31 October 2021

Top 5 posts in October 2021

There were 29 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Lost in the Shuffle: Deckin Around, Variety Talk, and Kickstarter - If you haven't pledged yet, not to worry.  There's still time.  And keep following their news as they continue to announce fabulous perks! 
4. October 2021 sale: 40% off yearly sponsorship rates!  - Offer good until the end of day today!
3. [Guest post] A review of "David Copperfield’s History of Magic" - Looks like an amazing book.  I wonder if I've been good enough for Santa to bring me one?
2. Mark Clearview on Season 8 of Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" - ICYMI, you can watch Mark's performance at this post: Video: Mark Clearview on Season 8 of Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Congratulations to the North American FISM team! - Congratulations to you and to all who competed!


30 October 2021

A peek behind the curtain with Hollie England

A peek behind the curtain with Hollie England 

You may already know that Hollie England toured with The Illusionsists, was a top 5 finalist in the Cyber Magic Superstar competition, appeared on Masters of Illusion, created Booked It, and was the director for Jamie Allan's Illusionarium in Toronto. 

Did you know that Hollie will be part of the Champions of Magic World Wide Wonders Tour  early next year?  Learn more about Hollie in the first of a series of cast interviews leading up to the Champions of Magic shows in Kitchener and Peterborough early next year.

What wondrous and extraordinary magical effect would you have shown me had I been there to interview you in person?
I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone who may see the effect in the future but it would definitely involve 2 of my favorite things - celebrities and fire!    
What is your first memory of magic?
I used to always love watching the magic shows at the resorts we used to stay at on vacations to Spain and Italy when I was around 8 years old. I grew up in England watching Paul Daniels, Tommy Cooper and The Masked Magician (I know, how scandalous!) on TV. My parents still have the deck of cards that came with my ‘Wizbit Instant Magic Book’ as a kid (although I secretly wanted to be Debbie McGee because she was a ballet dancer like me).




Who inspires you that is not a magician?

Outside of magic, I’d say choreographer Bob Fosse (they say he is the only man who should tell a woman what to do with her body) and Gwen Stefani for her style.
Who inspires you magically?
Dai Vernon once said ‘Pick a trick and learn how to do it better than anyone else,’ and the most inspiring magicians for me have done this and are both creative and original: Enzo Weyne (France) is a true engineer of stage illusions and I love how his presentations always end with an unexpected twist. I love watching Cyril Takayama perform and wish I could experience his show live. Jeff Hobson and Dan Sperry are, to me, unparalleled in how they refine character, comedy and branding for a modern audience. Jamie Allan (UK) is flawless at fusing magic and technology beautifully, using iPads, laser beams and social media. Lastly, from Korea, Yu Hojin is the epitome of class and elegance. I’ve been mesmerized watching his acts literally hundreds of times live and he is the (rightly crowned) master of manipulation, but also of expression and art in magic. 


In this age of computer and robotic wizardry, why do you think audiences are still drawn to mentalism, sleight of hand, and illusion?
Arthur C Clarke said:
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Human nature will always want to be mystified and astonished and this magical feeling can truly be achieved through the right presentation and interaction. Technology and magic have evolved hand-in-hand and there will always be magical minds staying one step ahead and thinking of ways to fool people.

Above everything, we are performers and as Fitzkee says, the key to winning over an audience is to: ‘Make them like you better than your magic’.


Many magicians have a Canadian connection to magic.  Not including your recent Illusionarium experience, tell us about your Canadian magic connection.
Other than quoting Dai Vernon at the top of this article(!), I have worked with Canadian magician Darcy Oake. His attention to detail and modern approach to magic make him one of the most entertaining illusionists out there, as proven by his success on Britain’s Got Talent. I’m also a fan of Shin Lim, of course, who is the current king of TV magic.

What, if anything, makes you nervous about joining the Champions family?
I have very large shoes (heels) to fill! Kayla*  was the first female magician I saw perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood many years ago and have followed her journey ever since. 
* Editor's note: Kayla Drescher will be leaving the Champions family next month and will not be present at their upcoming Canadian performances.
What are you most looking forward to about joining the Champions of Magic family?
Having been a fan of ‘Champions of Magic’ since I watched from the audience a few years ago, I am beyond thrilled to be joining the show. It’s a huge opportunity to be offered the chance to create and share new magic all over the world and I’m very excited to be working with such an outstanding cast and team.



The Great Pause (COVID Lockdowns)
Did you experience any silver linings? 
I started off being really productive and creative, wanting to use this ‘free time’ wisely to really work on my stage act, researching and getting inspiration from books & videos & then getting feedback from magic mentors.

What was your comfort binge?
There were definitely the days where I stayed in pajamas, binge watched documentaries and ‘That Chapter’ YouTube channel and ordered vegan sushi on Ubereats.
Were you able to explore your personal passions?
I wanted to do something creative that didn’t feel like ‘work’ and so started to draw and paint again. I got an overwhelming response to my art & ended up selling my designs on tee’s, mugs, posters etc on Teespring- so it ended up being ‘work’ anyway! Most recently, I bought a piano keyboard and started to learn to play. I let myself do something it’s ok to suck at!

Did The Great Pause allow you to do anything that you wouldn't likely have been able to accomplish if you were touring? 
There were definitely phases of adjustment as I have lived ‘on tour’ for most of my adult life. Living on my own but having been used to being around a cast 24/7, connection was very important. I joined a lot of online magic events (which ultimately led me to my boyfriend!), lectures, Facebook groups, virtual jam sessions and then was able to get a ticket for the stream of Rick Thomas’ show in Branson.


How did you keep your skills fresh and performance ready?
I gave myself a deadline by applying to the ‘Cyber Magic Superstar’ competition during lockdown. I had to develop and practice my brand new act every day in order to get a good enough take to submit to the competition which was to be judged by Max Maven, Franz Harary and Shin Lim. Ultimately it’s how I started getting noticed and taken seriously as a magician when my video got shared throughout the magic community. I won a place in the top 5 and got featured in Franz Harary’s virtual shows as one of his favorite entries.


Did you have to adjust anything in your set to incorporate COVID precautions?
There’s a moment in my show where the volunteer pulls something out of my mouth. I think I’ll be doing it myself from now on!
Was there anything particularly memorable about your first live performance after The Great Pause?
It was a sold out show (but socially distanced) at ‘Late Night Magic’ at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas. I had just been filming the ‘Go Big Show’ with Ben Blaque where we had to perform to an empty arena with no live audience (apart from the 4 celebrity judges).
To look out for the first time and actually see and hear real people’s faces and reactions was a reminder of why we are performers!

Have audience reactions to live magic performances changed after Lockdown? 
When audiences come to see a live show, they enter as an individual and leave as a group, because they’ve all been bound together by the same experience. I think that this feeling is intensified after lockdown as people have been missing and craving social interactions.
If you could go back in time to study (magic or otherwise) under anybody, who would you choose to be your mentor?
Having toured the world since 2008 with many high profile illusion shows, I’ve been blessed to have access to some of the greatest minds in magic. Since I decided I wanted to become a magician, the respect, encouragement, mentorship, friendship and one-on-one help (plus materials and ideas) I received from talented names such as Kevin James, Luis De Matos, Bizarro, Brett Daniels, Dan Sperry and FISM.

World Champion Yu Hojin has been overwhelming. I’d like to think it was because I’m a rare breed of crazy girl, genuinely interested in magic, addicted to performing and hungry to learn and create. What a rare dream come true to be able to direct, work and spend time with so many of these people who inspire and help me with my own act.
What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

I once did a cirque show with a very muscly, butch, Russian strongman and we sang ‘It’s Raining Men’ at karaoke in Niagara. However, my favorite thing is watching my boyfriend, who always dresses in a full suit, slay at karaoke with ‘Rap God’. It’s a little insane.
If you could only perform one effect for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Probably the Quick Change. I have way too many clothes and not enough suitcase space to wear them all!


If you could eliminate other performers performing an effect forever, what would it be?
A great magician can take any effect and make it into a great performance through unique, charismatic and dynamic presentation.
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to perform with these wonderful, magical artists and to be able to return to Canada for some Tim Horton’s!


Thank you Hollie, for making the time to answer our questions!

Catch Champions of Magic in Kitchener and Peterborough early 2022! 

29 October 2021

[Guest post] A review of "David Copperfield’s History of Magic"

The following is a guest post by James Alan


Review: David Copperfield’s History of Magic

David Copperfield needs no introduction. He’s absolutely in the running for greatest living magician and still top of the list for greatest magician of all time. He was undeniably the most famous magician in the world in the 80s and 90s when he was regularly producing major network tv specials. He doesn’t really appear on tv anymore but is still performing constantly in his own theatre at the MGM Grand. But unbeknownst to most people, he is also the owner of a giant secret museum of magic hidden away at an undisclosed location somewhere near Las Vegas.

In 1991, David acquired a massive collection of magic literature known as the Mulholland Library. Since then he has developed a bit of an obsession with acquiring and preserving important artifacts from magic’s history.  It far from being a hoarder, or a government agency with an Indiana Jones-like warehouse of crates, these rarities are curated and displayed in a private invitation-only museum. Being allowed to visit the museum, which usually comes in the form of a guided tour from Copperfield himself, is a magician’s dream come true. Kid in a candy store doesn’t even come close.

Of course over the last two years, visiting the museum in person hasn’t been an option, even if you knew who to be extra-nice to in order to wrangle an invitation. So with this book, Copperfield (and his expert co-authors David Britland and Richard Wiseman) has offered all of us a peek inside.
Actually, the book isn’t about things, it’s about people. It’s a collection of twenty-eight miniature biographies of prominent magicians. Magicians we’ve heard of like Max Malini and Harry Kellar, lesser known ones like Wyman the Wizard and Dell O’Dell, and who could forget our beloved Canadian magicians Dai Vernon and Doug Henning. It shows that magicians come in all shapes and sizes. Our history is more than just the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini and a bunch of tuxedo-clad dove wranglers. Perhaps even more important, it shows these magicians as profoundly human. A woman who loses her husband and has to take over and start touring his show. There are great role models overcoming adversity, but also cultural appropriators and criminals. Even in the introduction, Copperfield talks about his initial challenges getting started as a performing professionally. It gives you a taste of what you could be in store for if you want to make it in this eccentric branch of show business. This human side of magic is one of the so-called “real secrets” of the art.
The entire thing is wonderfully written; grown-up but accessible to a middle school student. The photos, taken primarily by Homer Liwag are gorgeous. The physical book itself takes full advantage of modern advances in printing. Ten to fifteen years ago, a book like this with large high quality full colour photos everywhere would have easily been an overpriced inaccessible art book. Here it’s an affordable $45 (Canadian) hardcover with a dust jacket. The design is minimal with the text spaced out and easy to read and plenty of space to appreciate the pictures. Because each mini-biography is only a few pages, you can start and stop easily and take your time to enjoy it.

And since the holidays are coming up…

Magicians in your life can be really difficult to shop for. We’re a secretive bunch and you’re never sure if they own this trick or that gimmick. And downloads sit invisibly on a computer or in the cloud. And most everything can’t be exchanged. So if you’re looking for a gift for a magician in your life or magical-curious person, David Copperfield’s History of Magic would be a perfect bet.

David Copperfield’s History of Magic
, by David Copperfield, Richard Wiseman, David Britland. Photos by Homer Liwag. Simon & Schuster, 2021. 257 pages, full colour, hardbound with dust jacket. $45 Canadian, available from major booksellers.

Reserve your copy at the Browser’s Den of Magic.

All photos provided by James Alan. 

Disclosure: James received a review copy the book and has received no compensation for writing this review.


Thank you James for guest posting at Canada's Magic!


28 October 2021

Hamilton: The Magicians Upstairs

From Eventbrite:

After 18 months, it's finally happening. A chance for these performers to brush the dust off, shake out the cobwebs, and perform for you LIVE and in person. Featuring 4 entertainers:

MARK CLEARVIEW - A world renowned comedian, magician and world record holder.

GRAEMAZING - Level 7 wizard (That's real).

SCOTT HAMMELL - A four-time Guinness World Record holder.

NICK WALLACE - Pure evil wrapped in Mr. Rogers sweater.

Thursday November 11th at the People Under the Staircase Theatre (27 Dundrun St N Hamilton). Doors open at 7:30. Show starts at 8:00pm

Read more and buy tickets.

27 October 2021

26 October 2021

Calgary: Ben Price Hallowe'en Show

From the October 22nd Facebook post by Ben Price Magic:

Listen up Calgary! October 31 (Halloween) I’m bringing the magic to Born Colorado Brewing and I want you to be part of the show! 



25 October 2021

You're invited to a second CAM JAM with Chip Romero

Updated November 10th to add:


From the Canadian Association of Magicians:

You don't want to miss this!! Join us for free on Wednesday, October 27th at 8:00 pm EST with the incredible Chip Romero with CAM hosts Greg Frewin & Ryan Joyce!  

Chip Romero has the largest collection of Doug Henning props in the world, but his magic collection doesn't end there!  Next Wedneday, Chip will share even more of his fascinating historic magic props, treasures, stories and wisdom.  

Read more and register.


24 October 2021

Saudi Arabia: Darcy Oake joins Champions of Magic - Riyadh

Updated October 26th to add:


From the October 20th article "Rap star Pitbull to launch Riyadh Season with sold-out concert" by Lojien Ben Gassem in Arab News:

There will be 16 events this month alone — WWE Crown Jewel on Oct. 21, Rush Gaming Festival from Oct. 22 to 26, the Crystal Maze live experience on Oct. 22, the Global Town Festival on Oct. 27, the Champions of Magic show on Oct. 27, and the Messi 10 Cirque Du Soleil show on Oct. 29.
Read more.


From the October 23rd Instagram post by Harry De Cruz:


22 October 2021

Toronto Magic Company presents Tricks and Treats for the Boys and Ghouls

Get your tickets for this October 30th event at the Tricks and Treats for the Boys and Ghouls Eventbrite page.


From the October 13th Instagram post by the Toronto Magic Company:

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight.
For two magicians on zoom began to rise
And suddenly, to my surprise 😮

They did a show!
All done over zoom - 💻
They did a show!
Family friendly in your living room -
They did a show!
With prizes for best costumes -
They did a show!
They did a Halloween show! 🎃

That’s right! Back by popular demand we’re putting on a virtual Halloween show!

We’ve got ghosts, ghouls, and mind-blowing magic in this BRAND NEW, ONE TIME ONLY, show that’s perfect for the whole family! 🙌

Family-friendly in your living room - ting this year - we're doing it on October 30th so you can make it! 😉

For more info and to get your tickets, click the link in our bio!







21 October 2021

Burlington: Lucy Darling - A Delightfully Charming Magic Show

It appears that tickets are available for both in-person and live stream attendance!


From the Burlington Performing Arts Centre:

Fri Oct 29, 2021

Lucy Darling is a lady magician who brings together a potent mix of playful improvisational comedy, witty writing, and impossible magical feats. Evoking comparisons to everyone from Dame Edna to Pee Wee Herman, this edgy, postmodern character is a double shot of magical mischief, with a splash of old Hollywood and a dash of Dorothy Parker.

Her history is shrouded in mystery, several ex-husbands and wives. International traveler, major style and culture icon with desire to share her magical life and gifts with select audiences in high and low places. She loves you all but her disarming wit reveals truthful and delightful insights. A one-of-a-kind entertainer, a throwback who is on the cutting edge. You are about to fall in love with Lucy Darling.

Read more and buy tickets.


From the October 5th Facebook post by the Burlington Arts Centre:




20 October 2021

Online premiere of "Music & Magic" October 28

From Tafel Musik:

Conceived & programmed by Marco Cera
Scripted by Marco Cera & Nicholas Wallace
Stage direction by Ryan Joyce

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
Directed by Elisa Citterio

Nicholas Wallace magician
Quinten Melo contortionist

Online Premiere: October 28, 2021, 8pm EDT

Open your eyes and ears to the world of illusion and enchantment in this new digital concert blending two captivating art forms.

Still image from Music & Magic: Magician Nicholas Wallace holds an ornate mirror showing oboist Marco Cera and cellist Felix Deak playing, all in a dark studio space.

Musicians and magicians may use different tools to create their art, but for both, the goal is to delight, spark our imaginations, and create startling moments of intense emotion. Inspired by his lifelong fascination with magicians, Tafelmusik oboist and visual artist Marco Cera has conjured up Music & Magic, a mesmerizing new digital program for all ages featuring the award-winning magician Nicholas Wallace.

Music & Magic delves into the world of 18th-century English conjurer Isaac Fawkes, a contemporary of Handel. The first magician to take his act from the streets of London to the stage, Fawkes performed before King George II at the Haymarket Theatre — the same venue where Handel presented his operas for royalty and the public alike.

This film combines magic vignettes with music by Bach, Handel, and Purcell, along with a performance of Spring from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.
Read more and buy tickets.



19 October 2021

Lost in the Shuffle: Deckin Around, Variety Talk, and Kickstarter

Updated at 7:20am to add:

From the October 17th Tweet by Lost in the Shuffle - The Movie

Tuesday Oct 19th at 3:00pm PDT -  Don't miss the livestream interview with our producer Jon Ornoy & award winning magician Shawn Farquhar on @deckinaround
 with Tyler and Steve!
Find out more go here https://youtube.com/DeckinAround


From the October 19th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:

From the October 19 upload "Lost in the Shuffle - Big Day" on Shawn Farquhar's YouTube channel:
[scheduled to go live at 3pm ET on October 19]

18 October 2021

Elora: Elora Magic Lounge

From Ontario Week of Wonder Magic Festival:

The Elora Magic Lounge features magician and illusionist Ryan Joyce and a level-seven wizard, Graeme "Graemazing" Reed. These two magicians have dazzled around the globe and host the popular magic podcast, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast.

They present a jam-packed show filled with comedy, magic, mentalist and mind-reading!

As of October 9, theatres in Ontario can return to full capacity for fully vaccinated, masked individuals. Come and join us at 9:30 pm on Saturday, October 23 & 30. Very limited capacity!

Read more and buy tickets.

17 October 2021

Ryan Brown: FISM NACM 2021 stage competition act

Uploaded on October 15th on The Magic of Ryan Brown YouTube channel:

This is a video of magician Ryan Brown performing at the fism North American championships of magic competition held in Quebec City in 2021




16 October 2021

Magicians in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame

From the October 15th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:

I was super impressed to learn there are three magicians in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame!   Peter Rolston, Leon Mandrake, and Francis Martineau. I had the honour and pleasure of knowing all three of these amazing magicians. The search also brought up Ray Buchanan who was an amazing costume designer who worked with Mandrake. Sadly, I learned Ray just recently passed due to Covid.  He was a delightful and talented human.



15 October 2021

Ring 66 hosts a virtual Hallowe'en meeting

From the Calgary Magic Circle:

Calgary Magic Circle Halloween Meeting
Thursday October 21, 2021 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


14 October 2021

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13 October 2021

Victoria: Magic In Real Life with Ben Price

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Eventbrite page for Magic In Real Life.


From the October 5th Facebook post by Ben Price Magic:

October 19 and 21 I’ve got shows in Victoria BC! Two nights only!






12 October 2021

Thank you to our personal sponsors for October 2021!

A quick reminder of our earlier Mail as Medicine request for Katie Hunt.  If you have the time, Katie and Doug would both benefit from hearing from their friends!


Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, Ian Crawford, Matt DiSero, Doug Hunt, John Smithman, Richard Hough, Robin Dawes, Eric Bedard, Loran, Peter Mennie, David Johnson, Gordon Precious, Colin Geddes, and Graeme Reed for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

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11 October 2021

Ring 235 hosts a virtual lecture by Joe Diamond (and magic on tap)

From the KW Magic Society:

Sun., Oct. 17  |  Symposium Cafe, Guelph
KW Magic Society - Magic on Tap
October 2021 Meet-up: Let's all meet up at Symposium on Stone Road in Guelph for a cold beverage and some lunch. This meeting's jam session will be focused on the Chicago opener - a great bar card trick.

KW Magic Society Virtual Lecture Series - Joe Diamond

Read more.

[via Colin Geddes of Ring 17]



10 October 2021

FISM North America Championship of Magic RECAP!!!

From the October 6th upload "FISM North America Championship of Magic RECAP!!!" on the Magicians Talking Magic YouTube channel:

In this episode, we share a detailed recap of the recent FISM North American Championship of Magic in Quebec City!  An incredible line-up, the qualifying competition for the World Championship of Magic, and an amazing line-up of special guests.  Get all the details with a special co-host and long-time friend of the podcast George “Kid” Oldman. Listen Now!





09 October 2021

Magical Women with Connie Boyd Panel Talk with Carisa Hendrix, Dania Díaz, Josephine Lee, and Billy Kidd

From the October 7th upload at the Magical Women with Connie Boyd YouTube channel:

David Copperfield openly discusses magic struggles, successes and creating original material in this rare Magical Women with Connie Boyd  panel talk with star illusionists Billy Kidd, Dania Díaz, Carisa Hendrix, and Josephine Lee    

00:00 - 00:33  - Introduction
00:33 - 01:06 - David discusses Women in Magic
01:06 - 03:48  - David discusses creating his original material & signature routines
03:48 - 06:37  - Carisa Hendrix & David discuss her Lucy Darling character & magic
06:37 - 07:30 - the Audience is a Team Member
07:30 - 09:42  - Dania Diaz discusses taking a risk & listening to the audience
09:42 - 10:12  - David discusses Daring to be Bad & Make Mistakes
10:12 - 11:10  - Josephine Lee talks with David about Learning from Failure
11:10 - 11:35 - the Power of Silence & being Still
11:35 - 13:45 - Billy Kidd discusses her magic process with David
13:45 - 14:16 - David about each magicians drive for their magic to be the best it can be
14:16 - 14:46 - Connie talks to the panel about the benefit of social media to magic
14:46 - 15:10 - Call to Action:  please subscribe and post your comments 






08 October 2021

Ring 49 hosts The Browser's Den of Magic

The Ring 49 calendar suggests the meeting will be held online on October 12th.


From the September 8th post "Welcome to the 2020-21 Season" at The Doug Henning Magic Club:

The October lecture will feature Old Jeff Pinsky from Browser’s Den of Magic, who will provide a dealer’s demo on some of the newer magic at the shop. In addition, Young Jeff will be performing magic tricks for our club.

Read more.


[via Colin Geddes at Ring 17]

07 October 2021

Thank you to our October 2021 sponsors!

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06 October 2021

Miranda Allen wins the Mick Hanzlik award for Best Escape

Congratulations Miranda!  Looks like you're already settled in and made the UK your new home!


From the October 2nd Instagram post by Miranda Allen:

So honoured and grateful to receive the Mick Hanzlik award for Best Escape from the United Kingdom Escape Artist association. Thank you to all the members, and to Becki who was there to put a bag over my head and back me up. 💜☺️



05 October 2021

Congratulations to the North American FISM team!

Congratulations to all!

Representing North America in Stage:

  • Stuart MacDonald (2021 Champion)
  • Nicolas Dutel
  • Elliott Hunter


Representing North America in Close-Up:

  • Simon Coronel (2021 Champion)
  • Shane Cobalt
  • Yannick Lacroix
  • Shoot Ogawa
  • Ed Ripley
  • Erik Tait


From the October 3rd Facebook post by FISM NACM 2021:

Congratulations to our FISM North American team! They will represent us at FISM WCM in July 2022, in Québec City! Félicitations à notre équipe nord-américaine FISM! Ils vont nous représenter au Championnat du monde FISM, à Québec, en juillet 2022!


From the October 3rd Facebook post by Renee-Claude Auclair:




04 October 2021

Mark Clearview on Season 8 of Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

From the October 8th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

Yes it's true!!! A dream come true and I will be performing for Penn & Teller on the one and only FOOL US on October 15th 😍 On the CW channel and then available for streaming the next day.

I can't begin to express how much this opportunity has meant to me. Please be sure to tune in and whisper my name in your sleep that night❗👶

P&T have always been my favorite magicians, and to perform on their stage at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas was just an absolute delight... What a year this has been. I can't say anything else but I can say this: