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21 April 2018

Final words from Jeff P:  Thank you again for your kind support of this day.

He asked: Should we do another one? 

What do you think the crowd said?
Super fantastic stage show with:

- Emcee - Dick Joiner  [ ]

- Nicholas Wallace [ ]

- James Alan (bartending on the side?)  [ ]

- Michael Close [ ]

- Chris Pilsworth  [ ]

- Pop Haydn  [ ]

Thank yous to those involved in making The Bash possible:

- Everyone who bought tickets.

- Ahmed, Jon Sy, Andres Gil, Roxanne Talbot, Nicole Winters, Rosemary Reid, Nicole Lee, Eric Simmatis, John Cardella, John Michalson, Shawna Ross York, Lisa Close, Luiz Castro, John Morgan, Cam Dix, Simon Rotstein, Chris Mayhew, and Annie Pinsky.

- Elliot and his crew from EJ Entertainment.

- A big thanks to the staff at the Montecassino.

- Special recognition to Dick Joiner for adding so much fun to the day!

Jeff P:

- Took a moment to remember two dear friends we lost.

- A toast in memory of Mr. Nick Sacco and Mr. Bruce Fricker.


And in the spirit of thinking of others we will be donating on behalf of all you Bashers out there $500.00 to the Sick Kids Foundation [ ].


Michael Close on stage with some Very Important Announcements.
Most importantly it's time for D&D (dinner and dealers)!


Captivating lecture by Pop Haydn!

 [ ]

- touched on character development and story

- treated to some card tricks too!
Daniel Zuckerbrot mini-talk.

[ ]

We were treated to some clips that weren't included in
 "The Science of Magic" which aired on CBC's "The Nature of Things."
Jay Sankey lecture

[ ]

Jay gave a very practical lecture with lots of insight. Offering outstanding deals on his products.
Spectacular close up show:

- Emcee - Dick Joiner [ ]

- Jay Sankey [ ]

- Garrett Thomas [ ]

- Chris Pilsworth [ ]

- Michael Close [ ]

- Pop Haydn [ ]



Jeff P recognized Robert Presswood [ ] for  recommending Elliot's company to handle the tech for the day!

- Thank you to Elliot and the EJ Entertainment  team! ( )

Bernice Cooper who (with her late husband Len Cooper) opened The Browser's Den of Magic [ ] in 1975, was able to spend some time with us today!

Lisa Close on stage with a Very Important Announcement.

- It's time for LAD (that's Lunch And Dealers).

Chris Pilsworth mini-talk

[ ]

- making magic more personal with examples from his own show

- presented PB & E

Michael Close lecture

[ ]

- magic theory

- definition of magic

- importance of a mentor

- things you can do to better your act until you've found a mentor

- thinking fast and slow

- chaos, action, and repose (rest)

- q & a

Great opening lecture by Garrett Thomas 

- Touched on mine, juggling, imagination, and coins.

- Discusses "Problem People" in depth on his DVD
Jeff (P), Jeff (H) and John take the stage

- Big thanks to all who join us today.

- All part of the Browser's Den Family.

- Welcome to Browser's Magic Bash.... 2018!

- Introducing Dick Joiner, emcee extraordinaire!

Setting the scene:

- Background audio: Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days
  [ ]

- Video of founder Len Cooper, the man who started it all 42 years ago!

Rise and shine!

Today's the day.

It's going to be all kinds of awesome!

20 April 2018

#BrowsersBash 2018 social media

Browser's Bash logo  
Saturday is the "Browser's Bash," an all day convention hosted by the Browser's Den of Magic!

Like last year, and technology willing, I will be doing some combination of live-Tweeting and live-blogging of the event.  Apologies in advance for clogging your feeds.  To follow my Twitter account, you can use the web or use the Twitter widget on the right side of this page, under the "Selected Anniversaries" feature.

If you are more of an Instagram kinda cool, follow along as Chris Westfall takes over the Browser's Insta account for the day.

If you're at the event and using social media, I encourage you to add the hashtag "#BrowsersBash" to your Tweets.  I'll be adding a feature near the top of this page, which collects and posts all Tweets tagged in this fashion.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday!

01 April 2017

Best wishes Shawna in life after The Den!
Jeff Hinchliffe, welcome back to The Den!


Thank you all for coming out today, and for helping to make this dream become a reality!