy Nest

From The Comedy Nest:
October 25, 26, 27

Kick off your Halloween weekend with the ghosts of the Forum and one of the world’s coolest magicians! Inventor of mind-blowing magic tricks and contributor to David Blaine television specials, Richard Sanders is a magician who fools other magicians! This guy breaks so many laws of physics, Stephen Hawking might show up to give him a ticket!

Read more.

Watch Richard do magic on the streets of Montreal:

[h/t: @David_Acer]

14 October 2012

13 October 2012

Murray SawChuck's Vegas run extended

From Vegas News:
Comedy magician Murray SawChuck has just received the news that he's been asked and has agreed to extend his show MURRAY 'Celebrity Magician' at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino through the end of the year

Read more.
Congratulations Murray!

[h/t: iTricks]

12 October 2012

Billy Kidd: Breaking Magic

Upddated to add:
Which has also been published at iTricks.


From YouTube:
BREAKING MAGIC premieres Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 10/9c on Discovery. | http://dsc.discovery.com/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1 | Discovery goes on a worldwide tour with today's most innovative magicians who transform pure science into mind-boggling magic tricks.

Read more.

The video features Wayne Houchin, our very own Billy Kidd, James Galea and Ben Hanlin.

11 October 2012

Calgary: Brush With Death teaser

Watch the teaser for the upcoming Oct 14, 2012 Brush With Death macabre bizarre illusion show:

Visit Brush With Death for more information or to buy tickets.

Beaconsfield: The Giant Magician

From Montreal Families:
Oct 14, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen...

Prepare to enter a mystical place where anything is possible... the realm of the Giant Magician. Follow him as he explores his powers and, along the way, discovers what magic truly is.

The Giant Magician is a string puppet comedy that incorporates clowning, magic, and puppetry.

Read more.

[h/t: Perfect Magic]

Calgary: Vote for Wowfest

Ryan Pilling has a new project up his sleeve -- Wowfest -- a Magic Arts Festival that he'd like to launch in Calgary.  He's currently in the running to receive grant monies, but he needs your votes over at the Grassroots Inspired Grants website (requires Facebook account or registration at the site).

Ryan's project reminds me of the Magical Arts Festival that James Biss started in Toronto a dozen or so years ago.  That was a lot of fun! 

Good luck Ryan!

10 October 2012

Caledon: Gord Gardiner directs Best Laid Plans

From Facebook:
1 November until 17 November

Successful spy novelist Ada Westbrook decides to take a Caribbean holiday to relax. Who knew that her work would follow her? A spy who has secret plans that every government is after, dies in Ada’s vacation villa. Since the plans are on his body it is constantly being moved until no-one knows where it is. There are even more complications. You’ll never guess how it ends!
[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

09 October 2012

Vaughan: Bobby Motta presents 'MENTAL' Magic and Illusions of the Mind!

From Facebook:
EVERY FRIDAY come and watch one of the country's top mentalist perform live. This is an amazing evening of intimate and extraordinary mind reading.

Either be a witness or a subject to what most explain as being paranormal. Your very thoughts will come to life! Bobby will not only read your mind, but he will show you exactly how he does it... Witty humour, interactive and guaranteed to have you squirming at the edge of your seats....yes, Danger too!!!

Not suitable for ages 12 and under.

Read more and buy tickets.

06 October 2012

Mahdi Gilbert on Boing Boing!

From Boing Boing:
Here's a video of a Mahdi Gilbert card magic show at Magic-Con 2012. Madhi's a 20 year old magician from Toronto, whose arms and hands are affected by a congenital condition. His sleights and routines are rather novel, adapted for his anatomical quirks, and his mastery is indisputable.

Read more.

They also link to this conversation Jeff Pinsky from the Browsers Den had with Mahdi a couple of years ago:

Mahdi's video has since been spread far and wide!  Some sightings:

[h/t:  The Magic Demon]

05 October 2012

Prince George: The Magic of Recovery

04 October 2012

Toronto: Mysterion the Mind Reader

From Facebook:
Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Come and get your Halloween spook on with Mysterion, Canada's foremost mind reader and psychological entertainer-

With a special mystery by guest
The Secret-keeper Danny Proctor

ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Revue Theatre, a theatre show of mind magic that will leave you in thrills and chills- Guaranteed!!

Read more and purchase tickets.

02 October 2012

Steve Dickson in the news

From the Vancouver Magic Circle:
Vancouver Magic Cirlce member Steve Dickson has been making the media rounds lately appearing in a number of different publications.

Read more.

01 October 2012

Rick Mearns: Once upon a time

Did you know that Rick Mearns was a consultant on the TV show Once Upon A Time?  He also consulted on the movie, Red Riding Hood.

[h/t: Vancouver Magic Circle]