22 May 2022

Peter Mennie's Magic Live highlights

From the May 20th post "Interview: Magic Live 2022 highlights with Peter Mennie" by Ryan Joyce at the Canadian Association of Magicians:

Magic conventions are returning to full swing and this past week was the return of Magic Live in Nevada. Travel to Las Vegas with us in this quick chat about Magic Live 2022 and hear highlights from this year's convention with CAM Member Peter Mennie.

Fresh off the tarmac, Peter shares his highlights, travel experience, and the three biggest magic takeaways from this convention.

Read more and watch video.





20 May 2022

Billy Kidd at the Glastonbury Festival [June 24-26]

Miranda Allen isn't the only Canadian you can see at Glastonbury this year!


From the May 4th Instagram post by Billy Kidd

The buzz is already in the air. So so happy to be back performing with all you freaks at Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts! Catch me Friday-Sunday June 24-26

19 May 2022

Edmonton: Magic with a Little Flair [May 21]

From the May 10th Facebook post by Jay Chun:

After my first sold out show, I'm back again!
It's next Saturday! I hope to see some of you there!




17 May 2022

Edmonton Magic Club to host a virtual lecture with Katherine Mills - TONIGHT

From the May 16th Facebook post by Ron Pearson:

We are pleased to announce that we have a special FREE lecture by British Magician Katherine Mills tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 PM MST. Presented courtesy of the Edmonton Magic Club. All are welcome!

Katherine Mills is an expert at psychological magic, close-up and stage. Her mentalist act is a psychological high-wire act. She the ability to fascinate her audience whether they believe in magic or not; and, to wow even the most sceptical.

Katherine is the first woman magician to gain her own prime-time show in the UK: Katherine Mills: Mind Games,. She is a member of The Magic Circle.

Katherine has been active in performing magic for 17 years. She has wide experience ranging from social, commercial, fashion and artistic events—corporate and private, and will share what she has learnt performing and how she adjusted to opportunities. Her effects are ones most magicians are aware of. 


Toronto: The Newest Trick in the Book [May 26]

From the May 13th Instagram post by Ben Train:


The Newest Trick In The Book, Canada’s only open-mic magic show, is back!

And to celebrate we’ve put together a superstar lineup featuring TEN OF TORONTO’S TOP MAGICIANS!

And best of all? The show is FREE!

If you’re a magic fan you’re not going to want to miss it- Thursday May 26th at @royalcomedy1051.

Reserve your FREE tickets now by heading to @torontomagiccompany. Don’t wait- this is gonna sell out. 





15 May 2022

Mark Clearview at The Magic Castle [May 16 - 22]

From the May 14th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

Guess who's back... Back again. 🏰 I'm incredibly lucky to return to the world famous @magiccastlehollywood next week. This time I'll be sharing the club with my childhood mentor @aaronfishermagic and could not be more excited 🤫🔥
If you're a member, or fortunate enough to be invited, I'll see you there!


14 May 2022

London the Magnificent in Global News

From the May 13th article "Calgary teen keeps magic alive by reuniting with idols Penn and Teller" by Jill Croteau in Global News

London Jones has been performing magic since she was a little girl.

“It can be hard sometimes but with women in magic, the population is growing,” London said.

Her dad, Jeff Jones, said she may not know the gravity of her girl power.

“I think she’s too young to grasp the big picture of what she’s doing and how important what she’s doing could be for somebody else,” Jeff said.

It’s exactly what endeared her to the iconic magicians Penn and Teller. In 2017, when London was just nine years old, she met the duo backstage.

Penn Jillette invited her personally after she sent them a fan letter wondering: why there aren’t more girls doing magic?

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13 May 2022

Miranda Allen at the Glastonbury Festival [and a GoFundMe to help with retooling escape equipment for her wheelchair]

ICYMI, Miranda has a GoFundMe to help, in part, to retool Miranda's act such that she can perform her escapes while in a wheelchair.  More information about the GoFundMe at the bottom of this post.

If you want to know why Miranda is in a wheelchair, visit the April 29th Facebook post by Miranda Allen Entertainment.  And then drop her a note to tell her you're thinking about her.


From the April 28th Facebook post by Miranda Allen Entertainment:

Exciting news!  
I’ve agreed to one festival and one festival only this summer, and it’s a big one.
Sarah and I will be presenting Tianna & Lea at Glastonbury 2022!




From the April 26th Facebook post by Miranda Allen:



12 May 2022

Keith Brown at Ottawa / Toronto / Edmonton Fringe!

With a bonus performance at Anderson Craft Ales in London!


From the May 6th Instagram post by Keith Brown:

Upcoming shows and tour dates!

Very excited to be back on the road this summer.

@andersoncraftales May 26
@ottawafringe June 16 - 26
@toronto_fringe July 6 - 17
@edmontonfringe August 11 - 22

Click link in bio for more information.

Toronto and Edmonton showtimes still TBA.








11 May 2022

Okotoks: The Big Rock Variety Show [May 12]

From Okotoks Online:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

James Jordan, magician, comedian, vaudevillian. Magic inspired James Jordan to become a performer. He ventured through all kinds of performance art; dance, improv, musical theatre, stand-up comedy, circus, juggling and escapology. He went full circle in 2007 when he rekindled his love of magic, now with a full arsenal of new skills to make him a more versatile magician.

Jeff Newman will influence your thoughts. He’ll predict what you'll do before you even know you’re doing it. He will even read your mind.
He’ll fool you badly, and you’ll love every minute of it. Jeff Newman is an award-winning mentalist and magician that combines science, suggestion, and good old-fashioned trickery with humour and charm to create an astounding, engaging experience that his audiences will not stop talking about.

*With local Eagle Radio personality Logan Coutts as our MC!
**Special opening performance by the dancers at Possak Hampshire Irish Dance Academy! 

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10 May 2022

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09 May 2022

Toronto: Spidey lecture at The Browser's Den of Magic [June 21]

From The Browser's Den of Magic:

Tuesday, June 21st

No Fillers, Just Killers! Spidey proudly brings you a list of effects straight out of his professional working repertoire. As a performer, Spidey has stunned millions with his live show and television appearances (Netflix, The Today Show, Rachael Ray and more.) As a creator, his original magic and mentalism releases are some of the best-selling items on the market. His most recent release, A.B.See sold out in a week worldwide and won "Trick of The Year" at the Penguin Magic Awards. In his lecture, Spidey shares with you his favourite close-up routines. The lecture has something for everyone, from versatile principles to complete routines, from everyday objects to unique mysteries, the only thing all these routines have in common is that they work in the real world!

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08 May 2022

Eric Leclerc Hangs Out With The Magic Guys

From the April 25th Facebook post by The Magic Guys:

Eric Leclerc Hangs Out With The Magic Guys LIVE! EP73

Eric Leclerc is the Magician you wish you had at your event.
He fooled Penn & Teller by the seat of his pants! He's featured on TV across Netflix, TRUtv & National Geographic. Not to mention his Youtube has over 10 Million views around the world where he completed the legendary 365 Magic Challenge!

The Podcast where Professional Magicians, Josh Norbido, Doug Conn & Jason Maher take on the important questions of life (Mainly from our youtube subscribers) and deliver answers from a Magicians point of view. Come hang out with us while we chat about our lives as Magicians and the ups and downs that go with it.




07 May 2022

Michael Close on Behind the Page


Magician Michael Close goes into depth about his work helping magicians do their best on “Penn & Teller Fool Us” …  and then we jump into a reading of Chapter Eight of “The Bullet Catch.”

Chapter Eight of “The Bullet Catch” starts at 00:39:33

Listen to podcast.



06 May 2022

ICYMI: 52 Plus Joker Virtual Weekend replay

If you weren't able to attend the 52 Plus Joker Virtual Weekend last month, not to worry! 52 Plus Joker have kindly put the video event on a YouTube playlist "April 2022 Virtual Playing Card Weekend" for everyone to enjoy!

  • Intro - April 2022 Virtual Playing Card Weekend
  • Stacey Jay Kelly - Designer Talk [Churchill cards, Dr. Lister cards, Jon Pertwee cards, coronavirus cards!]
  • Stacey Jay Kelly - Live Q&A
  • Steve Bowling - 71 Lot
  • Show & Tell: Desert Island Edition
  • How the Yakuza helped sell Nintendo's first game - Here's A Thing
  • Eurogamer
  • Rosemary Reid - The Real Deal
  • Playing Card Game Show
  • Greg Loschen - Card Art
  • 2021 Diamond Awards Pre-Show Dinner
  • 2021 Diamond Awards

Watch the April 2022 Virtual Playing Card Weekend playlist below:



05 May 2022

Ring 17 hosts a virtual lecture by Murray SawChuck [May 10]

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

From IBM Ring 17:

Murray teaches you many of his secrets including how to get on TV, making a normal or boring trick memorable and getting more money for your shows. Over the 30 plus years Murray has been touring the world, performed on over 100 television shows and is currently a resident headliner at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas as well as the guest act in the show Fantasy at The Luxor. Learn from one of the top magicians currently working today.

NOTE: A Zoom link will be emailed to all current members of the club and to Eventbrite ticket holders.

Read more and buy tickets.







04 May 2022

Halifax: Magic at the Oxford Tap Room with Bill Wood [May 8]

From the "Magic at the Oxford Tap Room" Facebook event:

SUNDAY, 8 MAY 2022

Sunday afternoons are made for magic. Join Bill Wood and special guest Brennan Coady for an intimate afternoon of wonder and laughs. If you like Penn and Teller's Fool Us or staring at the night sky and contemplating your place in the vast universe this show is for you. This event isn't a kids magic show...but they are welcome to attend. 

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03 May 2022

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02 May 2022

World Wide Doug Henning Birthday Celebration [May 7]

If you attended either of the Chip Romero CAM JAMs (April 14, 2021 or October 27, 2021) you'll know that Chip will be a fabulous host for this event!


From the April 30th post "World Wide Doug Henning Birthday Celebration, May 7" by John Cox at Wild About Harry:

Next Saturday, May 7th, S.A.M. President Tom Gentile and the great Chip Romero will host a 6-hour online "World Wide Doug Henning Birthday Celebration". No doubt this was inspired by the success of the World Wide Houdini Birthday Celebration last month. I'm looking forward to six hours of Doug...and Chip!

Check out the Event Page on Facebook for details. I will post the ZOOM link when available.

Read more.


From the Doug Henning Birthday Celebration Facebook event:


01 May 2022

Felix Felicis to Michael Kras!

From the April 18th Instagram post by Michael Kras:

I have some news! Today was my first day jumping into one of the most exciting (and terrifying) journeys of my career so far as I join the Canadian premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at Mirvish as the Illusions & Magic Assistant.

I’ve been in magic even longer than I’ve been in theatre, and it’s a literal dream to be able to combine these two parts of my artistic identity by joining the creative team behind this international smash hit play that uses magic, illusion, and sleight of hand as a key piece of its theatrical language.

I’ve never worked on something of such immense scale, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not overwhelmed. But I’m also beyond excited to work with this unbelievable company of artists, learn on my feet, and hit the ground running. Let’s GOOOOO.