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15 March 2015

Leonora Husveti-Frenette in the Bradford Times

From the Bradford Times:
Leonora Husveti-Frenette comes from a family of artists. 
Her mother was a noted tapestry artist; her father is Dr. Alex Husveti – not only a surgeon and general practitioner, but an internationally-acclaimed artist, and founder of the Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada association. 
But she never thought of herself in terms of the visual arts. She was involved in dance, poetry, assisted her husband in his magic illusions, designed her own home - “and then boom – the visual, it suddenly grabbed me.” 
A few years ago, Leonora Husveti-Frenette suddenly found herself drawn to collage, as a result of an emotional time her life. She discovered, “I’m able to express emotion through this medium!”, and immediately began to create collages that were unique, and transformative. 
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