28 February 2023

Rod Chow and The Magic Demon to discuss Houdini in Vancouver on CBC Radio One Vancouver

Rod Chow will join The Magic Demon in studio today to discuss Houdini in Vancouver on CBC Radio One Vancouver (on line and locally at 88.1 FM and 690 AM) at 5:20 pm PT (8:20 pm ET)

Top 5 posts in February 2023

There were 39 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the five most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Ontario: Nicholas Wallace presents A Work of Fiction (and Strange and Unusual) [Feb - May] - Keep an eye on Nick's socials.  Sometimes there are contests for free tickets!
4. [Guest post] Houdini in Vancouver: part 1 - 100 years ago, Houdini performed in Vancouver!
3. New Westminster: Cabaret of Wonders [Feb 27] - How was the show?

2. Moncton, Niagara Falls (and possibly Halifax): Piff the Magic Dragon [Apr 29, May 21 - 22] - Keep your eyes on Piff's website for added tour dates!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Torino: Michel Huot at the Masters of Magic World Convention 2023 [May 11 - 14] - Who's going?








[Guest post] 100th anniversary of Houdini appearing in Vancouver, BC

Edited at 8:30am to add the link to the article "Houdini's daring Vancouver escape was 100 years ago this week" by Michelle Gomez and Andrew Kurjata, published today on the CBC website.


The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon.



It was one hundred years ago today (Feb 28th, 1923) that the legendary Harry Houdini made his one and only stop over in Vancouver BC for three days and four nights of thrilling vaudeville shows which were prefaced by his awesome upside down straight-jacket release while hanging high above an outdoor street crowd estimated in the thousands.

Canada's Magic provided reconstituted coverage of the auspicious event on its 94th anniversary, which you can find here: [Guest post] Houdini in Vancouver: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, and part 7.

CBC Radio One Vancouver (on line and locally at 88.1 FM and 690 AM) plans to mark the memorable occasion with a brief interview about Houdini in Vancouver with our very own Magic Demon, author of our reconstituted coverage. It's scheduled for today, Tuesday Feb. 28th at 5:20 pm PT (8:20 pm ET) although it is subject to last minute changes as the CBC Radio One afternoon program, On The Coast, provides updated breaking news which may even pre-empt the irrepressible Houdini!

There has also been an accompanying on-line print interview by CBC Vancouver reporter Michelle Gomez about Houdini in Vancouver which will also appear on the CBC News site. You can also find it by googling the reporter's name and adding Houdini in Vancouver.
[Edited to add:  Here's the link to the CBC article "Houdini's daring Vancouver escape was 100 years ago this week"]

So happy 100th anniversary Harry! We trust you enjoyed your time visiting Vancouver as much as Vancouver enjoyed hosting you. I'm sure you'd be beyond pleased to know we remember you and we're still talking about you.

- The Magic Demon


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!





27 February 2023

Meaford, Elgin, Richmond Hill, Aurora, and Georgina: Peter Mennie [Mar 13, 14, 15, & 17]

From the February 9th Instagram post by Peter Mennie:

I'll be going through some stages during March Break!


Contact each venue for tickets.








26 February 2023

Connie Boyd receives Valentine Award from Nick Lewin and Vanish

Congratulations Connie!


From the February 14th Facebook post by Nick Lewin:

Happy Valentine's Day! I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Valentine Awards from Vanish Magazine and myself.





24 February 2023

Windsor: Magical Cabaret with special guest Chris Philpott [Mar 5]

From the February 17th Facebook post by Scott Rawlings:

Just In special guest magician coming to Magical Cabaret Chris Philpott  on MARCH 5TH .

Magical Cabaret - Live Show and Banquet Dinner

Sunday March 5, 3:00 pm, Rockstar Music Hall

Chris is also an award-winning film and TV screenwriter and director who’s made three feature films and written scripts for producers such as Brad Fischer (Shutter Island), Paul Schiff (Maid in Manhattan) and Taka Ichise (The Grudge).

Chris brings a filmmaker’s eye and a story-teller’s skill to magic, constantly searching for new ways to add drama, emotion, humor and visual interest to his effects. His insights might just change the way you think about magic!




23 February 2023

Scotland: Shazam! at Flux [Mar 3]

Tickets at Flux Brewing

From the February 17th Instagram post by Fluxbrews:

SHAZAM AT FLUX: A magic & mind reading experience / MAR 3

Join us for a mind bending night of magic and mentalism featuring 3 incredible performers💥👇

@awesomemikemagic “10x Guinness world record holder”
@rehandcrafted “Canada’s top mentalist”
@graemazing - “Level 7 Wizard”

The show is on Friday March 3 from 7:30-9pm. Tickets are 25 bucks which includes the show and your first beer.

There are limited spots available, hit the link in our bio to secure your tickets!




22 February 2023

Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky

A new theme in this occasional series of sleightly sketchy thoughts.  


Introducing Tricky Sticky!

  • Can you identify the stick figure magician?
  • Get a new clue in each of the following images! 
  • Were you right? Leave a comment with the number of clues you needed!

Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky


Here we go!

Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky


Clue 1


Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky








Clue 2


Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky









Clue 3 (final)


Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky


Spoiler alert!


Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky



Sleightly Sketchy: Introducing Tricky Sticky


Were you right? Leave a comment with the number of clues you needed!






21 February 2023

Richmond Hill: Dave Curran [Feb 25]

From the February 16th Facebook post by Dave Curran:

I'll be on stage at Jokers Theatre & Comedy Club on Saturday February 25th. Tickets are on sale now!





20 February 2023

19 February 2023

Penn and Teller: Fool Us casting for season 10

From the February 18th Instagram post by  PTFoolUs:

It’s a mystery no more! The magic door is open! Send us your season 10 tricks.
Fooluscasting @ gmail . com. Thank you!!!





Lon Mandrake in The Runner

From the February 12th article "Lon Mandrake brings magic to KPU TALK event" by Kyler Emerson in The Runner:

On Feb. 10 as a part of KPU’s Third Age Learning at Kwantlen (TALK) program, Lon and his wife, Linda, gave a presentation about Leon’s life, Lon’s experience growing up around magic shows, and performed one themselves.  

Whereas his father started magic performances at a young age, Lon did his first show at age 38. Some of the students Lon taught at the time asked him why he didn’t do magic like Leon, and after he dreamt about performing magic that night, he performed some the next class.

“It really blew their minds because everything had worked really well,” Lon said. “They dropped a sledgehammer on me and I was doing various kinds of mental effects where you read their minds.”

He’s been performing ever since.

In 2018, Lon and his wife Linda collaborated together to write the book The Real Mandrake the Magician, a biography that describes Leon’s career through over 100 photos and text of behind the scenes stories. 

Read more.








18 February 2023

Fraser Valley Magic Circle award winners

Congratulations to all of the winners!


From the February 11th Instagram post by Mike Nordon:

What a fun evening at the Fraser Valley Magic Circle meeting tonight!

Hosted by Gord Boyes we held a completion called “Poo Onna Stick” (POS for short) in honour of Steve Dickson ❤️

The theme this year was ‘impersonations’

The winner was …Gord Boyes with a Naughty Mr Rogers act!

We also did our awards night and congrats to:
  • Wes Barker - for winning the Showmanship Award
  • Rob Teszka - for winning the Creativity Award
  • Glen LaBarre for being awarded the Celeste Evans Award
  • And to Gord Boyes again for being award the prestigious Presidents Award!

Plus our Appreciation Awards were awarded to:
  • Donna May Boyes
  • Rod Chow
  • Chuck Daniel
  • Camille Atebe

Thank you everyone who attended!

Next month the meeting is moved to March 3rd and will also be helped at Gord’s house!



SAM #95 award winners

Congratulations to all of the winners!

From the February 8th Facebook post by Rod Chow:

SAM #95 dinner and awards night tonight at Stefanos.  Delicious dinner, wonderful company, great magic and well deserving recipients of all the different awards and recognition.  

Congratulations to Simon Cassegrain and David Parker who received their SAM membership pins and certificates, Lorena Watters, who was awarded the Lottie Hemeon Award for best assistant, Rod Chow who was awarded the Leon Mandrake Award for Magical Entertainment, and Glen LaBarre who was awarded the Carl Hemeon Award of Excellence.  All well deserving recipients. 

Special awards of recognition was also presented to Lon Mandrake and Rod Chow by President Chris Yuill, for their years of service to the club.  Rod Chow, National President of the SAM also presented a Presidential Citation to Lon Mandrake.  Congratulations to everyone.

We were very fortunate to have in attendance tonight, Lon Mandrake, SAM Canadian RVP, Shawn Farquhar, Dean of SAM #95, Rod Chow, National President SAM, Billy Hsueh, International President IBM, and Chris Yuill, President of SAM #95.





17 February 2023

Winnipeg: Reveen [Feb 17]

Tickets at Casinos of Winnipeg.


From the February 13th Facebook post by Reveen The Legend Continues:

Feb 17th | Club Regent Event Centre | Winnipeg, MB




16 February 2023

Toronto, Markham, Milton, and London: Kent Axell [Feb 16 - 19]

From Kent Axell Jr's February 10th Facebook cover photo:





Torino: Michel Huot at the Masters of Magic World Convention 2023 [May 11 - 14]

From the January 2nd Instagram post by Masters of Magic:

🇬🇧 DISCOVER THE CAST: Michel Huot! ✨

Even though he started magic in his twenties, Michel Huot quickly became a true professional and has been one of Montreal’s busiest corporate magicians of the past 20 years. He lectured all around the globe and his Penguin lecture is one of the underground’s best. 🚀





15 February 2023

Ontario: The Jason Bishop Show [Mar 7 - 14]

From The Jason Bishop Show:

Owen Sound - 03/07/23      

  • OSCVI Community Auditorium
  • proceeds benefit Canadian Cancer Society

Brantford - 03/08/23        

  • Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts
  • proceeds benefit Canadian Cancer Society

Burlington -03/10/23      

  • The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Markham - 03/11/23

  • Flato Markham Theatre

Belleville - 03/14/23

  • Maranatha Christian Reformed Church
  • in support of Make-A-Wish Canada

Read more and buy tickets.






13 February 2023

Hamilton: Smooth Comedy (and magic!) [Feb 24]

From the February 7th Instagram post by Smooth Comedy:

the comedy show that all the mom blogs have been talking about is back! tell your grade 6 best friend it’s time to reunite at the only show that will make your tummy hurt…in a GOOD way! Let’s smile and lol etc etc

Tickets are 3% sold right now! Let’s get that to 5-8% sold by the end of the week! TICKET LINK IN BIO! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This months performers




hosted by two broken fishing rods (@darrenjmenezes @kymwyattmckenzie )



12 February 2023

Michael Craig Francis: Guinness World Record (farthest distance to "walk the dog" with a yo-yo)

Congratulations Michael!


From the February 3rd Instagram post by Michael Craig Francis:

Just broke my 12th Guinness World Record at 91.5 the beat!!!!!!
The farthest distance to "walk the dog" with a yo-yo is now 32 feet!!!





This brings the number of Canadian World Record holding magicians to fifteen! 

  • Doug The Great:  Heaviest Stilts Mastered.  [Guinness World Record]
  • Scott Hammell:  Highest Suspension Straitjacket Escape. [Guinness World Record]
  • Lucas Wilson:  Fastest Suspension Straitjacket Escape. [Guinness World Record - 2011]
  • Carisa Hendrix:  Longest duration fire torch teething. [Guinness World Record - 2012]
  • Michael Francis:  Most one-handed coin rolls in a minute. [Guinness World Record - 2013], and The farthest distance to "walk the dog" with a yo-yo. [Guinness World Record - 2023]
  • Mark Correia:  Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket. [World Record - 2014] 
  • The Sentimentalists:  (Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay) Most items transferred from one mentalist to another.  [World Record - 2017] 
  • Gordon Precious:  Oldest heli-skier [World Record - 2019]
  • Big Trick Energy: (Led by Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer) The largest online video chain of people performing a magic trick.  [Guinness World Record - 2021]
  • Rod Chow:  Owner of the World's Narrowest Commercial Building  [Guinness World Record - 2021]
  • Aaron Matthews and Christoper Campbell: First Danger and Thrill Show performed within the Metaverse.  [Online World Record - 2021]



11 February 2023

Moncton, Niagara Falls (and possibly Halifax): Piff the Magic Dragon [Apr 29, May 21 - 22]

Updated March 12th to add:


Tickets at Casino NB [Apr 29] and Fallsview Casino [May 21 -23].

Read A peek behind the curtain with Piff the Magic Dragon) where we learn about Piff's:
first memory of magic
- inspirations
- take on Canadian audiences
- connection to Canadian magic
- most memorable touring misadventure
- pre-show rituals, and
mental health tips


This January 24th Tweet by Piff may also be of interest:



From the January 27th Facebook post by Conjurers' Court:



From the February 7th Tweet by Fallsview Casino:



10 February 2023