31 January 2022

Top 5 posts in January 2022

There were 23 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Shawn Farquhar at The Magic Inn [Feb 24] - Looks like a great line up for the event!
4. The Amazing Randi in the Beach Metro - With a connection to Nightmare Alley!
3. In memoriam 2021 - Remember.
2. Mandrake the Magician in the Comic Book Bin - A great read!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Broken wand: Len Lauk - Our sincere condolences to Len's family and friends.


28 January 2022

Mark Clearview in VITA Daily

From the January 24th article "Mark Clearview Makes Magic" in VITA Daily

You are quite the accomplished magician! From Times Square to Michelin restaurants to Penn & Teller, what has been your favourite venue or show to perform?

Some say I’m the MOST accomplished magician. But they’re very incorrect. I’ve been lucky enough to perform in plenty of bucket list venues. My favourite place to perform in terms of audiences and history is the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood. It’s the most magical place on earth, not Disney. My favourite place to perform in terms of trying new material is Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC. Something about a dark comedy club that gets my stomach all a flutter. And I don’t think it’s just the food in Times Square.

Do you have an all-time favourite or signature magic trick?

I was first known as that guy who spent two weeks in a straitjacket (setting a world record for the longest time in a straitjacket), but now I’m known for my stupider effects. Turning an egg into a rotisserie chicken or teleporting a signed business card into an urn of my grandfather’s ashes.

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27 January 2022

Toronto: Scott McClelland's Reliquary [Mar 9-13]

From the January 25th Facebook post by Scott McClelland:

After 10 Years of waiting... I have created a NEW Production called the RELIQUARY. This is a brand new Show that will be premiering in Toronto at the Red Sandcastle Theatre on March 9th and running until the 13th!

This is a completely NEW idea in the world of performance... a Show that blurs the lines of reality and is a tip of the hat to great Horror Movie Classics! Mixing the Supernatural with Horror and Magic... if you are in the Toronto region this is your chance to see this ground breaking production in a beautiful intimate setting.

Ticket are On Sale Now!






26 January 2022

ICYMI: Alex Boyer's "Fool Us" performance from January 7th

From the January 8th upload on Alex Boyer's YouTube channel:

Penn and Teller Fool us: ALEX BOYER performs THE most dangerous magic trick ever!

What an amazing abs unforgettable time I had performing for some of the world’s best magicians! My goal was to create something unique, as you can see that’s exactly what I did! Thanks to all of you for watching and thanks to all the people who made this possible! Truly a dream come true! I’m freaking out! Xo 

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25 January 2022

Mia's Magical Night fundraiser with the Toronto Magic Company [Feb 6]

From Chai Lifeline Canada:

On the occasion of my Bat Mitzvah, I have chosen to support the important work of Chai Lifeline Canada. Chai Lifeline is devoted to supporting children and families facing illness. For over 15 years they have given thousands of families across Canada the concrete services and emotional support that enables patients, siblings and parents to find joy in their lives.  My goal is to raise $18,000.00 to provide critical support services, including therapy, to children as well providing funding so that families can create some long lasting and special memories through experiences.
Families coming together and laughing is something we can all enjoy.  On Sunday February 6th, please join me as The Toronto Magic Company delights us with their UNBELIEVABLE virtual magic show that has been entertaining thousands across the globe.  Ben Train and Jonah Babins will mesmerize us and it is definitely something you won’t want to miss!

An Interactive Virtual Magic Show for all ages!

Date: February 6, 2022

Read more and buy tickets.




21 January 2022

The Amazing Randi in the Beach Metro

You may recall that Michael Close and the Evasons consulted for the film Nightmare Alley.


From the January 11th article "Reel Beach: Born in the Beach, The Amazing Randi was a top magician and crusader against fraudsters" by Bernie Fletcher in the Beach Metro:

In Nightmare Alley Bradley Cooper plays a carnival huckster who learns the art of deceit and becomes a nightclub mind reader. The clothes are fancier, but he uses the same old tricks.

The film is based on the dark 1946 novel by William Lindsay Gresham (1909-1962), an amateur magician who was fascinated by the carny underworld. Like Harry Houdini before him, Gresham exposed many of the techniques used by phony spiritualists and psychics.

In 1959 Gresham wrote a biography of Houdini and dedicated his book to “the greatest living escape artist, The Amazing Randi” magician James Randi who helped him with the illusions.

Randi began life in 1928 as Randall James Zwinge (rhymes with “Swingy”) in the newly-built Victoria Park Apartments on Queen Street East near Willow Avenue, which was just down the street from the Prince of Wales Theatre (now the Fox).

A century ago streetcars came all the way out to the new Neville Park Loop and spurred a building boom along the eastern end of Queen Street.


Life comes full circle. Nightmare Alley was filmed at the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant (originally the Victoria Park Filtration Plant) just down the street from Randi’s first home. In 1928 the waterworks were still a dream in the eyes of Neville Park Boulevard resident R. C. Harris; a vision of clean, safe water for Toronto.

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From the January 12th Facebook post by The Society of American Magicians:

20 January 2022

Shawn Farquhar at The Magic Inn [Feb 24]

From The Magic Inn

The Magic Inn started at the start of the pandemic as a social way to interact with other entertainers around the world.​

The concept started as a online virtual venue, unlike something that is managed by a magic clubs or companies, we are a group of magicians with an aim to wanting to bring people together globally through the online environment and also have fun in the process.

Read more and buy tickets.


From the January 8th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:



19 January 2022

Visual effects supervisor Adrien Saint Girons mentions Chris Ramsay

From the January 14th article "Here’s how math art inspired the mirror verse moments in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’" by Ian Failes at Befores and Afters:

b&a: Tell me about that artefact, first?

Adrien Saint Girons: We designed that. That was, very bizarrely, one of the things that we spent a lot of time on. You wouldn’t think it, but it was a very time consuming process. It took a lot of iterations to come up with exactly the right look and the right mechanism for the box. There were a lot of changes that occurred. It used to be a much more mechanical kind of puzzle–I don’t know if you ever saw those Chris Ramsey [sic] videos online where he’s solving big puzzles. There was a whole backstory to it that got simplified in the end.

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18 January 2022

The Majinx Virtually Impossible Show [Jan 28 & Feb 21]

Tickets at Eventbrite.


From the January 10th article "Making Magic: The Majinx Virtually Impossible Show" by Joel Haslam at CTV News:

 In a time of lockdowns, restrictions and isolation, entertainer Lawrence Larouche believes the show must go on.

“We all need a little miracle once in a while to make us smile,” said Larouche.

Larouche is a magician. For more than 30 years, he’s typically performed for live audiences on stage.

“Suddenly, when the pandemic hit, we couldn’t do any of that. We had to find another way.”

That “way” would be found in a workshop on Larouche’s St. Eugene, Ont. property. A building, where he designs and builds props would become the backdrop for a virtual magic show.

“I thought, 'Let’s give them a peek behind the curtain so they can see what it looks like in a real magic workshop.'”

Larouche set up lights and a video camera, and using the "magic" of Zoom technology, he now brings the “Majinx Virtually Impossible Show” to audiences worldwide.

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17 January 2022

Mark Clearview: Divine Spirits [Jan 27]

From Instagram:  

"JOIN US for a PAY WHAT YOU WANT virtual cocktail & magic show this January 27th"


From Eventbrite:

A cocktail tutorial and then a jaw-dropping magic show.

*Upon booking you will receive a video instructional with necessary ingredients and preparations!*

“MAGIC WITH A TWIST” is an interactive cocktail and magic night! Featuring state-of-the-art broadcasting software, one award winning magician, and one critically acclaimed mixologist. Melissa Brooke will teach you how to make a delicious cocktail in your own home using easy to source ingredients, and Mark Clearview will guide you through at home miracles!

Read more and buy tickets.



14 January 2022

Magicana accepting nominations for the 2021 Allan Slaight awards

At this time we'd like to remind you, that the nominees in the 2020 Readers' Choice Awards are an excellent place to start if you're looking for potential nominees!

Still no sign of a category for "Best Blog Focused on Canadian Magicians Run by a Member of IBM Ring 17."  Dang.


From Magicana:

Nominations are now being accepted for work completed in 2021. The deadline for nominations is April 3, 2022. Nominations received after the deadline will be kept on file and considered for the following year.

Thank you for considering nominating someone for the Allan Slaight Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in the pursuit of the impossible. The nomination process consists of four steps:
  1. Your information
  2. Information about your nominee
  3. Supporting documentation
  4. Reviewing your information and submitting


In addition to basic information about you and your nominee, you will also have the opportunity to provide
  1. A biography (up to 4500 characters)
  2. A description of the work and why you are nominating this person (up to 1800 characters)

 Read more and submit your nominations!




13 January 2022

Magic Fest Deal [Feb 18]

Family Day special featuring Christophe, Magic Ian, Pete Di Lisi, Mike D'Urzo, Robert Presswood, and Aaron Matthews.  Ticket purchase enters you into a draw to win a gift certificate from The Browser's Den of Magic!


From Entertain Kids on a Dime:

MAGIC FEST is an exciting event that will air on YouTube over Family Day Weekend (Friday, February 18, 2022 at 6:30pm EST).

Families who purchase tickets will receive a private YouTube link emailed to them on the day of the show.
This video will be featuring 6 amazing Ontario Magicians: Magic Of Christophe, Magic Ian, Magic Pete, Mega Magic Mike, Bumbling Bert and The Magic Of Aaron Matthews.
Each Magician will be performing one trick and then teach a second trick to the kids using common items in the home.

The goal behind this event is to bring joy to families everywhere through the love of magic.
With the lockdown back on, it is hard for many Entertainers to find steady work as events are now limited.  All proceeds from the event will be split equally among each entertainer.

So get your tickets, and be ready to cuddle in your pjs with your family while away on vacation or cozy in your home!

Get 30% Off your ticket until January 25, 2022!

Price before the deal
$15 +taxes per family

Use Code: EKOAD30

Everyone who purchases tickets will be automatically entered into a draw to win one of FIVE $20 gift cards to The Browser’s Den Of Magic in Toronto!
The Browser’s Den Of Magic is only one of two brick and mortar magic shops in CANADA!

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12 January 2022

Thank you to our personal sponsors for January 2022!

A quick reminder of our earlier Mail as Medicine request for Katie Hunt.  If you have the time, Katie and Doug would both benefit from hearing from their friends!


Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, Ian Crawford, Matt DiSero, Doug Hunt, John Smithman, Richard Hough, Robin Dawes, Eric Bedard, Loran, Peter Mennie,  Gordon Precious, Colin Geddes, Graeme Reed, Gwyn Auger, Chris Gowen, and Cam Dix, for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

You too can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

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11 January 2022

Nicholas Wallace LIVE from my basement [Jan 21]

From the January 5th Tweet by Nick Wallace:

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. You are invited to a virtual show. And it's PAY WHAT YOU WANT. Friday Jan 21st. All the ticket info can be found here:






10 January 2022

Ring 17 hosts a virtual lecture by Mike Caveney [Jan 20]

From the January 9th Tweet by Ring 17:

Time to polish the rusty old saw blade! Join us on Jan 20th for our lecture - The Most Iconic Illusion with Mike Caveney. Free for members, $10 for non-members.




09 January 2022

Broken wand: David Murdoch

From the Vancouver Sun and Province obituary at Remembering.ca:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our brother and uncle.He will be remembered by his brothers Gary and Ian, many nieces and nephews and special friends Evelin Dick and the Haddock family. David was a purchasing agent for Westinghouse and past president and 56 year member of Vancouver Magic Circle. Special thank you to the care providers at Royal Ascot who made his last days comfortable.
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[With thanks to Shawn Farquhar for sending us this information.]

07 January 2022

ICYMI: Darcy Oake received the “Mandrake d’Or”

From the October 12th, 2021 Facebook post by Darcy Oake:

Honoured to receive the “Mandrake D’or” award in Paris yesterday!



06 January 2022

Thank you to our January 2022 sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support.

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05 January 2022

Mandrake the Magician in the Comic Book Bin

You may remember that the Museum of Surrey hosted a "Mandrake the Magician" exhibit  last year.  You can still visit the online tour at the Museum.


From the January 1st article "Mandrake the Magician: The first Superhero in Comics and Life" by Hervé St-Louis  at the Comic Book Bin:

Born in 1911, Canadian Leon (Gioglio) Mandrake was a stage magician based in Vancouver, Canada who starred on stage under the label Mandrake the Magician as early as 1927. He travelled North America and performed as Mandrake the Magician across North America. Ironically, according to Don Markstein, Falk had created the comics strip Mandrake the Magician in 1924 but only submitted it for print years later. The comic strip character that looked eerily like Gioglio.

The resemblance between the fictional character, and the stage magician was acknowledged early on, and the King Features creators and Gioglio would play with meta-narrative crossovers over the years, without any conflict involving copyrights nor trademark. These were the days! Both the stage magician wore tuxedos, were skinny and had fine moustaches. Both enjoyed a living entertaining guests and audiences for years.

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04 January 2022

Toronto: Doc Wuthergloom's Dollhouse of Deadly Sins [postponed to Feb 4-6]

From the January 2nd Instagram post by Eldritch Theatre:

Doc Wuthergloom's Dollhouse of Deadly Sins has been postponed to February 4th to 6th. Ticket holders have been notified, but should this come as a jump scare, please check your inbox.

Happy New Fear, and scare you soon 💚 Tickets can be found at redsandcastletheatre.com/tickets


03 January 2022

CAM JAM Backstage at the Greg Frewin Theatre [Jan 26]

Updated April 15th to add:


From the Canadian Association of Magicians:

Wed., Jan. 26  |  Join us on ZOOM
CAM JAM Backstage at the Greg Frewin Theatre
Join us for an exclusive CAM JAM backstage at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls with hosts Greg Frewin and Ryan Joyce. You don't want to miss this!

Read more and RSVP.

02 January 2022

Broken wand: Len Lauk

From the Vancouver Sun and Province obituary at Remembering.ca:

Len Lauk passed away peacefully in North Vancouver, BC on October 30, 2020, one week shy of his 88th birthday.


Len had a gift for storytelling and had a steel trap memory for facts and details. He particularly loved reading history and had a large personal library. Len was passionate about music, particularly operas, classical music, and Broadway musicals. He was a longtime board member with both the VSO and the Vancouver Opera. Len was also very proud to be an amateur magician and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Read more.


[With thanks to Shawn Farquhar for sending us this information.]


01 January 2022

Happy 2022!

Wishing you and yours a year filled with health, joy, and wonder.

Starting the New Year with some of our favourite faces from 2020!

From Brent and Sarah's YouTube channel: