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27 November 2016

Broken wand: Anatole Corriveau

Phil Matlin, from Perfect Magic, tells me that Judge Anatole Corriveau attended many Magie Montréal conventions.  From Phil:
At one point we asked him to be judge for the contests. He laughed and asked if he had to wear his robe. Of course he accepted and he turned out to be one the best judges we ever had. His approach to judging was so different from what we were used to, but it all made sense. His commentaries about the contests were a joy to read and most of all very informative clear and concise. We learned a lot from him.
Thanks for sharing your memories, Phil.


From the Fédération des coopératives funéraires du Québec:
Au CHUL, le 2 juillet 2016, à l’âge de 90 ans, est décédé l’Honorable juge Anatole Corriveau, époux de feu madame Marie-Berthe Rousseau. Il demeurait à Québec.

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With thanks to Dennis Schick from the IBM for sending this information along.