30 June 2022

Jokers is serious about comedy

Random thoughts about Jokers Comedy Club.

Located in Richmond Hill Jokers Comedy Club is the 905's only permanent comedy club and the GTA's newest. They will feature not only stand-up comedy, but also magic, tribute concerts, live-band karaoke, jazz, drag, and much more variety. Jokers is owned by Dave Curran and Steve Esfandiar Kalantar (from Yuk Yuks).  

Thursday night, KOP and I had the pleasure of attending the fantastic soft open of Jokers.  Congratulations Dave and Steve!

Here are some random thoughts about our evening:

The venue currently seats 180 and will soon have a capacity of 220.

Food and drinks:

Food and bar service is available throughout all shows.  Have a look at their menu.

Le petit chef:
This needs to be experienced to be believed!

(from the Jokers website)
"An exquisite 5-course dinner crafted by our Chef Andrew Tarnowski and Le Petit Chef comes to life through a fun and engaging 3D animation on your dining table."

Washrooms are  single occupancy, "all gender" rooms on the main floor.  (No stairs to climb!)  As an added bonus, you can hear the show inside them.

Once you've made it up the concrete curb from the pavement to the sidewalk the venue is wheelchair accessible.
  • It is a cozy theatre, spacious enough to seat close to 200 people without feeling crammed.
    Take a peek inside.
  • All the seats provide an excellent view of the stage. (There are video monitors on either side of the stage which could presumably used to display a live close-up camera feed if required.)
  • It was the first night for the servers / bar / kitchen staff to run through their systems.  We experienced a few hiccoughs but are confident they'll be ironed out in no time.
  • The evening's entertainment was provided by:
  • Steve Valentine
  • Ryan Hillis
  • Angela Maiorano-Thurston
  • Kevin Christopher
  • Jonah Babins
  • Ben Train
  • Bryan Hatt and
  • Jeff Paul (our emcee for the evening)



Jokers promises to be a hotbed of talent and an excellent destination for a night of live entertainment!


Tentative programming

Wed: Karaoke
Thurs: Magic*

Fri / Sat: Comedy
Fri / Sat: Steve Valentine**
"Mr. Valentine Blows Your Mind"
*(starting August 18th and booked
through the Toronto Magic Company)
**(schedule permitting)

details at Jokers.ca

Don't just take our word for it.  Here's what others have to say:


You can learn more about Jokers at their website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thank you Jokers, for a fabulous night out!

Disclosure:  KOP and I were guests at this show. The opinions expressed above are entirely my own. I did not receive compensation for the writing or the publishing of this article.

Top 5 posts in June 2022

There were 26 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Ring 92 hosts a virtual lecture by Naathan Phan [June 9] - So grateful for the ability to attend lectures virtually
4. Chicago: Lucy Darling at The Rhapsody Theater [June 16 - July 16] - Fabulous!
3. Welcoming a new Friend: Jokers - Opening tomorrow!
2. Brandon: Aaron Matthews Magic at the Manitoba Summer Fair [June 8 - 12] - Fresh from Canada's Got Talent and already a summer fair under his belt.  Look for Aaron at Canada's Wonderland this summer.

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Winnipeg: IBM celebrates 100th anniversary on Magic Day [June 6] - Such a fabulous way to mark the 100th year of IBM.  Hope to have time to put a post up with all the media links about the celebration.









29 June 2022

Toronto: Used Magic Day and Mini Auction at The Browser's Den [July 17]

From the June 28th Facebook post by Len Herb Pinsky:

Dear Denizens,

We hope that all is well with you and yours!

My goodness the Quantity and Quality of magic that has come in for the Used Magic Day and Mini Auction (Sunday, July 17)  is excellent!

It has been more than two years since we held an auction/used magic day and for those who will attend you will absolutely not be disappointed!

There is magic for ALL interests. Such as: Collector's Workshop, Super Kids Props, Loads of Books, Close Up and Parlor! Many good props that are no longer made.  Plus so many props/tricks that we do not usually stock.

It will be like the good old days too at the shop as our dear friends John Cardella, John Michalson and Cam Dix will be in the shop to help Jeff and I out and to serve you!

And please do not forget that one of the cleverest magicians alive, Pit Hartling will be giving a lecture here at the shop on July 22 and workshop on July 23.

As always thank you for your support,
The Jeff's, Lisa Close & Luiz.




28 June 2022

Regina: Sitruc James at the Regina Fringe [July 6 - 9]

From the June 24th Instagram post by Sitruc James:

Regina International Fringe Festival - July 6 - 9

Sask Express Theatre
Length: 60 Minutes
Rated: All Ages / Family Friendly

Wed July 06, 2022
Thu, July 07, 2022
Fri, July 08, 2022
Sat, July 09, 2022

Join us for a breathtaking performance that has everything from impossible escapes to mind-blowing illusions with audience member interaction. This is definitely a show that has to be seen to be believed.


27 June 2022

Atlanta: Gwyn Auger lecture [July]

From the June 25th Instagram post by Gwyn Auger:

Well … it’s on the website and I keep pinching myself but it must be true! I’ll be giving a little talk about assistants at the @ibmmagic convention NEXT MONTH!!!! I still think I must be dreaming!!!!! Big big thanks to @magichampion for making this happen!






25 June 2022

Quebec City: McBride’s Magic & Mystery School [July 25 - 30]

From the June 6th Facebook post by Jeff McBride:

McBride’s Magic & Mystery School will be Featured at this Year’s World Championship of Magic in Quebec

Las Vegas, NV, March 30, 2020 – The 2022 FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) World Championships of Magic will takes place in Québec, Canada from the 25th - 30th July 2022 – and will feature the lead faculty of Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, set up with its own space next to the dealer’s room.

Founder and master magician Jeff McBride, Dr. Lawrence Hass, who is Dean of the School, and Tobias Beckwith, emeritus faculty, will all deliver lectures featured at the convention.

They are joined by Will Bradshaw, an Instructor at the school, and Scott Steelfyre, Instructor and Media Manager for the school.

Jeff McBride is the founder of the Magic & Mystery School, which began back in 1991 with the first Mystery School retreat in upstate New York. The school added regular Master Classes and live Focus classes in 1999 when McBride relocated to Las Vegas to headline at Caesars Magical Empire.
Today, McBride Magic & Mystery School offers from 5-10 events live in Las Vegas each year, in addition to between 12 and 20 classes online. Jeff McBride, Larry Hass and Tobias Beckwith also offer one-on- one consulting to students of the school. Since 2010, the school also presents a weekly streaming show, Monday Night Mystery School.

McBride has received worldside acclaim as one of the most innovative and riveting magic performers ever since his first international tour at the age of 16, as opening act for the Fania Allstars in Japan. Known for his use of masks, mime, and world-class sleight of hand, McBride has been named Magician of the Year by Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle, among his many other awards. He has appeared on every major television network, most recently fooling Penn & Teller on their popular Fool Us! Show. His full evening shows have graced casino showrooms in Las Vegas, Tahoe & Atlantic City, as well as touring venues and arts festivals around the world.

Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., is the Dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. He is former Professor of Philosophy and Theater Arts at Muhlenberg College and former Professor of Humanities at Austin College. In 2010 he retired from college teaching to pursue magic full-time as a performer, teacher, author, and publisher.

Larry Hass creates magic shows that mix astonishing, artistic magic with ideas that lift the spirit. He performs at theaters, nightclubs, universities, public conferences, and corporate functions, across America and internationally. In 2019, he premiered his acclaimed full-evening theatrical magic show, Magical Life.

Tobias Beckwith was the founding administrator for the school, and among it’s earliest faculty, teaching both business and theater arts for magicians. Beckwith came to the world of magic from the New York theater, where he was part of the management and production teams for such long- running hits as The Fantasticks, Sweeney Todd and Oh! Calcutta!

The Mystery School team will be offering mini-lectures and workshops, as well as magic jam sessions in their space at the convention. Learn more about McBride’s Magic & Mystery School at https://magicalwisdom.com.



24 June 2022

Toronto: Something Strange Summer Sideshow [July 3]

Tickets at Eventbrite.


From the Something Strange Summer Sideshow Facebook event:

The Calvacade of sideshow returns. Step on into a world of the strangest people you will ever encounter. Live performances by some of North Americas leading sideshow performers.
SEE!! A real Pumpkinhead baby. WITNESS: Painproof people and EXPERIENCE the THRILL of a world record attempt.
Mikey Fivebucks - Pain Proof Freak
Daddy Red- Sword Swallower
Steffi Kay- World famous mentalist
FenyxFire - World records in DANGER
Teresa the Swamp hag- Pain proof
Hot Todd Lincoln- USA- Strongman
Mysterion's spirit show
Poppa Jimbos Flea Circus
Burlesque, magic and more,,,,
This show is NOT for all audiences and viewer discretion is highly advised.



23 June 2022

Edmonton: Chris Gowen at Nerd Nite 66 [June 30]

Learn more and buy tickets at Nerd Nite Edmonton.


From the June 13th Instagram post by Nerd Nite:

Before we sell out, get your tickets for #NerdNite 66: Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Nerds on June 30 at @arcadiabrewingco! We've got talks by @stephaniechan and @gowenentertainment with music by DJ @thomasculture and gracious support from @edmontonfringe.





22 June 2022

2022 Canadian Rising Star

Congratulations to Neil Croswell for winning the Allan Slaight Canadian Rising Star award!


From the June 20th article "Canadian Rising Star 2022" at Magicana

Past recipients of this award include Mahdi Gilbert, Luc Langevin, Eric Leclerc, Nick Wallace, Carisa Hendrix, The Sentimentalists: Mysterion and Steffi Kay, and Jonah Babins.

This year we are delighted to add NEIL CROSWELL to this bright list of rising stars. Watch the award video and meet this Toronto-based performer who has successfully turned what was a childhood hobby into a busy, thriving career as a touring illusionist.




21 June 2022

Welcoming a new Friend: Jokers

Welcoming our newest Friend, Jokers Comedy Club!

Jokers will be the 905's only permanent comedy club and the GTA's newest. Seating around 250 people, they will feature not only stand-up comedy, but also magic, tribute concerts, live-band karaoke, jazz, drag, and much more variety. The location is in Richmond Hill. Jokers is owned by Dave Curran and Steve Esfandiar Kalantar (who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from running Yuk Yuks).  

You can learn more about Jokers at their website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thank you Jokers, for befriending Canada's Magic

20 June 2022

Edmonton Magic Club hosts a virtual lecture by Shawn Farquhar [June 21]

From the June 18th Facebook post by Ron Pearson:

The wonderful Shawn Farquhar will be lecturing next Tuesday, June 21 at 7:00 PM MST. \

Go to MagicLecture.com to find out what amazing magic we'll be learning. Another FREE event sponsored by The Edmonton Magic Club!



19 June 2022

Ottawa: Scott McClelland's Reliquary at the Ottawa Fringe [June 16 - 25]

A quick reminder that you can also catch Keith Brown at the Ottawa Fringe

From the June 13th Facebook post by Scott McClelland:

Get your tix at~
Experience it at the ODD BOX~ 2 Daly Avenue
June 16th thru the 25th 2022

18 June 2022

Scotland and Hamilton: Graemazing at Fantabulous [June 24] and Smooth Comedy [June 30]

From the June 2nd Instagram post by Flux Brewing:

Our first ever comedy night is coming up, and it’s going to be FantAbulOus.

We’ve got a wicked lineup of Ontario’s finest and funniest comedians; the most magnificent host @reenerdog & Level 7 Wizard @graemazing to close the night.

The show is on Friday, June 24 from 6-8pm. $5 cover at the door. Check out our funny people👇

Ben McKay ~ @bighairbignose
Daniel Woodrow ~ @mrwoodrow
Hannah Lawrence ~ @hlawrencee
Devin Bateson ~ @debateson
Jack Hirschfield ~ @jackhirschfield

Mark your calendars, and we’ll see ya then. Shoutout to @graemazing for the poster 🤜🤛







From the June 2nd Instagram post by Flux Brewing:

hello, we are back in Hamilton June 30th at the almighty @thestaircase theatre. please come out and support the show that will raise both face cheeks upwards in unison in the most positive of ways. we love you and are excited yo bring some of our fav comics back every month once again.
JUNE 30th features @jordannebrown7 MARK LITTLE @everardo___ramirez @anthonymlekuz

*selling out is subjective

poster by poster god @rorbdvies









17 June 2022

Ohio: The Evasons in Miracles and Magic [June 18]

From the June 10th Instagram post by The Evasons:

So honored to be part of this amazing show happening next weekend at the Lincoln Theater in Columbus, Ohio. We always love sharing the stage with other acts we’re fans of - Jade, Jeff Civillico and Jon Petz this is going to be epic! 




16 June 2022

15 June 2022

Chicago: Lucy Darling at The Rhapsody Theater [June 16 - July 16]

From the June 1st Facebook post by Carisa Hendrix:

I'm so excited to be opening the new Rhapsody Theater in a just a few weeks. https://www.rhapsodytheater.com/#upcoming






14 June 2022

Thank you to our personal sponsors for June 2022!

A quick reminder of our earlier Mail as Medicine request for Katie Hunt.  If you have the time, Katie and Doug would both benefit from hearing from their friends!


Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, Ian Crawford, Matt DiSero, Doug Hunt, John Smithman, Robin Dawes, Eric Bedard, Loran, Peter MennieColin Geddes, Graeme Reed, Gwyn Auger, Chris Gowen, and Cam Dix, for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

You too can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

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