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14 February 2019

New York: Farquhar and Hendrix in Salute to Magic

From SAM Parent Assembly #1:
Asi Wind, Shawn Farquhar, Lucy Darling and Bobby Torkova Amaze Audiences March 30 in the Salute to Magic Show in Manhattan

Since its start in 1909 the Salute to Magic show has provided New York audiences the opportunity to enjoy the amazing talent of some of magic’s biggest names. This year’s show features a program of internationally renowned performers who are among today’s most innovative and accomplished conjurors. We will also honor magician David Kaye for his significant influence on the field of children’s magic and for his leadership of the Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians.

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From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

23 April 2015

New York City: Elliott Smith

With quotes from Shawn Farquhar.

From the Ottawa Community News:
Barrhaven magician Elliott Smith is an old hand at slights of hand.

He has cast spells on audiences for 42 years, and he is now poised to execute a feat accomplished by only one magician before him.

On May 13, Smith will perform his comedic magic act as headliner at the legendary Friars Club in New York City in a show hosted by Jerry Lewis.

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30 October 2014

Lecture: Mayhew Mayhem

In conjunction with Chris Mayhew's four show run in New York City, Chris is also giving a lecture.

From The Daily Deception:
Saturday November 8th

MAYhew MAYhem Lecture

Magic is not only a profession for Chris Mayhew, it’s a way of life. Throughout the past decade Chris Mayhew has developed a beautifully unique way to create, perform and entertain with magic which has garnered him a reputation, world-wide. He will disarm you, charm you, and make you laugh out loud with his uniquely entertaining brand of magic.

One of Canada’s most innovative and prolific magicians, Chris Mayhew creates new magic experiences like nothing you’ve seen before. Inspired, hilarious, and bold; his effects will leave you both amazed and amused.

The MAYhew MAYhem lecture consists of two parts. The first comes straight from the Mayhew working repertoire. You’re guaranteed to pick up a gem.

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29 January 2014

New York: Paul Vigil and Ben Train lecture

From The Daily Deception:
February 16th

After Paul finishes his lecture, we will take a small break to walk around and practice. Then coming off of his European lecture tour we will have Ben Train who steps up and starts his own lecture.

A bit about Ben Train...

Since finishing sixth in a “Ben Train” look-alike contest, Ben Train has devoted over ten years to lecturing and performing across North America. Combining sophisticated sleight-of-hand, unique philosophical insight, and a wikipedic knowledge of the arts, Ben talks the talk, walks the walk, and rocks the flock.

Ben’s material has been featured in every major magic publication (including Genii, The Linking Ring, Magic Magazine, and MUM), and his critically acclaimed DVDs and books have been flying off magic stores shelves around the world. Magicians everywhere are trying to be more like Ben, and soon you will be, too – leaving him with no hope in next year’s look-alike event.

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01 June 2012

New York: Bill Abbott lecture and workshop

From Tannen's:
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
The Lecture Includes:
• 6 Complete Stand-Up Routines that feature General Magic, Geek Magic and Mentalism, are performed as a full show and then explained.
• The Theory of The Pack Smart Play Anywhere approach is discussed, examined and demonstrated during the performance.
• How to develop your own Pack Smart Play Anywhere Show to take with you on your next flight, throw into the glove box of your car or perform at your next paid function.
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Sunday, June 10th, 2012
Along with this workshop and some consistent practice you will be adding The Thing to your working repertoire sooner than you think. Whether The Thing is already part of your act and you want to improve or you want to start from scratch this workshop will have enough information and personal instruction to help you on your way. 
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16 April 2012

Train and Mayhew: Playing with your pack

From Ben Train:
Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that’s fun to do. Using material from their critically acclaimed books, DVDs, downloads, and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train and Chris Mayhew will help you discover strong magic that’s not just fun to watch, but fun to perform as well!
Upcoming dates:
  • CAM Convention: May 3rd to 5th, 2012
  • Ottawa, ON: Tuesday May 15th, 2012
  • Montreal: Thursday May 17th, 2012
  • Quebec City, QC: Sunday May 20th, 2012
  • Boston, MA: Tuesday May 22nd, 2012
  • New York, NY: Saturday May 26th, 2012
  • King of Prussia, PA: Tuesday May 29th, 2012
  • Baltimore, MA: Wednesday May 30th, 2012
  • The TFD Convention, Ohio: July 13-14, 2012
  • Columbus, Ohio: Monday July 16th, 2012
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