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25 October 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Richard Hough

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, Richard Hough!

Based out of Vancouver, Richard appreciates that magic performances bring wonder and mystery into our lives.

You can follow him on Twitter @DourHighArch.

Thank you Richard, for becoming an official Friend of Canada's Magic!

09 October 2019

Welcoming back a new Friend: John Smithman

Welcoming our newest Friend, John Smithman!

You may remember that back in 2015 John was the Vancouver Magic Circle Membership Chair and is an avid photographer.  In addition, he is also the founder of Champions in the Workplace Training & Development, an established workplace coach, trainer and author  of "Workplace Champion By Example."

John's relocated to Ontario and we hope he enjoys the Central Canada magic scene as much as he did the West Coast!

Thank you John, for being an official Friend of Canada's Magic!

27 August 2019

Welcoming a new patron: The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

Welcome to our newest sponsor, The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop!


Brent Smith opened The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary on June 27, 2000.  The shop was originally in a residential neighborhood.  Its first inventory order was from Herb Morrissey in Toronto and his first hosted lecture was Tony Eng from Victoria.

Brent started the shop so that there would "be a place where IBM meetings could be held and have a permanent home, magicians could come and jam and magicians could meet magicians."*

Magicians who have honed their skills at Brent's shop?  Names like Chris Mayhew, Tyler Wilson, Gwyn Auger, and Donovan Deschner!

Visit The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop at Vanishingrabbit.com on Facebook or on Instagram.

Thank you to The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop, for your sponsorship of Canada's Magic!

* Smith, Brent. "Bricks 'N Mortars." Canadian Association of Magicians Spring 2019 23(1):22

18 August 2019

Welcoming a new patron: Ty Reveen

Welcome to our newest sponsor,  Ty Reveen!

Based out of New Brunswick, you may know Ty is following in his father's footsteps with a new “Superconscious Journey” into the marvels of the human mind with “Reveen” The Legend Continues!

Ty toured with his dad (Peter) for more than 30 years, performing with him for approximately 3000 shows.  He learned his lessons well, as "the 'new' Reveen Show has become the 'highest grossing' show of its kind performing in front of 'sold out' audiences coast to coast throughout Canada’s top entertainment circuit."

Catch “Reveen” The Legend Continues on tour this Fall.  Ty starts his tour with 15 shows at the PNE in Vancouver.

On September 28th you can catch him at the Capitol theatre in New Brunswick on September 28th.

On October 3rd he'll be in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Keep an eye out for more dates and places to be revealed!

Visit Ty's website at https://reveen.website/ subscribe to his YouTube channel or
follow him on Facebook.

Thank you Ty, for your sponsorship of Canada's Magic!

09 August 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: David Johnson

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, David Johnson!  If you happen to find yourself in Kingston please stop by the Kingston Magic Theatre and say hello.

Thank you David, for befriending Canada's Magic!

06 June 2019

Welcoming a new patron: Tricky Fingers

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Tricky Fingers!

Based out of Kelowna, the online magic store Tricky Fingers is run by Kray Mitchell.

Regular readers of the blog will know that earlier this year Kray also started Illusionary Canada, "a community resource meant to get more recognition, and to build an archive, of Canadian talent and other resources." Under that umbrella he's started the Illusionary Podcast  where he talks "to Canadian magical practitioners about careers, influence and magic."  To date he's interviewed Billy Kidd, Josh Janousky, Carisa Hendrix, Todd Shapiro, Julie Eng , Danny Kazam, Gwyn Auger, and Sawyer Bullock.

Visit Tricky Fingers at TrickyFingers.ca or Illusionary at Illusionary.ca

Thank you Tricky Fingers, for your sponsorship of Canada's Magic!

23 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Doug Hunt

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Doug Hunt!

Based out of Brantford, Doug has been a long-time reader of the blog. I first met Doug at one of the first CAM conventions.  You may know him as the holder of multiple Guinness World Records!
2002-09-14 - Doug took 29 independent steps on stilts made of carbon fibre, measuring 50 feet 9 inches in length and weighing a combined 137 pounds. [Records for heaviest stilts and for tallest stilts mastered.]  This record setting event raised over $75,000 for Participation House.

2008-05-15 - Doug Hunt set his 3rd Guinness World Record: He led 625 people (mostly students from North Park Collegiate High School in Brantford, ON) all on stilts simultaneously 100m. [Record for most people simultaneously walking on stilts.  (This was recognized by "Ripley's Believe It or Not" with a cartoon of Doug!  It is also listed in the "Book of Alternative Records."]

Doug received the 2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal and the 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, the 2014 Brantford Kiwanis Walter Zeller Fellowship Award, the 2017 Canada & Ontario 150 coin, and the 2018 Brant Community Foundation Kindness Award!

Visit Doug's websites at DougTheGreat.com and DougHuntSpeaker.com.

Thank you Doug, for befriending Canada's Magic

14 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Jason Maiuri

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Jason Maiuri!

Based out of Niagara Falls, Jason has been a long-time reader of the blog. Jason's experience includes touring with Claude Haggerty Magic, working with Frederic Clement, working as a scenic carpenter and stage electrician at the Shaw Festival, and working for Greg Frewin.

Jason is developing a "Magic is Medicine" act to present to dialysis patients as a way to help pass the time during their long four hour treatments.  (This is a project close to the heart for Jason as he lives with kidney disease and is dependent upon hemodialysis.)

He is very grateful for his mentoring from Ken McCreedy.

Visit Jason's website at  https://www.magician.org/member/jasonmaiuri

Thank you Jason, for befriending Canada's Magic

09 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Gwyn Auger

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Gwyn Auger!

Based out of Calgary, you may know Gwyn as The Magic Assistant.  She has been a long-time supporter of the blog (in 2015 she offered up a prize for you dear readers).   In 2011 she published "How to Be A Wizard of Odd."  Gwyn's also written a number of articles for Vanish Magazine. In 2014 and 2015 she took home the prize for "Best Assistant" at the PCAM conventions, and earned silver medals in both 2016 & 2017!  Gwyn co-created WowFest - Calgary’s Magical Arts Festival and she’s on the social media team for the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
In addition, Gwyn was recently featured in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's Alumni Link. You can hear her interviews with Dave Attwood (2014), FCM Video (2014), Beyond Fame (2019), About to Break with Taylor Hughes (2019) and Illusionary (2019).  (Keep an ear out for an upcoming Newman and Price podcast interview too!)

Visit Gwyn's website at TheMagicAssistant.com
or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @magicassistant

Thank you Gwyn, for befriending Canada's Magic

06 March 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: James Renoire

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, James Renoire!

When a boyhood interest in Magic intersected with landing the lead part of a magician in a school production, James was firmly sent on his journey in the performing arts.

Actor, Author, Chavez student, Composer, Magician, Musician, Producer, James has loved them all - but now he’s semi-retired, and has reprioritized Magic as his primary passion. Instrumental in the 2015 revival of Montreal's IBM Ring #62 and founder of the Canadian College of Magic℠ James also heads up the Magicians.Agency as well as the Abracadabra.Boutique.

Follow James on Instagram or visit his website at Renoire.com

Thank you James, for befriending Canada's Magic!

12 September 2018

Welcoming a new Friend: Matt DiSero

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, Matt DiSero!

I first met Matt during the early days of the Magical Arts Festival in Toronto somewhere around the turn of the century.  I remember walking to a show at Big Daddy's Crab Shack And Oyster Bar from the parking lot near The Charlotte Room and having the good fortune to have as company Matt, Julie Eng, and David Peck.

I've been joyfully entertained by Matt (and Hartnell) at numerous "Magic Tonight" events and other such productions in and around the Toronto area.

You may have seen Matt on the 2016 season of Penn and Teller's Fool Us, or heard him interviewed by David Peck or the "Discourse in Magic" crew.  You can check out his blog at http://www.mattdisero.com/blog/

Catch Matt, along with Glenn Ottaway and James Alan in "Magic Tonight: The grumpy old men of magic" on September 15th. 

Thank you Matt, for befriending Canada's Magic!

08 June 2018

Welcoming a new Friend: Ryan Pilling

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, Ryan Pilling!

Ryan is a Calgary based comedy magician, who among other fabulous accomplishments, has spearheaded the WowFest magic festival for the past 6 years!  Ryan also writes a column for the CAM publication, Northern Peeks.

Subscribe to "Ryan's Tips & Tricks for Magicians," Like him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter @WowRyan.

Thank you Ryan, for befriending Canada's Magic!

06 June 2018

Welcoming a new Friend: Owen Anderson

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, Owen Anderson!

My first memory of Owen was sitting with him at the excellent Victor and Diamond lecture during the last NYCAN hosted in Toronto.   Owen emceed the inaugural CAMaraderie convention in 2001.  I'm grateful for the time he photographed me with Harry Anderson.

Based out of Hamilton, Owen is a frequent attendee at Toronto magic lectures.  You can follow him on Twitter @OwenTAnderson.

Thank you Owen, for befriending Canada's Magic!

08 March 2018

Welcoming a new patron: "Salem Burning!"

Welcome to our newest sponsor, "Salem Burning!"

A Magical New Novel By Daniel Sugar
Available Exclusively On Amazon

About the author:
Daniel Sugar has written for a number of celebrities and for several TV shows, including “The Tonight Show, With Jay Leno.” He has always been fascinated by witches, witchcraft, the Salem witch trials, and the French Revolution. “Salem Burning” is his first novel. He is currently working on the sequel, “The Witch And The Guillotine.”

* This book is intended for mature audiences.

Thank you Daniel, for your sponsorship of this website!

09 November 2017

Welcoming a new Friend: Ian Crawford

Welcoming our newest Friend, Ian Crawford!

I first met Ian at a Ring 17 meeting back in the day. (If I recall correctly, we pledged in the same year. This may have been when the club was meeting at a venue close to a Pickle Barrel, but I digress.)

Performing a literacy based show as "Magic Ian," he has shared his love of magic with thousands of children over the years.  By day Ian is a partner in an Executive Development and Human Resources Company.  A few years back, he kindly wrote us a guest post about Steve Cohen's performance at Luminto. Ian currently sits on the Ring 17 executive as the Sergeant at Arms.

Thank you Ian, for befriending Canada's Magic!

25 January 2017

Welcoming a new patron: Michael Close

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Michael Close!

Michael was born in Cleveland, raised in Indiana, lived and worked in Las Vegas for twelve years, and now lives in Toronto.

He is the author of the Workers series and other ebooks and is regarded as one of the top close-up magicians in the world. Additionally, he is the editor of M-U-M, the magazine of The Society of American Magicians.

Be sure to check out the once-in-a-lifetime weekend workshop with Johnny Thompson that Michael is offering this spring.

Thank you Michael, for your sponsorship of this website!

07 November 2016

Welcoming new Friends: The Outerbridges

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friends, The Outerbridges!

I first met Ted and Marion Outerbridge at Sorcerers Safari a couple of summers back.  You may have seen them at the IBM convention in Jacksonville in 2015, or this past year in the Grand Gala performance at the CAMaraderie Convention/Festival de magie de Québec, or at at SAM New York's "2016 Salute to Magic."

I had the pleasure of seeing their full stage show earlier this year, and attending their recent lecture at IBM Ring 17.  They are truly a talented and delightful duo!  (As an aside, it's worth the price of admission to see Ted sporting the "mirror ball" jacket hand crafted by Marion.  Photos do not do it justice.  It is absolutely eye-popping and dazzling!)

Thank you Marion and Ted, for becoming official Friends of Canada's Magic!

31 October 2015

Welcoming a new Friend: Joan Caesar

Welcoming our newest Friend, Joan Caesar!

I first met Joan at a Morrissey Magic anniversary party in 1997.  (Looking back, it seems like I spent a lot of time at that shop.)  Joan was looking for members for a new organization called The Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM), created so that Canadian magicians could compete at FISM under the Canadian flag rather than that of another country. Not only did she keep CAM running smoothly, Joan went on to become president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians 2008-2009.

Thank you Joan, for becoming an official Friend of Canada's Magic!

28 October 2015

Welcoming a new Friend: Richard Lyn

Welcoming our newest Friend, Richard Lyn!

I first had the pleasure of watching Richard, aka Tricky Ricky, perform at a Morrissey Magic anniversary party.  It was an impromptu performance for Richard.  He kindly filled in for some of the scheduled performers who were stuck in a massive traffic snarl on the QEW.  Between his Saturday shows, Richard had come by the store to say hi.  Richard brought out his talented rabbit (Lucy at the time) and had the audience, especially the children, rolling in the aisles with laughter.  I also saw Tricky Ricky perform with similar results at Magicana's show Piff Paff Poof in 2011.

Richard certainly knows what makes children laugh!

Thank you Richard, for becoming an official Friend of Canada's Magic!

27 May 2015

Welcoming a new Friend: John Harrison

Welcoming our newest Friend, John Harrison!

John is a longtime magic enthusiast from Creemore, Ontario. One of his favourite places to be is Canada's oldest magic shop, The Browser's Den of Magic. In John's words, "the world needs brick and mortar magic shops in it." [Editor's note: I agree.]

Thank you John, for becoming an official Friend of Canada's Magic!