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11 January 2011

'Magic really does exist'

From WindsorStar.com:
'Magic really does exist'
Magician puts smiles on sick children's faces

By Frances Willick, Windsor Star January 3, 2011

Read about how magician Ron Gudel visits sick children "every Monday to provide a bit of relief from their pain, boredom and anxiety."

"Almost invariably, the kids respond to the magic tricks with wide eyes, smiles, laughter or rapt attention."
"Though he's skilled at mystifying his audiences with illusions, Gudel says that's not where the real magic lies. "Magic really does exist. And it's not in the tricks nor the sleight of hand, or even in the sleeves, but more in the look of wonder and the smiles on these kids' faces."
Read the full article at WindsorStar.com

[h/t: iTricks.com