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02 April 2016

It's time for the stage show!
  • First up, Gordon Precious. 
  • Next, it’s Jason Palter.
  • And Steven Brundage!
  • David Merry’s taking the stage. 
  • And closing with David Williamson who made special arrangements to come up here and fill Tom’s spot!
  • Thanks to Steve Kline for working non-stop, sweating blood and tears to ensure the runs smoothly!
  • Thanks also to Jeff Hinchliffe, Luiz Castro, and Jonathan Sy for helping Steve put the equipment and stage together! 
  • David Williamson lecture!

Dick Joiner is emcee for the close-up show!  

Bobby Motta,  Michael Lam, Michael Close, Daniel Garcia, and David Williamson to close!


27 February 2016

Toronto: David Williamson at Browser's Bash 2016

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