31 August 2019

Top 5 posts in August 2019

There were 30+ posts at Canada's Magic last month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. Toronto: Take classes with Jeff Hinchliffe - Stand alone classes with a fabulous teacher.

4. AGT Quarterfinals: Sentimental wildcard - Congratulations to The Sentimentalists!
3. Drescher and Hendrix at the Magic Castle - Sounds like an amazing night of magic!
2. Toronto: Golden Age of Magic - Something magical to look forward to in 2020!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Magic at the 2019 Edmonton Fringe - There was a lot of magic at this year's Fringe!

30 August 2019

Napanee: GarrettFest 2019 - Halloween Edition

Mark Friday October 25th in your calendar!

From the Kingston Magic Theatre Facebook page:

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29 August 2019

Steffi's shoes stolen

Please keep an eye out for Steffi Kay's stolen shoes.  Would love to have them returned to their owner.

From Steffi Kay's Facebook post:

Someone broke into my car and took my bag of 1920s and 1930s shoes. There wasn’t much in my car for them to steal minus the shoes and my insurance and apparently whatever was in my compartments... but I was going to take all my 1920s and 1930’s shoes in for repair today... I am now missing all 8/9 pairs of my favourite shoes that I have collected for over 10 years and loved so dearly. These are all my favourites. They’re all in need of fixing and are literally trash to someone selling them. They’re truly just 80 - 90 year old shoes that would be very difficult to resell at pawn shops as they’re in disrepair. In the condition they’re in they are something most would throw away and not be able to resell. However they are valuable because of the size and styles. My worst fear is the most likely thing... that they’re ending up in the trash 😭 If anyone comes across them I can offer a reward and my eternal gratitude. These are not replaceable so I need to find them. If anyone has any leads please get back to me. They went missing between around 11:30 pm August 27 and 11 am August 28 on Queen west in Toronto near Roncesvalles. Please help me bring my babies home. 💔😭

28 August 2019

Drescher and Hendrix at the Magic Castle

From Shezam's Facebook page:
As far as anyone can tell, this is the first time two solo women have performed in the Peller Theater at the Magic Castle outside of an all-women-themed week. Naturally, we’ve created a pretty epic show. It begins tomorrow.
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27 August 2019

Welcoming a new patron: The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

Welcome to our newest sponsor, The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop!


Brent Smith opened The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary on June 27, 2000.  The shop was originally in a residential neighborhood.  Its first inventory order was from Herb Morrissey in Toronto and his first hosted lecture was Tony Eng from Victoria.

Brent started the shop so that there would "be a place where IBM meetings could be held and have a permanent home, magicians could come and jam and magicians could meet magicians."*

Magicians who have honed their skills at Brent's shop?  Names like Chris Mayhew, Tyler Wilson, Gwyn Auger, and Donovan Deschner!

Visit The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop at Vanishingrabbit.com on Facebook or on Instagram.

Thank you to The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop, for your sponsorship of Canada's Magic!

* Smith, Brent. "Bricks 'N Mortars." Canadian Association of Magicians Spring 2019 23(1):22

26 August 2019

Toronto: Free Halloween Magic Show

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
When: Saturday, October 5

Price: FREE!

Dear Denizens,
We will be having a Halloween Magic Show at 'Browser's Den' on the date above.

All are welcome.

First come first serve with the chairs. First come first serve with the candies.

THE PERFORMERS ARE: Boo! We're not telling. But they will be SCARY good and fun!

Thank you-The Spooky Jeff's & The Browser's Den Ghouls Team

24 August 2019

Michael Kras remembers "This One Time, at Magic Camp…"

From the August 15 article "This One Time, at Magic Camp…" by Michael Kras at Medium:
Imagine being a teenager. Imagine being a teenager whose peculiar passion is prestidigitation. Imagine being the only young person in your neighbourhood who cares about it the way you do. Now, imagine 100 other teenagers just like you, pasty and idiosyncratic with wildly varying degrees of social aptitude, coming together in your own little speck of the world for a week, each one of you suddenly somewhere you all belong. That was magic camp.

Read more.

23 August 2019

Brampton: Barry Carter and Matt DiSero

Saturday October 19th, "A Night of Comedy for Peel Shrine Club" featuring Barry Carter and Matt DiSero.

Visit the Brampton Masonic Centre for details.

From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

22 August 2019

Niagara and Toronto: Séance with Nicholas Wallace

Catch Séance with Nicholas Wallace in Niagara October 11-12 and Toronto October 17-19.

From The Seance:
Everyone loves a good ghost story. This is your chance to be part of one.

In this completely immersive experience, illusionist Nicholas Wallace invites you to join him in exploring the world of the Victorian spirit medium, in what is reliably being called “the first attempt to use an actual séance as part of a theatrical entertainment.”

Though the belief in ghosts and spirits is exceptionally old, one period in recent history stands out as something special. In the mid to late 1800’s, millions of people became convinced that they could communicate with the dead. For many people this belief exists to this day.

At each performance of Séance, one audience member is chosen to become The Medium. It is a different person every night. There is no way of knowing who will be chosen, what might happen, or who they might become.

You will explore the evolution of the Séance room.  You will take part in an experiment to contact the dead.  You will be scared.

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Twitter feed of Nicholas Wallace:

21 August 2019

Jeff Christensen's GoFundMe for The Bolivian Academy of Magic and Illusion

From Go Fund Me:
The Bolivian Academy of Magic and Illusion was founded in April 2009 on the initiative of Milton Flores Marques (Mago Byron) in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.  The institution is not for profit and promotes the love of magic performance in young people and children. 

Bolivia is not a wealthy country and this group could use your help to create some "real" magic.  Consider budding young magician Raquel who's family can't afford the $3 per class for her to attend and pay for the transportation to get to the school.  Raquel has made the commitment to walk 60 blocks each day that she has magic class. 

Check out the following short video and see what happening at The Bolivia Magic School.

The funds raised from this initiative will go a long well to help provide tuition for the students as well as much needed magic supplies.  Thank you for considering sponsoring the students of this school!

Jeff Christensen
Vancouver, Canada

Read more and fund the project.

20 August 2019

Toronto: Take classes with Jeff Hinchliffe

Saturday August 24th marks the first of a series of card classes taught by Jeff Hinchliffe.

From the Browser's Den of Magic eFlyer:
SATURDAY AUGUST, 24 from 9:30am (SHARP) to 10:30am- JEFF HINCHLIFFE will be giving a group class on card magic. This will be the first of many that he will be offering on Saturday mornings.  Each class will be covering different aspects of card magic. All of the classes will be independent of one another, so that you don't have to attend them all in order to follow along. If you miss one or two you can jump right back in anytime and not feel lost.

Jeff Hinchliffe has a reputation throughout much of Canada for his knowledge of card magic and his ability to clearly teach. He really wants to help those who want to improve. So whether you are new to card magic or have been coming to Browser's Den for years you are certain to get more than your $15.00 worth of each class. And you'll have a FUN time too! PAY AT THE DOOR, $15.00

Additional classes:

19 August 2019

AGT Quarterfinals: Sentimental wildcard

Tune in to tomorrow night's AGT Quarterfinals and you may see a familiar face (or two).

Congratulations Chris and Steffi!

From The Sentimentalists' Facebook page:

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18 August 2019

Welcoming a new patron: Ty Reveen

Welcome to our newest sponsor,  Ty Reveen!

Based out of New Brunswick, you may know Ty is following in his father's footsteps with a new “Superconscious Journey” into the marvels of the human mind with “Reveen” The Legend Continues!

Ty toured with his dad (Peter) for more than 30 years, performing with him for approximately 3000 shows.  He learned his lessons well, as "the 'new' Reveen Show has become the 'highest grossing' show of its kind performing in front of 'sold out' audiences coast to coast throughout Canada’s top entertainment circuit."

Catch “Reveen” The Legend Continues on tour this Fall.  Ty starts his tour with 15 shows at the PNE in Vancouver.

On September 28th you can catch him at the Capitol theatre in New Brunswick on September 28th.

On October 3rd he'll be in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Keep an eye out for more dates and places to be revealed!

Visit Ty's website at https://reveen.website/ subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook.

Thank you Ty, for your sponsorship of Canada's Magic!

Magic at the 2019 PNE

This year's Pacific National Exhibition runs from August 17 to September 2.  Be sure to check out Ty Reveen in "Reveen: The Superconscious Experience" and Dick Joiner hosting "Abracadabark"!  (Of note, we saw David Acer host Abracadabark last Friday at the CNE and it's a really fun show.)

From the August 17th article "Tux-wearing Tyrone Reveen picks up at PNE where famous father left off" by Gordon McIntyre in the Vancouver Sun:
“This is an opportunity to implement some great special effects, some of which have never been seen before, that will blow people’s minds,” Ty Reveen said before beginning 15 nights of entertaining at the Pacific Coliseum during the PNE Fair.

“I do a few things in this show that will surprise even the people at the top levels of the magic industry.”

He’s followed in the footsteps of his famous father, who died in 2013, a couple of years after his son Ty took over the act.

Ty and his three brothers spent their early years in Chilliwack, West Vancouver and Richmond, their dad (yes he had a first name, Peter) having arrived in 1961 — “With literally five cents in his pocket,” Reveen le fils said.

The boys and their mother Coral later followed from their native Australia after the hypnotist had established himself.

Read more.

From the PNE website - Reveen:
Reveen: The Superconscious Experience

It’s the man they call Reveen! The legend continues with this mesmerizing and hypnotic show featuring high-speed memory demonstrations and mystical showmanship. Now Tyrone Reveen is following in his father’s footsteps and continuing the family tradition. The Superconscious Experience allows audience members to become the stars in one of the wildest and funniest shows that has left millions of people crying with laughter all over the world.  The legend continues, never forget Reveen.

Also from the PNE website - Abracadabark:
SuperDogs™️ presents Abracadabark. Prepare to be amazed, amused and bedazzled as the SuperDogs unleash their most magical show ever, Abracadabark! With a magician as your guide you’ll experience the magic of the SuperDogs like never before!

Review: Magic Hour Plus

From August 12th article "Magic vs Science" by Sean McQuaid in The Buzz:
Featuring university professors turned magicians Grant McSorley and Derrick Chung in the latest version of the popular McSorley & Chung stage magic show they created in 2016, Magic Hour Plus also stars the duo’s original director (and two-time Canadian magic champion) Marc Trudel, here playing the onstage role of an eager-to-please intern.

McSorley & Chung are amusing in their stage personae as bookish, cheesily self-aggrandizing showmen, often puffing themselves up with lofty rhetoric and then deflating themselves with self-effacing humour; but comedy-wise, Trudel steals the show as a socially awkward magic savant. All three excel at misdirection, not only shifting our focus to where each magician wants it, but also subverting expectations; seemingly botched tricks will morph into even cooler tricks instead, like Chung’s baffling Rubik’s Cube stunts.

Read more.

17 August 2019

Magic at the 2019 Edmonton Fringe

There's lots of magic at this year's Edmonton Fringe!  The 38th Annual Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival August 15 – 25.

  • Keith Brown and the Art of Astonishment
  • Crazy for Dick Tricks:  A Dirk Darrow Investigation
  • I sold my soul for magic tricks and Adderall by Chris Gowen
  • Mind Games: Brain-Bending Magic by Jeff Newman
  • Newman and Price: Bar Magic by Jeff Newman and Ben Price
  • Rabbit Stew: Uncensored by Ben Price
  • Minerva - Queen of the Handcuffs

"Diversion" on Saturday August 24th

Saturday August 24th catch "Diversion" on TF1!

From the Medias France Twitter feed:
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Toronto: David Acer and Abracadabark

Edited at 10am to add:
  • Tweet from Friday at bottom of post.
  • This was easily the most entertaining Super Dogs show I've seen in the past 8 or so years!

From The Ex:
The President's Choice™ SuperDogs™ are back at the CNE with an extraordinary new show called Abracadabark featuring magic, mystery and all the fun people expect from more than four decades of SuperDogs spectacles! Watch as a mesmerizing magician entices our talented canine friends to perform an astounding array of magic tricks.  From invisible puppies to wizarding pooches, the show is brimming with magic, action and the most wonderful dogs in the world.

Read more.

From David Acer's Twitter feed:

16 August 2019

Catching up with the Outerbridges

Congratulations to Ted and Marion Outerbridge for the addition of 4 more shows to their Smith Falls Theatre run this season!

They've been in the news a bit too.

From the July 20th article "Experience the magic of illusions at the Smith Falls Station Theatre" by Sofia Donato in Ottawa Life:

In one of Ted’s illusions, he vanishes from the stage, appearing instantaneously in the audience and completely surprising them. One evening, he so confounded an audience member by this illusion that “someone was upset because I was blocking their view of the show," Ted recalls. “They were yelling and hit me to get out of the way. Then they realized it was me.” Outerbridge wasn’t injured. “I was amused," he said.

Read more.

15 August 2019

Windsor's former International Playing Card Company factory

From the August 9th article "Jarvis: Bringing back Windsor's history, brick by brick" by Anne Jarvis in the Windsor Star:

Underneath the recreated flap, on the side of the building, will be vertical red and blue panels — the colours of the Bicycle playing cards once manufactured in the building. The tops of the panels will be shaped like the diamonds that decorated the back of the cards. Drive one way, and the red will appear to change to blue. Drive the other way, and the blue changes to red, like the kind of sleight of hand performed with cards.

It’s J. P. Thomson Architects’ salute to the handsome former International Playing Card Company factory built in 1928, a designated heritage property and a link to our industrial history.

Read more.

14 August 2019

Broken wand: Dr. John Yang

Dr. Yang was a member of the  Magic Circle of Saint John.  He passed away on Saturday, 03 Aug 2019.

From the Kennebecasis County Funeral Home:
In 1992, he was awarded the Canada Commemorative 125 Medal by the Governor General in recognition of significant contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada.

His life of devoted service and faith was recognized by many.  He was elected the youngest Life Elder (age 39) of The Silver Falls United Church, where his tenor voice, and love of music, could be heard in the choir, and at home, every week, or behind the scenes for Chinese suppers for fund-raising or suppers for young campers.

John loved to cook - more accurately, to feed and nourish his family, friends, relatives, and anyone who walked in the door.

John had a good sense of humour and enjoyed hearing a new joke or story, especially one that he could repeat to others during his many gigs as MC, as President of the Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John, on stage at Festival-By-the-Sea, or speaking at a friend's wedding or anniversary. 

With his fellow magicians at the Saint John Magic Club, he discovered the charm of performing magic tricks for his grandchildren and many others.

In his spare time he also enjoyed traveling around the world, practicing Tai Chi, gardening and fishing.

Read more.

13 August 2019

Thank you to our August 2019 Friends!

Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, The Outerbridges, Ian Crawford, Matt DiSero, James Renoire, Gwyn Auger, Jason Maiuri, Doug Hunt, and David Johnson for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

You too can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

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12 August 2019

Michael Close's August 2019 newsletter

Just finished reading the August newsletter from Michael Close.  You may be interested in:
  • Michael Close has a podcast for subscribers, titled "Conversations with Close."   This month's guest is Paul Vigil. 
  • Introduction to "Targeted Training with Michael Close.”
  • An effect by Paul Vigil, from his performing repertoire!
  • A playing card patent article by Lee Asher.
  • The Art of Conjuring by Mick Ayres.
  • Technically Speaking by by Bruce Kalver.
  • and many other newsworthy tidbits from the magic community!

Sign-up at MichaelClose.com to receive Michael's newsletters. 

10 August 2019

Toronto: The Carnival of Wonders Summer Edition

August 30th and 31st.

From Eventbrite:
Games, prizes, magic, jugglers, drinks, and variety performers you have to see to believe!

The Toronto Magic Company has partnered with The Super Wonder Gallery to bring you:

The Carnival of Wonders SUMMER EDITION - a show & experience unlike anything we've ever done before.

We're transforming a downtown Toronto art gallery into an unforgettable carnival; complete with games, prizes, delicious carnival treats, and interactive exhibits like the worlds smallest haunted house, con games, and a real life "freak" show. 

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Toronto Magic Company Facebook page:

09 August 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: David Johnson

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, David Johnson!  If you happen to find yourself in Kingston please stop by the Kingston Magic Theatre and say hello.

Thank you David, for befriending Canada's Magic!

08 August 2019

Toronto: Save the date for Browsers Bash VI

Browser's Bash logo  
From the Browser's Den Newsletter:

Because of your wonderful ongoing support we are very excited to announce that the 'Browser's Magic Bash 2020' will take place on SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 2020!

TICKETS will go on sale for the 'Bash' at 10am on Monday, September 23, 2019.

07 August 2019

Vancouver: 3 of Clubs 2019

Just announced, 2019 3 of Clubs convention will be held at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre!

From Eventbrite:
The 3 of Clubs Convention gets a new coat of paint in 2019 - restoring the original aim of the Vancouver Magic Circle’s long-standing “Weekend of Magic” to unite the magic community with education and excellence of internationally-renowned talent without breaking the bank!

The Vancouver Magic Circle is thrilled by the return of our very own Billy Hsueh and Alex Zander to spearhead this year’s convention once again. Ring 92’s last 3 of Clubs in 2016 at the “Pink Palace” in Surrey reinvigorated what a local convention could be, and they’re doing it again! But this time it’s even bigger, even better, and even cheaper!

We don’t know how.. but they’ve done it!
With an all-time low early-bird registration rate of only $75 for all 3 days (same early bird rate available to all 3 Clubs) our 2019 convention will be the most affordable in YEARS!
Read more and buy tickets.

From the 3 of Clubs Facebook page:

04 August 2019

Sleightly Sketchy: Magician trading cards [MTC190804]

Imagine if magicians had trading cards.

Did you need all three hints to guess whose trading card back this is?

Sleightly Sketchy: Magician trading cards [MTC190804]

Previously posted:

02 August 2019

Toronto: Golden Age of Magic

From Magicana:
In February 2020, the Golden Age of Magic will once again emerge—this time in Toronto—in the forthcoming exhibition, Illusions: The Art of Magic at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).
Originally curated by Christian Vachon of the McCord Museum in Montreal, and guest curated by Magicana’s artistic director and historian David Ben, the exhibition will showcase fifty-five gorgeous, vintage posters from the Allan Slaight Collection of the McCord Museum. The exhibition celebrates magic’s greatest luminaries, including the one and only Harry Houdini, highlighting photographs, films, documents, autographs and objects once belonging to Houdini.

Read more.

From the Sharing Wonder Twitter feed:

01 August 2019

Studio City: Mahdi Gilbert lecture

From The Magic Apple:
Mahdi Gilbert will be lecturing at The Magic Apple on August 8th!!

Mahdi Gilbert was forced to reinvent magic for himself, literally redefining how a deck of cards can be handled. He performs wonders without hands and walks the Earth without feet and is a walking miracle to everyone he meets. A rare gentleman and scoundrel who palms without palms, shuffles without fingers and is living proof that nothing is impossible.

What will he teach?

“This is my intimate close-up set with cards featuring some of my most powerful material.”
Two Card Transposition, Ambitious Card, Triumph, Card to Pocket, Oil and Water.

Read more.

From The Magic Apple Twitter feed: