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22 February 2019

Michael Close webinar: Palming Cards with Confidence

From Webinar Jam:
Sunday, March 10, 2019

This sixty-minute webinar, with Michael Close, will provide strategies that will help you overcome your fear of palming.

​​​​​​​Palming is one of the cornerstones of card magic. But many magicians, even experienced practitioners, shy away from tricks that require palming.  As part of this training, you’ll learn FOUR commercial routines you can immediately add to your repertoire. And much, much, more!

This information will be useful to magicians of all skill levels, so we are offering it at a very low price. Our webinars require no special software; you participate through your browser, and you can ask questions during the presentation. Registrants will be able to replay this webinar as often as they want.

Read more and register.

30 January 2019

Michael Close Webinar: The Truth about Lying (take 2)

From Michael Close's Facebook post:
Lisa and I have received a lot of emails from people who arrived too late for the party that was the Truth about Lying webinar. So we're going to present it again. This is not a rebroadcast; it will be a live presentation, which means you'll be able to ask questions as we go along. The response of the first webinar was overwhelmingly positive.

The date for this is Thursday, January 31, at 9:00 p.m. EST. You can register at the link below. Please feel free to share this post. The webinar is for magicians of all interests and skill levels. Thanks. 
Read more and register.

Some thoughts on the webinar from our readers ...

18 January 2019

Michael Close Webinar: The Truth about Lying

From Michael Close:
Magic depends on disseminating misinformation – in other words, lying. Learn to use this important tool with rapier-like precision in this informative and fun webinar.

Michael's live webinar will run 60-90 minutes long, you will be able to ask questions, geared for all skill levels, and you can add some tricks to your repertoire right away!

What you will learn:
  • The whole truth and nothing but the truth
  • Conditional (transitional) truth
  • Verbal vs. non-verbal lies
  • Sleight of hand as a non-verbal lie
  • Sustaining a non-verbal lie
  • Lies of omission
  • Lying to distort memory
  • Strategic placement of big lies

Read more and register.

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29 November 2018

Michael Close on the Palming Series

From the November 2nd article "The Story Behind the Palming Series" at Michael Close's website:
Looking back on the skill sets I’ve used to make a living during my life (magic, jazz piano, writing/editing), I realize that most of what I know about those subjects I figured out by myself, without any formal training. I did have an excellent high school English teacher my senior year; I received degrees in music theory and composition; and my time spent with Harry Riser was invaluable. But I grew up isolated in a farming community in the middle of Indiana; books were my mentors, and I studied everything I could get my hands on. As I absorbed that information, I was also unconsciously absorbing the process of learning how to teach myselfthe information.

My father provided inspiration as I did this. He came from industry, and for twenty-two years he taught in the mechanical engineering technology department at the Purdue campus in Indianapolis. His great gift was as a teacher; he understood how to break down information and impart it effectively. I learned from his example.

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22 November 2018

The "FOOL US" Experience - TAKE TWO!

From Michael Close:
The response to the first Fool Us webinar was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We’ve received many emails from people who missed it asking how they can view it. So...we’re going to hold the live webinar again on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 9 p.m. EST. This is not a rebroadcast. This will be a new, live program. I will cover the material from the first webinar and will include questions I did not get to the first time.

Read more and register.

13 November 2018

"FOOL US" Experience Webinar

From Michael Close:
On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at 9 p.m. EST, I will host an hour-long webinar to discuss Penn & Teller: Fool Us. This webinar will be of particular interest to those of you who are considering auditioning for season six (which will tape the last week of February and the first week of March).

Webinar only $5.00 USD

What we’ll cover...
I will give you some background on the show, explain what has to be accomplished during your time in Vegas (an amazing amount has to get done during a brief period of time), analyze some of the restrictions imposed by the medium of television and the venue, and discuss strategies to maximize your chance of being selected.   

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions. I will get to as many of these as time allows. The information you will receive at this webinar will save you time and money, and it will provide you with helpful advice and will clarify for you exactly what the Fool Us experience is all about.

Read more and register.

18 September 2018

Sweden: The Close Up Show

The 32nd Magic Weekend runs from October 5th to the 7th.  Catch Michael Close in the "Close Up Show."

From the Magic Weekend:
The Close Up Show is performed six times for six different groups. Early registrants will se the show under 'Close Up Conditions'

Read more and register.

11 September 2018

Michael Close's September 2018 newsletter

Just finished reading the May newsletter from Michael Close.  You may be interested in:

  • Michael's thoughts on ethics and the performing of someone else's work.
  • "Plausible Props" by Mick Ayres.
  • "Can I be Frank?" by Tom Frank.
  • The U.S. Postal Service's new magic kit  (The Art of Magic Kit) and stamp set (The Art of Magic  Forever®  Stamps). 
  • Entering the September Caption Contest!
  • "One Last Yelp" by Norman Beck.
  • A list of recommended podcasts.  (Can you guess which Canadian podcast is listed?)
  • Product review of Juan Tamariz's "Magic from My Heart."
  • "Must-have show apps for your iPad" by Bruce Kalver.
  • And more!
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11 August 2018

Michael Close's "The Road to Riffsville"

Go to to purchase your copy of  "The Road to Riffsville."

From the Facebook page of Michael Close:
Steve Bedwell has this to say about The Road to Riffsville: "Can't put The Road to Riffsville down and focus on anything else. (Especially frustrating because I'm at MAGIC Live!) Fascinating analysis of some of the issues I've personally experienced with the estimation aspects of memdeck work, with robust solutions. An outstanding contribution!"

25 June 2018

Richmond Hill: Michael Close workshop

From Michael Close:

Penn & Teller: Fool Us season 6 audition time is quickly approaching.
Workshop your routine at this intensive full-day session. 

Where: Richmond Hill, ON
When: July 21, 2018

During these sessions I will offer the same services I do in my role as one of the two magic consultants on Fool Us: addressing technical problems, punching up scripts, examining blocking and staging concerns, strengthening the clarity of the effect, and much, much more. You will get thousands of dollars worth of help and advice.

Whether or not you plan on auditioning for Fool Us, this is your opportunity to take your existing material to the next level.

**Please Note: Attendance will be limited to ensure personalized attention.

Read more and register.

15 May 2018

DeMystifying Miracles: The Landmark CC Living Room Lecture

From the Conjuror Community:
May 23

This is your invitation to a rare, Live Online Lecture—where Michael Close joins Aaron and the CC Team for an intimate evening filled with astonishing miracles—and insights you can only get from a real invitation to the home of a master magician. 

Michael is one of the smartest, most astonishing magicians alive—and he’s put together a special evening just for CC Members—designed to demystify some of magic’s thorniest problems.

At this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll be surprised and thrilled by what you discover, such as...
  • Fool Us Demystified
  • Memorized Decks Demystified
  • How to Choose Your Stack
  • Strategies for Memorizing a Deck
  • Secret Practice Drills
  • Michael will also perform and reveal amazing professional routines you can use to thrill and astonish,

Read more and join the Conjuror Comunity.

11 May 2018

Michael Close's May newsletter

Just finished reading the May newsletter from Michael Close.  You may be interested in:
  • Micheal's thoughts on Browser's Bash 2018.
  • A tribute to Harry Anderson. 
  • Review of the Paradigm Shift ebooks.
  • An announcement about an upcoming online lecture by Michael.
  • Information about the Magical Arts Intellectual Property Coalition.
  • Pit Hartling interview. 
  • Meeting Marlo.
  • Tips on performing restaurant magic.
  • And more!
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30 April 2018

Publication round up - April 2018

Michael Close's April newsletter:
  • Interesting insights into all the behind the scenes work that goes into Penn and Teller's Fool Us, among other interesting articles and interviews.
  • Sign-up to receive Michael's newsletters at

Northern Peeks:
  • Articles both by and about Ryan Joyce 
  • CAMaraderie reminder
  • Feature on Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin as well as Houdini's Water Torture Cell
  • Articles by Murray Hatfield, Bill Abbott, Phil Matlin, Gerry Frenette, Jason Verners, and Ryan Pilling.
  • Renew your membership or become a member at

Vanish magazine:
  • Articles by Jeff Christensen, Paul Romhany, Hal Meyers (Anthony Street feature), Jeff Hobson (interviews Jonhathan Goodwin), Joshua Endress, Jim Sisti, Tim Ellis, Alex Zander, and Louie Foxx!
  • Product highlights: Bill Abbot's 5 card box, Victor Voitko's Snowstorming Fan
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27 March 2018

Review of Michael Close's "The Paradigm Shift" Volumes One and Two

From the March 15th post "The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two" by Jamy Ian Swiss at Magicana:

Michael Close has in his lifetime in show business, worked extensively as both a professional magician and a professional musician (he plays piano). At one time a professional restaurant worker in his native Indiana, Michael was mentored by legendary sleight-of-hand maestro (and jazz radio program host) Harry Riser, whose own two closest mentors were no less than Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon. The late Mr. Riser has also long been named as mentor to Johnny Thompson; despite their closeness in age, it was Riser who helped guide Thompson toward the kind of magic that would eventually lead to his becoming the legendary master he is considered today.  In other words, Mr. Close is part of a lengthy and honored continuum of great magicians, a line he has done great justice to by continuing to contribute in creative and generous manner for future generations. He has not missed the true lessons of his mentors.

Read more.

From Michael Close's Facebook page:

19 February 2018

Kissimmee: Michael Close lecture and show

I've previously written some "Random thoughts from "Magic Theory, or Magic Fact? Let's Find Out." 

From the Michael Close Magic Show and Lecture Facebook event:

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12 February 2018

Sleightly Sketchy: Steal*

Updated at 2:30pm to add a link to a post Shawn Farquhar made on Facebook today.

We're not even halfway through the second month of 2018 and already two significant conflicts regarding intellectual property (IP) rights have surfaced.  At the end of January, Shawn Farquhar posted his most recent encounter with IP theft.  A short seven days later, Michael Close posted this about his new Paradigm Shift ebooks.  (And six days after that, another incident identified in a FB post from Shawn.) And that's just Canadian magicians.

Scroll down to the end of this post to see how you can get involved in combating this type of piracy.

* With thanks to Kidlet for providing the inspiration for the last panel.

 From Michael Close's Facebook page:

29 January 2018

New release: The Paradigm Shift ebooks

From Michael Close:
After more than a decade, Michael Close has finally released his long-awaited ebooks, The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two.
They are being released now at an introductory price.   
The Paradigm Shift Volume One features groundbreaking essays that will change the way you think about your magic, beautiful sleights that will deceive both laymen and magicians, and commercial, devious routines you will enjoy performing. Included are ideas and routines from Ariel Frailich, John Carney, Simon Aronson, Bob Farmer, and Michael Weber. As with our previous ebooks, we have used text, photos, and video to provide an optimal learning experience.

The Paradigm Shift Volume Two features groundbreaking essays that will change the way you think about your magic, beautiful sleights that will deceive both laymen and magicians, and commercial, devious routines you will enjoy performing. Included are ideas and routines from Mick Ayres, Roy Walton, Harry Riser, Norman Beck, Michael Weber, Jason England, Aaron Fisher, Joshua Jay, and Ton Onosaka. As with our previous ebooks, we have used text, photos, and video to provide an optimal learning experience.

Read more and buy ebooks!

25 January 2018

Toronto: Garrett Thomas announced for Browser's Bash 2018

Browser's Bash logo  
From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
Dear Denizens,

We are very happy to announce that Garrett Thomas will be joining us at this year's Browser's Bash.

You read that right! Magician Garrett Thomas Thomas will be at this year's 'Browser's Magic Bash'.

Mr. Thomas is known for being an innovator as well as one of the top card, coin, and ring sleight of hand men in the world. His numerous releases include Imagination Coins, Banded, Stand-Up Monte, Speedreader Deck and Ring Thing.

His original effects, extreme technical skills and keen understanding of human psychology culminate in highly visual, entertaining and enlightening routines. Garrett was a stand-out artist in the close-up show at the last Magic Live!

Garrett's dedication to the art of magic manifests not only in his performances but also in his strong commitment to teaching the science and psychology of magic to other magicians.

Garrett Thomas is joining Jay Sankey, Dick Joiner, Pop Haydn, Michael Close, Chris Pilsworth, James Alan, Nicholas Wallace and many others to help make Browser’s Magic Bash 4 the best Bash yet!

Hard to believe, but The 'Browser's 2018 Magic Bash' is now only three months away.

Tickets are still available. And we would love to have you join us for the day.

For full details on Browser's Magic Bash 2018 or to Buy Tickets please visit

Thank you for your kind support
Old Jeff, Young Jeff, John Talbot & The Browser's Den Team

Read more and buy tickets.

06 January 2018

Richmond Hill: January coaching session with Michael Close

From Michael Close:
During these sessions I will offer the same services I do in my role as consultant on Penn & Teller: Fool Us – addressing any technical problems, editing scripts, examining blocking and staging concerns, strengthening the clarity of the effect, and much, much more. You will get thousands of dollars worth of help and advice. For a limited time I am offering this at a greatly discounted price. This is your opportunity to take your existing material to the next level.

Please Note: Attendance will be very limited to ensure personalized attention.

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2018

Read more and register.

From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

23 December 2017

London: Michael Close at The Session 2018

From The Session:
The Session & The Event – January 12th – 14th 2018

Now based just two minutes from Heathrow airport (making it very easy to get to!), you’ll learn the true secrets of performing amazing close-up magic and mentalism from some of the best in the industry.

With a variety of workshops, lectures, parties and plenty of time to session (of course), it’s no wonder that The Session has sold out every single year. With one-off events and lectures designed specifically for this event, The Session is not just a conference; it is a learning experience like no other in magic.

The Session 2018 promises to be the best yet! In previous years our guests were sharing magic with the likes of Derren Brown, David Blaine, Dynamo, Rune Klan, Troy, Ben Hanlin, Guy Hollingworth, Pit Hartling, Denis Behr, Daniel Madison, Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz, and more. You would be CRAZY to skip The Session 2017. We’ll be announcing more info soon!

Read more and register.

From the Facebook page of Michael Close: