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26 July 2015

Toronto by the numbers and contest for free "Magic of Science" school shows

Toronto magician Gambit, has put together a clever routine describing his city.

Watch it on YouTube:

Gambit is also giving away 10 free "Magic of Science" shows for schools in the GTA.  He has an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (B.E.) and studied in the U.K. for his post graduate Law School degree (L.L.B.).  He uses his shows to promote education, with a focus on STEM subject matters (science, technology, engineering and math).

To enter, place the name of your school (or educational facility) in the "comments" section of the previous or next YouTube videos (either video is fine). The contest is open to elementary, middle and high schools. The cut off date for entering is mid Sept. Multiple entries per school are permitted.  For a complete list of contest rules, contact Gambit.

Watch Gambit talk about the "Magic of Science" on YouTube:

31 January 2013

Request for examples of magic benevolence

Updated on February the 8th to include link to Sharing Wonder post.

Do you, your magic club or other magic-related organization do wonderful things for your community?

In the December issue of IBM's publication, The Linking Ring (v92, #12), Dennis Schick wrote "The Benevolence of Magic" (page 56).  The focus of the article was examples of the magic community contributing to charitable causes and included a wonderful write-up of Canada's own Magicana for it's My Magic Hands, Senior Sorcery and Tony Eng Youth Fund initiatives.  Read more about these programs at Magicana's blog, Sharing Wonder.

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail Dennis recently sent me:
But we had so many projects come up at the last minute, that we had to plan on a second article, later this Spring. So now I am looking for any other good examples of magic benevolence, whether by individuals (performing in hospitals), local clubs (raising funds for some good cause), or conventions (raising funds for a hunger drive).

I invite anyone with any ideas of examples they would like to tell me about, to write to me: crylds [at] att [dot] net. I am a member of Ring 29 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  [Weird e-mail formatting by Canada's Magic to discourage e-mail harvesters.]

Thank you for your consideration.

Now I'll disappear.  POOF!

Dennis Schick
The Linking Ring, Associate Editor
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Feel free to post examples of your magical good deeds in the comments below, and be sure to e-mail Dennis directly!

22 April 2012

Toronto: Call for volunteers

From Sharing Wonder:
Seeking volunteer magicians/performers for a Luminato show. No experience required.

Can the non-sighted experience the same sense of astonishment that those with sight feel when witnessing magic? For Chilean magician Juan Esteban Varela, anyone with an imagination can transform fantasy into reality. In From the Dark, he does just that. Each audience member is blindfolded, provided with a box of props and then, individually and collectively, directed by him to create magical feats. It is a unique and thrilling experience.

We are looking for volunteer magicians/performers to help make the magic happen!

Read more.
Please note that this is a Toronto-based opportunity.

04 September 2011

Ridgeway: Magic for Autism!

Last month, Anthony Lindan organized an event called "Magic for Autism" in Ridgeway, Ontario in support of the Niagara Chapter of Autism Ontario.  Anthony, along with Shaun Fergus, Alex Kazam and Bill Abbott peformed table magic for the patrons at Ridgeway’s restaurant.

Watch Anthony talk about the event in this YouTube video:

View the TV Cogeco Ontario coverage of the event on YouTube:

Read about the initiative on Inside Magic.

To lend your support Anthony's cause, visit the Autism Ontario Niagara Region website and volunteer or donate.

[h/t: @wittymagic]

11 January 2011

'Magic really does exist'

'Magic really does exist'
Magician puts smiles on sick children's faces

By Frances Willick, Windsor Star January 3, 2011

Read about how magician Ron Gudel visits sick children "every Monday to provide a bit of relief from their pain, boredom and anxiety."

"Almost invariably, the kids respond to the magic tricks with wide eyes, smiles, laughter or rapt attention."
"Though he's skilled at mystifying his audiences with illusions, Gudel says that's not where the real magic lies. "Magic really does exist. And it's not in the tricks nor the sleight of hand, or even in the sleeves, but more in the look of wonder and the smiles on these kids' faces."
Read the full article at