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22 October 2016

The Outerbridges in PEI (and Toronto)

Check out the newspaper article, front page photo and two part radio segment with Marion and Ted Outerbridge!

(And if you're in Toronto on November 3rd be sure to to catch the Outerbridges' lecture.)

From the Journal Pioneer:
When Ted Outerbridge was seven years old, a man walked up to him as he was eating in a restaurant and pulled an egg out from behind his ear.

“He blew my mind,” laughed Ted, a native of Montreal.

That slight of hand had a profound impact on Ted’s life, eventually becoming his career as he invented himself as a magician and illusionist.

Joined by his co-star and wife Marion Outerbridge, Ted has been touring North America and Europe for nearly two decades.

The couple’s latest show, “Outerbridge: Clockwork Mysteries” is coming to Summerside’s Harbourfront Theatre on Oct. 22. Tickets are available at the box office and at

Read more.

From the Facebook page of Ted and Marion Outerbridge:

Listen to part one of the interview on the Facebook page of Ocean 100:

Listen to part two of the interview on the Facebook page of Ocean 100:

23 September 2016

Summerside: OUTERBRIDGE – Clockwork Mysteries

From Harbourfront Theatre:

Clockwork Mysteries takes its audience on a bizarre and fascinating journey through time. With the help of an elaborate Victorian time machine, the performers and spectators travel back in time together. The audience is invited into a mysterious clock tower equipped with a variety of timekeeping devices. They become part of a race against time, experience time accelerating and slowing down, and participate in predicting the contents of a time capsule. Keeping their audience enthralled from the first astonishing illusion to the spectacular finale, the Outerbridges create an experience that far exceeds the expectations of every spectator.

Read more and buy tickets.