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19 August 2018

Dear Micky Hades. From Doug Henning.

From Neil McNally's Twitter feed:
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20 March 2017

44th Magic Collectors Weekend Guests of Honour

From Magicana:
With the 44th Magic Collectors Weekend only two months away, we are pleased announce our Guests of Honor for the Weekend—William (Bill) Kalush and Michael (Micky) Hades.

It may be trite to say, but it is true. With accomplishments so rich, and spanning so many decades, our Guests of Honor need little introduction. Both, in many ways, have changed the course of magic history, particularly for magic collectors and historians.

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30 June 2012

Micky Hades: Lifetime Achievement Award

From the Canadian Association of Magicians:
Canadian legend Micky Hades was honoured by the CAM at it’s annual convention in Hamilton Ontario with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to magic in Canada and around the world. Micky was unable to attend the convention so it fell to CAM Board of Director and owner of the Vanishing Rabbit Magic shop, Brent Smith, to arrange for a fitting evening in Micky’s home-town to celebrate and present the award.

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05 May 2012

CAM Awards

With thanks to Doug Cuff from for live tweeting the awards presentation at the convention!  (And for live tweeting the rest of the convetion too!)