19 October 2021

Lost in the Shuffle: Deckin Around, Variety Talk, and Kickstarter

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From the October 17th Tweet by Lost in the Shuffle - The Movie

Tuesday Oct 19th at 3:00pm PDT -  Don't miss the livestream interview with our producer Jon Ornoy & award winning magician Shawn Farquhar on @deckinaround
 with Tyler and Steve!
Find out more go here https://youtube.com/DeckinAround


From the October 19th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:

From the October 19 upload "Lost in the Shuffle - Big Day" on Shawn Farquhar's YouTube channel:
[scheduled to go live at 3pm ET on October 19]

18 October 2021

Elora: Elora Magic Lounge

From Ontario Week of Wonder Magic Festival:

The Elora Magic Lounge features magician and illusionist Ryan Joyce and a level-seven wizard, Graeme "Graemazing" Reed. These two magicians have dazzled around the globe and host the popular magic podcast, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast.

They present a jam-packed show filled with comedy, magic, mentalist and mind-reading!

As of October 9, theatres in Ontario can return to full capacity for fully vaccinated, masked individuals. Come and join us at 9:30 pm on Saturday, October 23 & 30. Very limited capacity!

Read more and buy tickets.

17 October 2021

Ryan Brown: FISM NACM 2021 stage competition act

Uploaded on October 15th on The Magic of Ryan Brown YouTube channel:

This is a video of magician Ryan Brown performing at the fism North American championships of magic competition held in Quebec City in 2021




16 October 2021

Magicians in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame

From the October 15th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:

I was super impressed to learn there are three magicians in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame!   Peter Rolston, Leon Mandrake, and Francis Martineau. I had the honour and pleasure of knowing all three of these amazing magicians. The search also brought up Ray Buchanan who was an amazing costume designer who worked with Mandrake. Sadly, I learned Ray just recently passed due to Covid.  He was a delightful and talented human.



15 October 2021

Ring 66 hosts a virtual Hallowe'en meeting

From the Calgary Magic Circle:

Calgary Magic Circle Halloween Meeting
Thursday October 21, 2021 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


14 October 2021

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13 October 2021

Victoria: Magic In Real Life with Ben Price

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Eventbrite page for Magic In Real Life.


From the October 5th Facebook post by Ben Price Magic:

October 19 and 21 I’ve got shows in Victoria BC! Two nights only!






12 October 2021

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11 October 2021

Ring 235 hosts a virtual lecture by Joe Diamond (and magic on tap)

From the KW Magic Society:

Sun., Oct. 17  |  Symposium Cafe, Guelph
KW Magic Society - Magic on Tap
October 2021 Meet-up: Let's all meet up at Symposium on Stone Road in Guelph for a cold beverage and some lunch. This meeting's jam session will be focused on the Chicago opener - a great bar card trick.

KW Magic Society Virtual Lecture Series - Joe Diamond

Read more.

[via Colin Geddes of Ring 17]



10 October 2021

FISM North America Championship of Magic RECAP!!!

From the October 6th upload "FISM North America Championship of Magic RECAP!!!" on the Magicians Talking Magic YouTube channel:

In this episode, we share a detailed recap of the recent FISM North American Championship of Magic in Quebec City!  An incredible line-up, the qualifying competition for the World Championship of Magic, and an amazing line-up of special guests.  Get all the details with a special co-host and long-time friend of the podcast George “Kid” Oldman. Listen Now!





09 October 2021

Magical Women with Connie Boyd Panel Talk with Carisa Hendrix, Dania Díaz, Josephine Lee, and Billy Kidd

From the October 7th upload at the Magical Women with Connie Boyd YouTube channel:

David Copperfield openly discusses magic struggles, successes and creating original material in this rare Magical Women with Connie Boyd  panel talk with star illusionists Billy Kidd, Dania Díaz, Carisa Hendrix, and Josephine Lee    

00:00 - 00:33  - Introduction
00:33 - 01:06 - David discusses Women in Magic
01:06 - 03:48  - David discusses creating his original material & signature routines
03:48 - 06:37  - Carisa Hendrix & David discuss her Lucy Darling character & magic
06:37 - 07:30 - the Audience is a Team Member
07:30 - 09:42  - Dania Diaz discusses taking a risk & listening to the audience
09:42 - 10:12  - David discusses Daring to be Bad & Make Mistakes
10:12 - 11:10  - Josephine Lee talks with David about Learning from Failure
11:10 - 11:35 - the Power of Silence & being Still
11:35 - 13:45 - Billy Kidd discusses her magic process with David
13:45 - 14:16 - David about each magicians drive for their magic to be the best it can be
14:16 - 14:46 - Connie talks to the panel about the benefit of social media to magic
14:46 - 15:10 - Call to Action:  please subscribe and post your comments 






08 October 2021

Ring 49 hosts The Browser's Den of Magic

The Ring 49 calendar suggests the meeting will be held online on October 12th.


From the September 8th post "Welcome to the 2020-21 Season" at The Doug Henning Magic Club:

The October lecture will feature Old Jeff Pinsky from Browser’s Den of Magic, who will provide a dealer’s demo on some of the newer magic at the shop. In addition, Young Jeff will be performing magic tricks for our club.

Read more.


[via Colin Geddes at Ring 17]

07 October 2021

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06 October 2021

Miranda Allen wins the Mick Hanzlik award for Best Escape

Congratulations Miranda!  Looks like you're already settled in and made the UK your new home!


From the October 2nd Instagram post by Miranda Allen:

So honoured and grateful to receive the Mick Hanzlik award for Best Escape from the United Kingdom Escape Artist association. Thank you to all the members, and to Becki who was there to put a bag over my head and back me up. 💜☺️



05 October 2021

Congratulations to the North American FISM team!

Congratulations to all!

Representing North America in Stage:

  • Stuart MacDonald (2021 Champion)
  • Nicolas Dutel
  • Elliott Hunter


Representing North America in Close-Up:

  • Simon Coronel (2021 Champion)
  • Shane Cobalt
  • Yannick Lacroix
  • Shoot Ogawa
  • Ed Ripley
  • Erik Tait


From the October 3rd Facebook post by FISM NACM 2021:

Congratulations to our FISM North American team! They will represent us at FISM WCM in July 2022, in Québec City! Félicitations à notre équipe nord-américaine FISM! Ils vont nous représenter au Championnat du monde FISM, à Québec, en juillet 2022!


From the October 3rd Facebook post by Renee-Claude Auclair:




04 October 2021

Mark Clearview on Season 8 of Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

From the October 8th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

Yes it's true!!! A dream come true and I will be performing for Penn & Teller on the one and only FOOL US on October 15th 😍 On the CW channel and then available for streaming the next day.

I can't begin to express how much this opportunity has meant to me. Please be sure to tune in and whisper my name in your sleep that night❗👶

P&T have always been my favorite magicians, and to perform on their stage at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas was just an absolute delight... What a year this has been. I can't say anything else but I can say this:




01 October 2021

52 Plus Joker virtual event

From the September 29th Instagram post by Lee Asher:

ATTENTION FRIENDS: Saturday, Oct 2nd, 2021 -- @52plusjoker is holding a virtual day of celebration for ANYONE who loves #playingcards. If that's you (you know it is!), please join us from Noon until 6 PM (EDT) for a virtual card party like no other.
Members and Non-Members Welcome!
Spend the day with playing card luminaries such as Niyomwungeri Maxime (AKA @GakondoCards), Matt & Liz Romeril (AKA @Bayou.Playing.Cards),
and Jason McKinstry (AKA @JasonMcKinstry). We also have special appearances by #Magician Jason Ladanye (AKA @CardMagicByJason) and the
one and only -- Judy Dawson (AKA Club Queen)!
Oh, and did we mention we're also hosting a fun game show with club prizes up for grabs? Make a note of this Saturday in your calendar  right now.
WHO: You and your playing cards
DATE: Saturday, Oct, 2nd, 2021
TIME: 12 (Noon) until 6 PM (EDT)
See you there!