What is Canada's Magic?
Canada's Magic provides links to information about Canadian magicians and magic happening in Canada.

What it isn't:

  1. This site is not intended to be a comprehensive list of any performer's schedule (shows or lectures).
    Performers are welcome to submit summaries of their schedules (shows or lectures) once every three months.
  2. This site is not a national organization for magicians.  The national organization is the Canadian Association of Magicians, which is "dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of magic and magicians in Canada."
  3. This site is not intended to be a listing of Canadian magicians.  (There is The Directory of Canadian Magicians, a directory of magicians in Canada and the Canadian Magicians Archive.)
  4. This site is NOT affiliated with CanadaMagicShop.com.

If we don't know about it, we can't post it.   Email us at "canadasmagic at gmail dot com" with comments or suggestions.


How you can help:

People have asked if there's anything they can do to support this project.  Absolutely yes!  (And thank you!)

To show your support for this project:
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