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18 August 2020

Alex Kazam at Camp Cataract

From the August 9th Facebook post by Alex Kazam:

I'm very excited to announce my first public live show since MARCH! Happening at Camp Cataract on August 28th 2020 at 8pm!

Tickets available here!

22 August 2019

Niagara and Toronto: Séance with Nicholas Wallace

Catch Séance with Nicholas Wallace in Niagara October 11-12 and Toronto October 17-19.

From The Seance:
Everyone loves a good ghost story. This is your chance to be part of one.

In this completely immersive experience, illusionist Nicholas Wallace invites you to join him in exploring the world of the Victorian spirit medium, in what is reliably being called “the first attempt to use an actual séance as part of a theatrical entertainment.”

Though the belief in ghosts and spirits is exceptionally old, one period in recent history stands out as something special. In the mid to late 1800’s, millions of people became convinced that they could communicate with the dead. For many people this belief exists to this day.

At each performance of Séance, one audience member is chosen to become The Medium. It is a different person every night. There is no way of knowing who will be chosen, what might happen, or who they might become.

You will explore the evolution of the Séance room.  You will take part in an experiment to contact the dead.  You will be scared.

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Twitter feed of Nicholas Wallace:

15 June 2019

Niagara: Magic Beyond Tricks

From Events Niagara:
An evening of fine dining, good company and an interactive, mind-bending performance that will have you laughing one minute, and awestruck the next.
Your night starts with a delicious 3-course meal at the legendary Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

Then you'll head downstairs, to the Grand Ballroom, to experience Alex Kazam's perfect combination of comedy, magic, and mentalism: Magic Beyond Tricks

Read more and buy tickets.

From Alex Kazam's Twitter feed:

21 December 2018

The Outerbridges in go/be Weekly

Catch them in Niagara on December 29th!

From the article "Ted Outerbridge: Clockwork Mysteries Tour Delivers Holiday Magic" by David DeRocoo:
“I was in a restaurant eating a bowl of spaghetti when this guy pulled an egg out of my ear and it blew my mind,” remembers Outerbridge, who shares the stage with his wife and partner, Marion Outerbridge. “From that moment on I wanted to be able to create a sense of wonder for others.”

By the time he was 12, Outerbridge was already being paid to perform magic at neighbourhood birthday parties, delivering 15-minute sets of slight-of-hand tricks and small-scale illusions. At 19 he was earning his living as a professional magician, developing illusions that would eventually be used in such sold-out tours as Magical Moments In Time and the Time Capsule Tour.

Read more.

From Marion Outerbridge's Facebook page:

08 February 2013

Kitchener: Ryan Joyce

From Event Brite:
Saturday, February 9, 2013 
International Grand Illusionist Ryan Joyce is one of the most highly regarded magical entertainers in Canada today. His Vegas style revue show has won critical acclaim from audiences all around the world including New Zealand, India, and the Middle East. He has presented 10 annual national illusion show tours with over 80 live performances from coast to coast. His tours have contributed over 2 million dollars for Canadian Charities.

Read more and buy tickets.

For Ryan's complete tour schedule, visit

23 February 2011

Niagara Talent Search 2011!

The Greg Frewin Theatre is hosting the 2011 Niagara Talent Search!  From their website:
Do you have a special talent in Music, Dance, Comedy or Magic? This is your chance to showcase your talent! Don't miss out! Be part of the largest talent show in the Niagara Region! There will be judges from the entertainment industry, and Producers, Agents and Promoters will be on hand to help you take your talent to the next level!
There will be 4 Grand Prize Winners chosen from our Talent Shows that will have the opportunity to perform in our Niagara Talent Variety Revue on May 19th. Not only will the winners be awarded in prizes, but they will also be exposed to agents, producers, and promoters in the audience!  
Drop off or mail your completed application form to their box office with enclosed payment before the deadline of March 10th with attention to: Shelby Ciamarra.

For more information, visit .